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    Helpful links and books below for people seeking help for themselves or for others who struggle with pornography or sexual addiction/compulsion and just some general guidance:

    If you have any other suggestions feel free to add them. I might suggest to the NoFap staff to maybe pin this thread as a helpful resource.

    [Updated: 05/23/2016]

    Your Brain on Porn
    (Out of everything listed, START HERE!)

    NoFap reddit, main webpage and my forum post
    (Where my journey began for my open journal; great community and great advice)

    Porn Free reddit
    (Very similar to the NoFap community)

    Sex Addicts Anonymous reddit
    (I have found that Sex Addicts and Porn Addicts are synonymous and even if you don’t believe that, a lot of great advice can be found here still)

    Terry Crews’ Youtube Channel
    (Men’s Event, Dirty Little Secret, Motivation Monday playlists are a must watch! So much information to digest from this celebrity about his struggle with pornography and how it affected his family. Everything he says is spot on!)

    Covenant Eyes
    (Paid for software that prevents porn or explicit material from being viewed on all devices and does a great job!)

    Covenant Eyes Youtube Channel
    (A lot of great information and challenges ideas of today cultural ideas of pornography.)

    Moral Revolution
    (Just digging into this website but some absolutely valuable information and insight into fighting sexual addiction) (<--- PLEASE READ, for those struggling controlling urges)

    Fortify Program
    (A great place to start and great guide if you have no idea what to do or how to begin the journey to end your addiction. It is a paid for program for adults, but for ages 13-20 it is a free program.)

    Wired for Intimacy - Dr. William Struthers
    (A must watch!!! Pretty much, “Your Brain on Porn!”)

    Inner Gold
    (Great info and also offers an expensive program to help stop)

    Sacred Sexuality Project
    (I believe one of the NoFap co-founders. Great advice for both sides, the addict and the affected)

    (It’s not that type of website…or church!!! Great information for just about any situation!)

    The great porn experiment | Gary Wilson | TEDxGlasgow
    (Another must watch!!!)

    NoFap Academy
    (Just simply great advice from the NoFap founders to reflect on periodically)

    Other websites that I personally have not visited or used:

    Books to read on pornography and sex addiction/compulsion and general guidance:

    (I personally have not read all of these, but do own a few and found others suggested by them)

    The Bible

    Every man’s battle: Winning the war on sexual temptation one victory at a time (Atterburn, 2000)

    Searching for intimacy (Bowring, 2005)

    Out of the shadows: Understanding sexual addiction (Carnes, 2001)

    Don’t call it love: Recovery from sexual addiction (Carnes, 1991)

    In the shadows of the net; Breaking free from the compulsive online sexual behavior (Carnes, 2007)

    Cybersex: The dark side of the force (Cooper, 2000)

    Pornography: The Production and Consumption of Inequality (Jensen, 1998)

    The sex addiction workbook: Proven strategies to help you regain control of your life (Shraga, 2003)

    False intimacy: Understanding the struggle of sexual addiction (Schaumburg, 1992)

    Wired for Intimacy. How pornography hijacks the male brain. (Struthers, 2009)

    Breaking free: Understanding sexual addiction & the healing power of Jesus (Willingham, 1999)

    Tangled in the web: Understanding cybersex from fantasy to addiction (Young, 2001)

    Caught in the net: how to recognize the signs of the internet addiction—and a winning strategy for recovery (Young, 1998)

    Digital Books

    Porn Circuit
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