Here's a technique to fall asleep in no time and kill urges before bed time.

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  1. Phyzik

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    Hey there,

    Many of us used to PMO before bed time. Our brain was used to get a dopamine high before bed, and now that it's gone, we may have a hard time falling asleep. Urges can also be pretty intense before bed.

    I'm actually in a support group for people who want to succeed their life and I've learnt an amazing trick for getting asleep easily. It also makes you sleep deeper and more relaxed, so you wake up less often to urges/boners. It works for me. I wake up less often than I used to in the beginning.

    First of all, go to bed ONLY if you feel tired.

    1) Strenghten all your muscles during 30 seconds (don't make it hurt, but all your body must be in total tension). If you have a boner, it will most likely be gone by then.

    2) After the 30 seconds, release everything. The feeling is priceless! :)

    3) Take 8 deep breath. 5 second inhale by nose, hold it for 5 seconds, 5 seconds exhale by nose also. By then, you will feel relaxed

    4) You will now use your brain to relax every part of your body until you fall asleep. Start by your head, then your forehead, nose, jaw, chin, neck, arms, hands, chest, etc.
    For every part of your body, tell yourself in your head :

    ''my (forehead) is relaxed, deeply relaxed, more and more relaxed, completly relaxed''.
    ''my (jaw) is relaxed, deeply relaxed, more and more relaxed, completly relaxed''.
    ''my (neck) is relaxed, deeply relaxed, more and more relaxed, completly relaxed''.

    Say it slowly with a calming voice in your head. When I started this technique, I needed to repeat it 5 times for each part of my body. Right now, I'm good with 2. When you get experienced enough, you can replace the word ''relaxed'' by other sensation you want to feel. Examples : my forehead is cold, my forehead feels numb, my forehead is heavy, my forehead is light, etc. Yes, just by using your brain, you can make your whole body feel totally cold. ;)

    Most of the time, I can't even get past my chin... You will feel so relaxed and will literally just fall asleep in no time if you are concentrated enough. It also grants better recovery since you will let go of the tensions in your body before resting. Relaxation is also recommended when you work out.

    For those who practice autosuggestion (see in my signature), this is an awesome technique for relaxing your body and your mind before a session. I suggest you start your autosuggestion as soon as you feel relaxed and as you feel that you're about to fall asleep. Be aware, because many times I fell asleep too easily and skipped the autosuggestion session by accident. :/

    This saved me from MANY relapses as it also makes you learn how you can control your body. Replace the PMO habit you had before bed by this technique.

    Good luck!
    Phyzik :)
  2. DannyCool

    DannyCool Fapstronaut

    I will try this thanks
  3. Asgardian36

    Asgardian36 Fapstronaut

    I love the breathing routine! I will try it next time I fight urges.
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  4. programer

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    Thanx for the advice. I'll try the breathing techniques.
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  5. JakcAnthony

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    Thanks for the tips.

    Could someone like this so I can edit my signature? I appreciate it
  6. Thechosenone

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    Bookmarked this page. Will try it for sure :)
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  7. SnowWhite

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    Thank you! Tried it yesterday evening and it worked immediatedly. Fell into deep sleep.

    Also I totally confirm your article about affirmations and the subconscious.

    Relaxation is THE KEY to reprogramming your mind. That's because, when you feel an urge, then in fact a stored pattern is activated in your brain. By immediate relaxation, you can soothe and de-activate it within minutes. And even more, if the relaxation is deep, then you have a window open to your mind where you can put the affirmations in.

    The healing is a long way, over many years, it goes step by step, but one day you feel that it has finally fell off from you. - In fact, you have made other parts of your personality much stronger, so that the addiction does not "fit" you anymore.
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  8. dikocand

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    Will try,, thanks
  9. Jodokus

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    Thanks! I already know 4) - it's very effective, easy and fast as soon as you are used to it and keep doing it. But I lost this ability to easily get that kind of relaxation. I just need training.
    So I will try your approach.

    Do you know a technique how to give self-suggestion in a effective way, too, for instance?
  10. Musta

    Musta Fapstronaut

    I'm doing pushups and some other exercises instead, and it's working like charm. Except for the times I'm too lazy or sleepy to do them...
  11. Phyzik

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    Yeah you can look up my thread about autosuggestion!
  12. Thechosenone

    Thechosenone Fapstronaut

    I did this for 1.5hrs this morning, its really helped me cool the anxiety, thanks for this post it really works!

    Going to do it every morning and night
  13. rishi123

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    just hold you nose for 1 minute...all worries will go away.....your body just wants to that for 3-4 times..u will relax and feel sleep
  14. MarkTT52947

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    I have been engaged in the fiction that getting "high" on porn or porno fantasies and masterbating helps sleep for about 55-60 years. It is simply untrue. It is a wrong idea that enables you to continue to abuse yourself. Sexual excitement, especially visual pornography, but even porno fantasies and masturbation excite your body, they bring in Adrenalin and other chemicals, they get your mind running. You may be fooled into thinking it helps you to sleep because the contrast between this excitement and the way you feel after you get off or stop calms you and you think it has gotten you to sleep, but that is an illusion. Even before I decided to quit, I always find if I "just say no" to trying to get off that way before I go to bed and do not create the lie that it helps me to get to sleep, that I fall asleep faster.

    Still the tips you give here are good for sleep anyway


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