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    Brokenness becomes the sound of a sweet melody. A strange ambiance of apathy that seems to smother me. Belated apropos maternity. Missed
    the sweet bliss of serenity.

    I surrendered my divinity, and compromised my eternity. A price I paid in return for security.
    All the while, lacking in surety.

    Embracing comfort while compromising holiness. Losing my soul through decisive
    unrighteousness. The hemorrhage uncontrolled, while depression
    takes hold. It cuts so deep, and I'm bleeding out slow.

    Heaviness of mind, like a straight jacket binding me. Heaviness of heart, like a hammer, pounding me, repeatedly, merciless, relentless.

    Past wounds and sins, they seem to have found me. In reality, they grew in my heart as I fed them.

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    Lovely .
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  3. The good thing, however, is that our souls are as deep and bottomless as eternity, so no matter how much they hemorrhage, we'll be okay again if we only wake up and stop the bleeding.
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