Here's Why NoFap is Essential for Spiritual Growth

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    She's watching that video you started the thread with now :)
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    She's on board. We will try a solid month with no orgasms and see what happens.
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    This is a very fascinating topic! I have a spiritual understanding that seems a bit different from the video however and perhaps someone can either clarify or give some insight.

    My understanding is that desire does not produce suffering but that thoughts about those desires produces human suffering. The negative thoughts of jealousy, anger etc keep us away from achieving our desires which causes the suffering. Our desires are pure and good because we are pure and good inside...we are made in God's image as the film says. The duality of the 3rd dimension gave rise to good thoughts vs. bad thoughts because the 3rd dimension is one of contrast which we opted into for the expansion of human consciousness. When we become pure of thoughts we can reach enlightenment and Godlike status...or become closest to source energy. Moving to a higher dimension.

    I guess what I am trying to say is that in my view you cannot get any closer to God in the 3rd dimension than through an orgasm and negative thoughts are what separates us from becoming God. I personally have never abstained from orgasm so this is very intriguing because maybe by abstaining thoughts naturally become pure. The battle with negative thoughts ceases to exist and peace comes over you. Is this what happens?

    Still trying to process the movie in my brain :)
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    @RyanRVA : That is amazing! You are so fortunate!!! May you be blessed in your endeavour and may your marriage become sacred, as sacred as our Elohim intended it to be. I cannot emphasise how blessed you are! Such a wife is a jewel and many men, even great saints have gone through life without finding a suitable mate with whom to transmute. May both of you prosper and may the mysteries of heaven be revealed to you as you scale Jacob's Ladder towards our source.

    It will bring you both much joy and love. Imagine a relationship free of envy, of jealousy, of resentment, free of the endless lustful craving for the orgasim, free of selfish motive - this is true love and peace! Something no money, positions, status or power can buy!

    Please click on the link below to access the book The Perfect Matrimony for free online or to see where you can buy a hard copy or ebook version. This book will benefit the both of you immensley:

    The Perfect Matrimony, a book by Samael Aun Weor
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    Yes every human's wish is to find happiness. If we objectify our partner our negative emotions will be reinforced, the 3rd dimension will be actualised and the cycle of suffering will continue. If we don't objectify our partner our positive emotions will be reinforced we will connect with God and love will be sent out to the universe freeing us from suffering. We can recognise and stay with that by not going back to objectifying - this means breaking down our worldly habits or accepting them as a part of being human and free them by not holding onto them. How to use sexual desire to connect with the truth is the skill that needs to be developed. My desire for a woman is definitely a desire to be free from suffering so interactions with a woman would help towards that process if I start developing that skill. It is not the other person is the source of happiness but rather what is within ourselves and building the ability to care for ourselves well. :)
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    @Limeaid : Thank you for joining the conversation - welcome! Here is my view on your post:

    "My understanding is that desire does not produce suffering but that thoughts about those desires produces human suffering. The negative thoughts of jealousy, anger etc keep us away from achieving our desires which causes the suffering. Our desires are pure and good because we are pure and good inside...we are made in God's image as the film says."

    Desire does produce suffering - it is only comprehension and right thought that cannot produce suffering. We need to dissolve the ego and rise above good and evil. Both good and evil are Karmic in nature and bind us to the Wheel of Samsara, both good and bad are third dimensional. We need to urgently dissolve all egos because egos are inherently selfish and selfishness leads to suffering and bad karma. Even where the ego intends to do good, it does so without really understanding the laws and the mysteries of the universe and so it inevitable creates suffering in one form or another. Even if good may lead to good karma, it may lead to riches, wealth and comfort but even the eternal one, Yeshua the Christ said: "And Jesus said to His disciples, "Truly I say to you, it is hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. 24"Again I say to you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God." This is because good is equally binding as evil. Having a palace which distracts you from true spiritual work is as limiting as being in a prison that distracts you from true spiritual work.

    On this matter, the great Indian (Hindu Oriented) Swami Vivekenanda says: "Every work must necessarily be a mixture of good and evil; yet we are told to work incessantly; the good and evil will both have their results, make their Karma; the good action will entail upon us good effect; the bad action bad effect, but good and bad are both bondages of the soul. The solution reached in the Gîtâ is that if we do not attach ourselves to the work it will not take any effect on us. Each work that we do, each movement of the body, each thought in the mind, is leaving such an impression on the mind stuff, and even when they are not obvious on the surface, these marks are sufficiently strong to work beneath the surface, sub‑consciously. What we are each moment is determined by the sum total of these impressions on the mind. What I am just at this moment is the effect of the sum total of these marks, of my past life. There is a still higher stage than having this good tendency, the desire for liberation. You must remember that freedom of the soul is the goal of all these Yogas, and each one equally leads to the same result. Just by work, men can get where Buddha got by meditation and Christ by prayer. Liberation means entire freedom—freedom from the bondages of good, as well as from the bondages of evil. A golden chain is as much a chain as an iron chain."

    So we see that all desire will produce suffering, we must become free of desire entirely. many spiritual seekers look at this with fear, seeing it as an almost ipossible goal. They wonder:
    • How do I work if I do not desire a raise or bonus?
    • How do I help people if I do not desire to save the world from pain and misery?
    • How do I engage in sexual transmutation if at some level I do not desire sexual union with my partner?
    • How do I become spiritual if I do not desire to be holy/righteous/pure/free?
    The ego is limited and inherently selfish, on the selfless master who knows himself can have pure intention. Only the one who is liberated from ego can have intention that its aligned with divinity and which bears no Karma. That is why sexual transmutation is so important. It is one of the first steps on the journey. We transmute because we need to harness our sexual energy which is the most powerful energy we have to help us and give us strength to dissolve our multiplicity of egos. We need sexual energy to help us have energy and courage to grow our consciousness and see through the veil. Without the energy we remain "blind" or "asleep" and everything we do,no matter how noble is bound y Samsara, producing either good or bad Karma and causing us to reincarnate. The only action that's pure is that of the higher dimensions. In the allegory of Adam and Eve, when they were in the garden of eden all their actions were pure, they created no karma, therefore all desire in this dimension creates karma and is in some way impure. We rise above this dimension completely inwardly and scale the heights of truth through meditation and sexual transmutation and become free of our egos one by one, then we will "know the truth and the truth will set us free".

    "The duality of the 3rd dimension gave rise to good thoughts vs. bad thoughts because the 3rd dimension is one of contrast which we opted into for the expansion of human consciousness. When we become pure of thoughts we can reach enlightenment and Godlike status...or become closest to source energy. Moving to a higher dimension."

    Mind is a tool, the body is a tool. The aim is not to be free of thoughts. I know many new age spiritual gurus have proposed this. But let me be clear. It is good to be free of thoughts in meditation so you can experience blissful and higher states. So yes it is good to be free of thoughts when thoughts are not necessary and that is why many religions preach freedom from thoughts. But at some stage as long as you are in the third dimension you must think and thoughts are a product of the mind and the mind is the tool of the soul and spirit. Only when you are free of ego, can your mind be used in a pure way and can your thoughts be pure - to free the ego we must grow and harness as much of our energy as we can. That is why we must stop losing energy through anger, envy, jealousy and so forth. All these emotional states deplete our energy and we become spiritually weak. We must also harness our sexual energy through transmutation. You can transmute ven if you're single. I transmute through meditation and sexual transmutation for single persons - I trust I will meet my priestess soon.

    "I guess what I am trying to say is that in my view you cannot get any closer to God in the 3rd dimension than through an orgasm and negative thoughts are what separates us from becoming God."

    We get closer to God only by becoming like him. We do not necessarily get close to God through sense perceptions and sensation or emotions. An orgasm is a sensation, and like all sensations if we develop desire for it and crave it, we create suffering. We must become detached from all sense perceptions, this is a great teaching contained Buddhism and Hinduism. The orgasm, while feeling good corrupts, that's why Drugs, while feeling good corrupt and alcohol, while feeling good corrupts. And too much sugar, while feeling good leads to diabetes and tooth decay... Do you see where I am going. All third dimensional pleasure are ultimately an illusion. It feels good yet does some damage. Therefore we must not indulge in desire for pleasure but we must annihilate ourselves, our personalities and egos and become fee of all desire so as to harness our energy correctly in order to help us awaken in higher dimensions and purify ourselves so we can remerge with divinity. But that does not mean we become numb and are unable to experience pleasure, we can still experience all the things of the world without desire or attachment. On the annihilation of self and desire James Allen (a contemporary sage from England) says:

    Chapter 3 in Above Life's Turmoil by James Allen

    The Overcoming of Self
    "Many people have very confused and erroneous ideas concerning the terms “the overcoming of self”, “the eradication of desire”, and “the annihilation of the personality.” Some (particularly the intellectual who are prone to theories) regard it as a metaphysical theory altogether apart from life and conduct; while others conclude that it is the crushing out of all life, energy and action, and the attempt to idealise stagnation and death. These errors and confusions, arising as they do in the minds of individuals, can only be removed by the individuals themselves; but perhaps it may make their removal a little less difficult (for those who are seeking Truth) by presenting the matter in another way.

    The doctrine of the overcoming or annihilation of self is simplicity itself; indeed, so simple, practical, and close at hand is it that a child of five, whose mind has not yet become clouded with theories, theological schemes and speculative philosophies, would be far more likely to comprehend it than many older people who have lost their hold upon simple and beautiful truths by the adoption of complicated theories.

    The annihilation of self consists in weeding out and destroying all those elements in the soul which lead to division, strife, suffering, disease and sorrow. It does not mean the destruction of any good and beautiful and peace-producing quality. For instance, when a man is tempted to irritability or anger, and by a great effort overcomes the selfish tendency, casts it from him, and acts from the spirit of patience and love, in that moment of self-conquest he practises the annihilation of self. Every noble man practises it in part, though he may deny it in his words, and he who carries out this practice to its completion, eradicating every selfish tendency until only the divinely beautiful qualities remain, he is said to have annihilated the personality (all the personal elements) and to have arrived at Truth. The self which is to be annihilated is composed of the following ten worthless and sorrow-producing elements:
    • Lust
    • Hatred
    • Avarice
    • Self-indulgence
    • Self-seeking
    • Vanity
    • Pride
    • Doubt
    • Dark belief
    • Delusion
    It is the total abandonment, the complete annihilation of these ten elements, for they comprise the body of desire. On the other hand it teaches the cultivation, practice, and preservation of the following ten divine qualities:
    • Purity
    • Patience
    • Humility
    • Self-sacrifice
    • Self-reliance
    • Fearlessness
    • Knowledge
    • Wisdom
    • Compassion
    • Love
    These comprise the Body of Truth, and to live entirely in them is to be a doer and knower of the Truth, is to be an embodiment of Truth. The combination of the ten elements is called Self or the Personality; the combination of the ten qualities produces what is called Truth; the Impersonal; the abiding, real and immortal Man."

    It will thus be seen that it is not the destruction of any noble, true, and enduring quality that is taught, but only the destruction of those things that are ignoble, false and evanescent. Neither is this overcoming of self the deprivation of gladness, happiness and joy, but rather is it the constant possession of these things by living in the joy-begetting qualities. It is the abandonment of the lust for enjoyment, but not of enjoyment itself; the destruction of the thirst for pleasure, but not of pleasure itself; the annihilation of the selfish longing for love, and power, and possessions themselves. It is the preservation of all those things which draw and bind men together in unity and concord, and, far from idealising stagnation and death, urges men to the practice of those qualities which lead to the highest, noblest, most effective, and enduring action. He whose actions proceed from some or all of the ten elements wastes his energies upon negations, and does not preserve his soul; but he whose actions proceed from some or all of the ten qualities, he truly and wisely acts and so preserves his soul.

    He who lives largely in the ten earthly elements, and who is blind and deaf to the spiritual verities, will find no attraction in the doctrine of self-surrender, for it will appear to him as the complete extinction of his being; but he who is endeavouring to live in the ten heavenly qualities will see the glory and beauty of the doctrine, and will know it as the foundation of Life Eternal. He will also see that when men apprehend and practise it, industry, commerce, government, and every worldly activity will be purified; and action, purpose and intelligence, instead of being destroyed, will be intensified and enlarged, but freed from strife and pain.

    End of Chapter 3 in Above Life's Turmoil by James Allen
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    @DannyCool : I agree completely. The ultimate is freedom. Freedom from good and bad. On that path, we must purify ourselves and use our intentions and thoughts for good. All things in our life must be converted into good. All circumstances into good, and once we've perfected that, we should give up all things and remerge with the divine. Nice one!!! @DannyCool
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    Thank you Alpinist for all this wonderful helpful information. You truly are finding happiness for yourself and others and I wish you more and more success on your 'path' to freedom.

    There is an easy way to understand this:

    An accomplished spiritual person (which is not me) does "not indulge in desire for pleasure" for him or herself alone. He or she does not really like so much the pleasure itself cause it reinforces his or her identity as being separate from the world and solidifying his place in what we are calling the 3rd dimensional world. It does not mean he or she is particularly avoiding pleasure but they don't particularly enjoy it that much and are not attached to receiving it again. They often offer this pleasure out to others. The reason people don't really like orgasms on NoFap for example is because they realise that they are creating suffering for them. As mentioned in this thread and in the video the orgasm is creating too much pleasure within the body and leads to all other types of negative emotions.

    The true spiritual person finds more satisfaction from not being against suffering when it occurs. This does not mean looking for suffering and not accepting pleasure but what is does mean is that attachment is a trap and aversion is an opportunity to free the ego. The people we think are good or bad are just a process to breakdown our egos and free us from suffering forever. It is similar to very free children playing who don't mind so much if they get hurt sometimes they just get back up and play on as if nothing happened.

    My own mother has cancer and I love her dearly but yet I know in reality the only thing for me to do is to be happy cause she is just a process for me not to be attached to her and have patience. May she be happy may she be well and may all beings be happy and all beings be well.
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    In this case if I can have not so much attachment to my mother and not so much aversion the cancer. This is showing me how her love is within me and how I should not be attached to anyone especially myself.
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    @DannyCool : That's a powerful story DannyCool! We will keep you and your mother in our thoughts and prayers. Thanks for sharing!
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    There are a lot of mothers out there. We cannot stop death and nature. There is no point going against that. At the same time I hope she lives to 108 and may all mothers be happy. Thanks for your good wishes it means a lot and easier to stay happy because of them.
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    @Limeaid : Thanks for coming! I think that you are right indeed about the orgasm bringing you close to god, the problem is what follows the orgasm. It's a lot like doing drugs, while you are on the drug things feel great, but there are consequences. The cause and effect are subtle enough that it took me my whole lifetime to discover what was going on. There are so many paradoxical truths. Want to become filled with orgasmic energy? Stop having orgasms! The universe has one hell of a sense of humor it seems.

    @Alpinist : I should receive that book on Thursday, I will let you know how it goes. You know, not many people see the significance of my relationship. Sometimes it will come up in conversation that there is no conflict between us, I don't like to tell people that we live in peace and harmony together because they look at me like I'm from another planet. They will tell me that my relationship is broken and that I do not know what living really is. This supports your point that many people think that to develop spiritually is to throw away life.

    @DannyCool : Your post about an easy way to understand was truly inspired thank you for that.

    When I was five I remember thinking nonstop and realizing that I was thinking nonstop and that it was like some kind of freaky prison. When I asked people how to stop thinking, they said it cannot be done. It took seven years to learn that wasn't true. That was the beginning or perhaps the continuation of many lifetimes of work. My inner self has always rejected Christianity, but that is only because it's presentation wasn't genuine in most of the forms I've been exposed to. Somehow I don't think this will be my last lifetime, I get the impression that I came here with a fairly modest goal of conquering pride and vanity while also influencing people through high quality resonance. Perhaps that goal is insufficient, maybe a goal like that would be a waste of the opportunity presented with this rare kind of relationship. Maybe I'm selfishly looking forward to my next lifetime which is ridiculous and demonstrates just how much ego I'm still holding onto. That would be pretty reckless too considering how easy it is to derail from the path weather spiral or straight.

    My close friend is very jealous and in countless conversations I've tried to explain how spirituality works but his mind cannot or will not comprehend it. He sabotages himself constantly and cannot see it. He dwells in the mind. Somehow I know that he and I had some agreement before coming to earth. It could be that I agreed to assist him in some kind of high risk high reward karmic scenario where the cards were stacked against him. Whatever the case may be it is mysterious.

    From your post:

    So we see that all desire will produce suffering, we must become free of desire entirely. many spiritual seekers look at this with fear, seeing it as an almost impossible goal. They wonder:
    • How do I work if I do not desire a raise or bonus?
    • How do I help people if I do not desire to save the world from pain and misery?
    • How do I engage in sexual transmutation if at some level I do not desire sexual union with my partner?
    • How do I become spiritual if I do not desire to be holy/righteous/pure/free?
    There is so much irony here. Free from desire your capabilities will be expanded to such a degree that you will get that raise and the bonus weather you want it or not. By setting an example that happiness is not circumstantial, you will help many people. Sexual desire is a byproduct of not realizing that the energy causing the frustration can be transmuted. By transmuting the sexual energy, you are transmuting the source of the desire. Non desire is the only perspective that has the clarity of vision necessary to avoid deception. It is possible to have true faith without knowing anything. After all, what is faith but simply trusting the universe and opening yourself to it. Belief on the other hand can be a harmful construct that obscures our view of reality.

    So often truth is paradoxical. In the Tao Te Ching Lou Tzu wrote in verse 64:

    What is rooted is easy to nourish.
    What is recent is easy to correct.
    What is brittle is easy to break.
    What is small is easy to scatter.

    Prevent trouble before it arises.
    Put things in order before they exist.
    The giant pine tree
    grows from a tiny sprout.
    The journey of a thousand miles
    starts from beneath your feet.

    Rushing into action, you fail.
    Trying to grasp things, you lose them.
    Forcing a project to completion,
    you ruin what was almost ripe.

    Therefore the Master takes action
    by letting things take their course.
    He remains as calm
    at the end as at the beginning.
    He has nothing,
    thus has nothing to lose.
    What he desires is non-desire;
    what he learns is to unlearn.
    He simply reminds people
    of who they have always been.
    He cares about nothing but the Tao.
    Thus he can care for all things.
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    That's brilliant I'm in stitches laughing. How clever and really funny. Thanks. :)
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    Wonderful wonderful!!

    The desire to be free from desire is still a desire so it is definitely a paradox. My view is you must release resistance to all negativity, that is the way to rid yourself from desire. If you resist your earthly human desires you bring more to you to overcome.

    @RyanRVA it is my understanding that whatever is in another is also in you. Your friend is not really a friend he is you mirrored back to you. What you think he needs to work on, you need to work on. This is why intimate relationships can be so hard because it takes all of your shit and puts it right in front of your face. The vibration emanating from you brings these people into your life. They are merely reflections. So you did make a pact to come here and interact with your friend, but it is for your expansion.

    I am here to learn self love without a doubt. I think most people are. This is why I am still struggling with the video a bit. It brings up a lot of internal judgement for me which goes against how God wants you to feel about yourself.
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    I watched the video with my husband who has practiced sexual transmutation before and he really wants to try this!
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    @DannyCool : LOL... That is brilliant!

    @RyanRVA : Those are questions I have grappled a lot with. Thanks for the Lao Tzu quote. I'm in the office working and I was starting to become identified with the future results of my work - starting to daydream about outcomes - I really needed to read that! Thanks

    @Limeaid : The problem with spiritual discussions is that there are always multiple perspectives from which one spiritual statement can be viewed. In this sense one can always be right or always be wrong depending on vantage point. My view is this, if there are some things that you disagree with from the video's perspective then that's ok. That's why you were born with free will, so that you and only you can choose for yourself what you will believe and how you will act. The trick therefore is, if you come across content that you disagree with, move on and go to that content which speaks to your soul. In that way endless arguments and debating is avoided and each one can seek in peace in accordance with their hearts conviction. I stated very clearly earlier on in this thread that my aim is not to change anyone's beliefs, but simply to share with those who resonate. It's like NoFap. Those who disagree with NoFap should not bother registering and should just move on to websites that resonate with their beliefs. For me this is very important, ultimately my right cannot exist without yours and your right to believe that spirituality is all about positivity cannot exist without the right for that video to assert its own point. So rather than seeking to come to a conceptual resolution, simply move on to what makes you tick. I am saying this from the utmost place of humility: I was raised Christian, became Atheist, then became Agnostic. Thereafter I participated in Hinduism Spiritual approaches and experimented with Buddhism. I also searched in the New Age for truth. I have read and watched many materials associated with Eckhart Tolle, HayHouse (Wayne Dyer, Louise Hays, Gregg Braden, Brandon Bays) and many of the other New Age Gurus. I did this seeking Truth, not dogma or religion or cultural association but Truth and at each stage I was a critic of other vanatge points. And I have come to realise that ultimately we are all one but at different levels. Water is water, but the water molecule can be frozen, it can be liquid, it can be vapour/gas and therein lies the great Paradox - that water is both ice and not-ice, it is both gas and not-gas, both vapour and not-vapour, both liquid and non-liquid. Both aspects are true.

    The reason why I am sharing this is because I have seen many spiritual communities be overtaken by ego over debates. Our first duty is to be egoless and free! Until that happens no words or videos or discussion or beliefs will save us. Our first duty is to become selfless and annihilate ourselves so that the Truth within can live, only that Truth can speak Truth and can know Truth until then we are all just speculating. This is why transmutation and meditation and any other spiritual practices that harness your energy for better are necessary. You need as much energy as you can harness from yourself to enable you to dissolve your egos and past Karma and free yourself from the clutches of the cunning ego - we must all do this first before anything else. We cannot truly love until the ego of pride in us is dead, we cannot truly have peace until the ego of strife in us is dead, we cannot truly be detached until desire in us is dead. There is relative and absolute knowledge. Things can be relatively true yet absolutely false. They can be absolutely true yet relatively false. For example. The Great Swami Vivekananda states:

    In reading the Bhagavad Gîtâ many of you in Western countries may have felt astonished at the second chapter, when Krishna calls Arjuna a hypocrite and a coward because of his refusal to fight or offer resistance on account of his adversaries being his friends and relatives, making the plea that non‑resistance was the highest ideal of love. The great lesson to learn is that the two extremes are alike; the extreme positive and the negative are always similar; when the vibrations of light are too slow we do not see them, nor do we see them when they are too rapid. So with sound; when very low we do not hear, when very high we do not hear. In like manner is the difference between resistance and non‑resistance. One man does not resist because he is weak, lazy, and cannot, and not because he will not; the other is the man who, knowing that he can strike an irresistible blow if he likes, not only does not strike, but blesses his enemies. The one who resists not from weakness commits a sin, and as such will not receive any benefit from his non‑resistance, while the other would commit a sin by offering resistance. Buddha gave up his throne and renounced his position; that was true renunciation; but there cannot be any question of renunciation in the case of a beggar who has nothing to renounce. So we must always take care, when we speak of this non‑resistance and ideal love, what we really mean. We must first take care to understand whether we have the power of resistance or not. Then, having the power, if we renounce and do not resist, we are doing a grand act, but if we cannot resist and at the same time try to deceive ourselves that we are actuated by motives of the highest love we are doing the exact opposite. So Arjuna became a coward at the sight of the mighty array against him; his “love” made him forget his duty towards his country and king. That is why Krishna told him that he was a hypocrite:—“Thou talkest like a wise man, but thy actions betray thee to be a coward; therefore, stand up and fight!” Such is the idea of the Karma Yogi. The Karma Yogi is the man who understands that the highest ideal is non‑resistance, but who also knows that this is the highest manifestation of power, and that what is called “resisting evil” is but a step on the way towards the manifestation of the highest power, which is non‑resistance. Before having attained the highest ideal his duty is to resist; let him work, let him fight, let him strike straight from the shoulder. Then only, when he has gained the power to resist, will non‑resistance be a virtue.

    So in the above we see that both Non-resistance as preached by Lao Tzu, Buddha, Yeshua the Christ, Muhammad, Krishna etc. and Resistance as preached by Confucius, Sun Tzu, and in the old testament is both true.

    My simple message is this: this thread is not for debates or a place where we must prove ourselves and our beliefs to one another. This thread is for those who see the value that NoFap gives you on your spiritual journey. NoFap bestows the will power to begin the practice of sexual transmutation for those who wish, it is not an imperative for everyone, only for those who see its value for their lives and souls. Ultimately we are all Fapstronauts, ultimately we are all here because we're sick and tired of being sick and tired regarding our various sexual fantasies and addictions. We all just want to be free...

    With Love and Respect,

    The Alpinist
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    @Limeaid : Thank you for sharing your husbands views. What matters is Love. Love eachother - free yourselves from your egos and a Love that no poetry or art can even hint at will fill your home. Awaken the God within, Love each other and follow your hearts, wherever it may lead you. Trust in your intuition, trust in your gut never put all your trust in the external. In this regard James Allen says:

    To grow in self-control, in patience, in equanimity, is to grow in strength and power; and you can only thus grow by focusing your consciousness upon a principle. As a child, after making many and vigorous attempts to walk unaided, at last succeeds, after numerous falls, in accomplishing this, so you must enter the way of power by first attempting to stand alone. Break away from the tyranny of custom, tradition, conventionality, and the opinions of others, until you succeed in walking lonely and erect among men. Rely upon your own judgment; be true to your own conscience; follow the Light that is within you; all outward lights are so many will-o’-the-wisps. There will be those who will tell you that you are foolish; that your judgment is faulty; that your conscience is all awry, and that the Light within you is darkness; but heed them not. If what they say is true the sooner you, as a searcher for wisdom, find it out the better, and you can only make the discovery by bringing your powers to the test. Therefore, pursue your course bravely. Your conscience is at least your own, and to follow it is to be a man; to follow the conscience of another is to be a slave. You will have many falls, will suffer many wounds, will endure many buffetings for a time, but press on in faith, believing that sure and certain victory lies ahead. Search for a rock, a principle, and having found it cling to it; get it under your feet and stand erect upon it, until at last, immovably fixed upon it, you succeed in defying the fury of the waves and storms of selfishness. (In From Poverty to Power)

    Your eternal dwelling-place is within; go there and take possession of your mansion; there you are a king, elsewhere you are a vassal. Be contended that others shall manage or mismanage their own little kingdom, and see to it that you reign strongly over your own. Your entire well-being and the well-being of the whole world lie there. You have a conscience, follow it; you have a mind, clarify it; you have a judgment, use and improve it; you have a will, employ and strengthen it; you have knowledge, increase it; there is a light within your soul, watch it, tend it, encourage it, shield it from the winds of passion, and help it to burn with a steadier and ever steadier radiance. Leave the world and come back to yourself. Think as a man; act as a man, live as a man. Be rich in yourself, be complete in yourself. Find the abiding center within you and obey it. The earth is maintaining its orbit by its obedience to its center the sun. Obey the center of light that is within you; let others call it darkness if they will. You are responsible for yourself, are accountable to yourself, therefore rely upon yourself. If you fear yourself who will place confidence in you? If you are untrue to yourself where shall you find the sweet satisfaction of Truth? (In Byways to Blessedness)

    by James Allen:
  18. Limeaid

    Limeaid Guest

    If you find my questioning and doubt taking your intention off course I can certainly refrain from doing that. I am mostly thinking out loud and wanting input, clarity, explanation. My husband and I were up late last night having a great discussion but maybe this is not the place to do it. I don't feel you are trying to change my beliefs I am questioning my own beliefs and understanding of them. I just want to understand this further as it has awoken great curiosity within me which is not something I have felt in quite a while but I understand if you don't want to be mired down in explanations. Maybe I can start my own thread.

    Thank you for this "Then only, when he has gained the power to resist, will non‑resistance be a virtue."
    It was one of the questions I wanted answered. I will read through everything carefully because I think this thread already holds the answers to my questions which is probably why I am here!

    Thanks for sharing the video :)
  19. Alpinist

    Alpinist Guest

    @Limeaid : Sincerest of apologies if I came across the wrong way. I guess all I was trying to say was that the spirit with which we raise any points, questions or comments should be to build and to develop one another, and should not be about self-assertion (I'm not saying that's what you were doing).

    I guess the problem with text sometimes is that you miss out the on finer details of body language and tone which tell you exactly where someone is coming from. Please feel free to engage and to be open. Again, sincerest of apologies if I came across as stifling you, that was not my intention - I mean that!

    Warm Regards

  20. Limeaid

    Limeaid Guest

    Absolutely no need to apologize. I think you are right in that my post may have come across as self assertion (although I know you didn't mean to imply this but is worth looking at nonetheless). From my perspective I was simply stating what I know and is my limited understanding...not to assert that it is right. God knows I am wrong a lot!! This is all new to me because I have very few people to actually talk about this stuff with so I appreciate you indulging me a bit. I agree that without tone and body language I can seem pretty dry but in actuality I am feeling excitement and I might be running off with thoughts and feelings about this subject because of it :D

    I think I just need to read through everything carefully and really let it sink in. Already I have learned so much so thank you!
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