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    Hey guys,
    I’m a young addict (16 years old) who, after recently realizing that I have had a porn and sex addiction for about 3 years, decided I needed to change my life for the better. My addicition has affected my relationships with people and the way I feel daily. I have objectified girls and find it hard to talk to most girls without thinking about sex or when I’ll get my next masturbation “fix”. I have a lot of shame about my addicition habits, and have actually been trying to stop for about 2 months. I have greatly decreased the amount of porn I use, but have yet to stop masturbating or looking at sexy photos on social media. This has lead me to have a few relapses, and I want to avoid having another one. In the past, I’ve used porn to escape from social anxiety and other life problems, which unfortunately only made the social anxiety worse. I’ve chosen to do a full “hard level” reboot and will continue to do so until I feel my symptoms have drastically decreased and until I have no urges to use pornography or masturbate too much, and I plan to try to do so for at least 30 days, if not more. My hope is that it will lead me to be less dependent on sexual feelings as an escape and will lead me to be more motivated in forming meaningful relationships. I’ve never had a relationship, and I do think it’s in part because I objectified girls from a young age when my habits started. I’ll be on the forum regularly to document my experience and journey. Any support for me is welcomed in the thread. I’m ready to power through this and have a better life.

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    Welcome @powerthrough16, I'm glad you're here! I hope you keep coming back.

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