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    @wholelife108 : Hey thanks for getting us back on track. We got a little off topic there for a while. I want to share this with you:

    Just like you I had a similar interval up to about a month ago. After about 3 days the sexual energy would become uncomfortable and after a week old ladies started looking pretty damn hot. That would happen like clockwork, this was because I was not transmuting the sexual energy. Tomorrow will make 3 weeks of no ejaculation and almost no lust. I can probably fit the entire time I felt lust these past three weeks into a span of 2 minutes, maybe less. I'm not trying to brag here, I'm telling you this because you should know that it can be done!

    The main way that I'm achieving this is through use of the yogic breath as shown here:

    I do this while I'm driving, while working, pretty much any time I can remember to do it. Recently I was on the phone with a friend and I was happy when the call ended because I could resume this kind of breathing. Of everything I've tried this works the best and it can be done almost any time as long as you aren't talking. For me it really works, the sexual energy gets transmuted and it buys me time. As long as the energy doesn't build up to much, there's no lust.

    Once you train yourself to manage the energy you know that the energy is manageable. That means when you feel the energy, you won't get that sense of desperation, you just know you've got some maintenance to do. When you move the energy up the ladder is feels pretty good. It's the kind of energy that really fuels meditation sessions.

    So, three weeks in with transmutation being a way of life now, I must say, there have been some interesting changes. My body is getting stronger, there's no mistaking it. I can feel much more energy in the upper chakra system. I haven't wanted to drink beer or anything which I'm sure has to do with this new energy. I've been feeling a slight electrical like sensation in my mouth lately. I would have said that was a placebo but it's too consistent. Hopefully that's some useful information for you guys. I wish I had more to report with regards to transmuting with my partner, we did that once and it worked like a charm but I haven't done that since. I've been kind of obsessed with getting control over the energy on my own because mastering it fully before transmuting with someone else seems like a good place to start.

    One more thing, when you do the yogic breath and you breath in to the naval, make sure you really expand your lungs to the point where it stretches your abs. It will feel kinda relieving if you do it right. Anyway it works for me.
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    Awesome Ryan thanks for the breathing exercise tip. I've been aware that such exercises exist and one fella I communicate with who has been transmuting for many years has recommended several including one called "the deer exercise", (same as kegels I think ? where you exercise the same muscle used to restrain urination). Though from what I understand the kegels gives one the ability to stop an orgasm/ejaculation, but I'm not too sure how much in itself it stops lust from building up. This guy does several exercises. I've just never gotten around to seriously trying to implement these. Everytime I PMO, you know how your mindset then totally changes once the lust has been ejaculated, then I think OK now I've learned my lesson and this time I'm going to just will power my way to success. And so another cycle starts with me thinking now I'm good while lust again eventually creeps up and before you know it you've blown it again.

    If you're talking one simple exercise that can be done anytime while driving or doing other activities, that will transmute lust, that's what we really need. Few of us have all day to be sitting around meditating and doing all sorts of exercises, we need simple practical methods.
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    @Don Frank : Thanks for sharing your experience brother...

    I think you're spot on with the above. Sex is a connection on all three levels. That is why most religions and traditional cultures believed marriage was sacred and not to be defiled because they knew that the union of women and man is sacred and beautiful with a divine beauty if the couple can become one sexually ( physically), emotionally (energetically), mentally (psychologically) and in will (having aligned purpose and goals). This does not mean that the couple must be exactly the same, but that even their differences are used for the benefit of the union, in unison and selfless collaboration. This is rare and very hard to develop, but it is worth it and never too late to be the light in a relationship even if an existing relationship is falling apart, true Love, if engendered in one partners heart, can always bring about magical changes between two people.

    I can also relate to how Porn and Masturbation addiction affected your sexual life. It affected mine as well. I used to drink and use substances a lot so those would stimulate me and make me seem like a 'good performer' ost of the time but on some occasions, on a sober day I would sometimes suffer from PMO induced erectile dysfunction. How does a young man in his early 20's go lame on a beautiful women?! That makes no sense - and its bruising on ones self-perception! It made me realise that its not worth it. When you taste the real fruits of PMO addiction, not the superficially pleasurable orgasm but the real fruits: the self-hatred, the anguish, the spiritual hunger and poverty, the relational problems, the objectifying of every women into a pornstar and the vile polluting of the mind, it is then that you know that it is really not worth it!

    All the best on your journey mate!

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    About the Male Deer excersize.

    This one is pretty important too. I learned about this from the book "The Tao of Sexuality: the book of infinite wisdom." Which is worth reading. It seems to be directly in line with the Gnostic teaching but from an almost exclusively scientific perspective.

    The deer excersize helps relieve prostate pressure for me. I do this about once a day usually in conjunction with the yogic breath while driving. It takes some practice to get it right. The trick is to contract the muscles to apply the right kind of pressure on the prostate that cause the contents to be squeezed backwards into the body for reabsorption.

    One thing to remember is that when you get aroused, sperm gets loaded up in a certain way, when there is no release after that you get what is called blue balls. It's important to not actually get aroused to avoid this. There's no good way to relieve that kind of pressure and I think it's harmful to the body. Here's when the momentum factor comes into play.

    When your mind gets going in the direction of lust (for example you see a hot woman jogging) you've got to immediately change the direction. So its like this

    Step one: see hot woman, which causes lust response
    Step two: think yep she's hot has a nice ass and all that moving on! (All within a split second)
    Step three: move on so that the lust never builds up.

    If you do that right you won't get an erection or anything. In these past three weeks the only erections I've had are the ones I've been waking up with. My flacid penis size has increased a lot, kinda like I always have a very slight erection. There was a Ted talk one time where they did some research that indicated women subconsciously pay attention to flacid penis size and not erect size which is interesting especially since huge amounts of energy in the chakra system seems to affect that.

    Another person on here mentioned using horsestance training to transmute the energy. That works pretty well too, you just can't do it anywhere like the yogic breath.

    Transmutation seems to be cheating compared to what people call hardmode. You just don't have to deal with all that suffering and frustration when you transmute.

    Hardmode with cheat code!
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    Hi. I am attempting to start on the road of semen retention.

    However I am still going to have sex.

    I will be attempting to practice karezza but also read a book recently called 'The multi-orgasmic man'. I was wondering if anyone had experience with it. It seemed to be about disconnecting the feeling of an orgasm from ejaculation. Also talking about moving energy around to experience what it called 'whole body orgasms'

    It was a Taoist book.
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    I've heard of this practice of experiencing orgasm without ejaculation, evidently it is possible. As for how this can be of any spiritual benefit, it is not advised, at least by teachings like the Gnostic & others. I recall Gnostic master Samael Aun Weor in reference this saying that this practice damages the nervous system. Similarly there are Kundalini techniques of raising sexual energy which have also been known to cause damage if not done precisely.

    The idea of being able to experience orgasm while at the same being able to retain the semen and transmute it sounds like it could be good, at least better than orgasm with ejaculation. As for the Gnostic teachings as well as others, it is not only loss of semen, but the experience of orgasm induced by genital arousal that is described as a major source of bondage to material existence.

    Of course we naturally seek to experience the greatest pleasure so it would seem that orgasm is our birthright, and I enjoy the experience just as much as everyone, so I can understand the reasoning in pursuing such a practice, but at least in my own research in trying to understand how to awaken higher consciousness, I have yet to come across any credible spiritual teaching that says one can have all the orgasms you want and simultaneously develop spiritually. The orgasm is a small taste of the everlasting blissful pleasure that awaits us when we become awakened in advanced higher consciousness. But the experience we're getting by stimulation of the genitals is said to be causing attachment to the material body, which has some limited capacity to experience pleasure, yet which is ultimately a cause of suffering. As spiritual beings we have far greater capacity for enjoyment once having transcended attachment to the material body which is subject to the repetition of birth, disease, old age & death in a struggle for existence full of various miseries caused by the body & mind (disease, pain, depression, etc.), miseries caused by forces of nature (fire, flood, famine, etc), or those caused by other living beings (insect bites, animal attacks, wars, enemies, etc.)

    When we succeed in transmuting and tranforming the lust into pure love and thus purify our consciousness we will evolve onto higher spheres of existence where we no longer need to be confined to a very limited material body (no longer take birth), and we will be free to enjoy a far more pleasurable existence.

    Anyhow, just giving one perspective here. Good luck with your practices in semen retention, and who knows maybe these taoist are on a path with the best of both worlds, but I am not too sure. I do understad though that these are very hardcore teachings that talk about completely giving up sexual orgasm. And as much as I can accept the idea of working towords this ideal, I do not make any claims of having reached there. But there are many guys on this website who have completely abstained from orgasm for hundreds of days and are feeling wonderful. Perhaps some of these people could actually conceive of foregoing orgasm for the rest of their lives in exchange for more of the wonderful benefits they are already experiencing.

    As for Karezza, this is the recommended process of Gnosticism which refers to the practice as white tantra, sexual magic, etc. It is the process of sexual trasnmutation by engaing in sex with one's partner while completely abstaining from orgasm. And it must be practiced only with a spouse.
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    Sometimes I wonder I the Taoist multiorgasmic teaching are more of a modern twist. When I read the book "Tao of Sexuality: book of infinite wisdom" they seem to realize that it would be a very hard sell to talk people out of orgasms. In fact, I've recommended this book to a few and they have basically rejected it saying I'm not giving up orgasms.

    It could be that they had to hide the real truth for those that could really understand it. In a way, the modern authors may be using the idea of someone becoming a sex god as bait to get people to look at the message. If people laugh and walk away then so be it.

    From the Tao Te Ching

    When a superior man hears of the Tao,
    he immediately begins to embody it.
    When an average man hears of the Tao,
    he half believes it, half doubts it.
    When a foolish man hears of the Tao,
    he laughs out loud.
    If he didn't laugh,
    it wouldn't be the Tao.

    Thus it is said:
    The path into the light seems dark,
    the path forward seems to go back,
    the direct path seems long,
    true power seems weak,
    true purity seems tarnished,
    true steadfastness seems changeable,
    true clarity seems obscure,
    the greatest art seems unsophisticated,
    the greatest love seems indifferent,
    the greatest wisdom seems childish.

    The Tao is nowhere to be found.
    Yet it nourishes and completes all things.

    -Lou Tzu (translated by Stephen Mitchell)

    In the Taoist tradition there is something called the morning and evening prayer. When I read the book it seamed that the author was indication that it was of the highest value in sexual practice. This is basically sex without orgasmic pleasure, pretty much the same as holding hands but with sex organs.

    I think the key is that to do this right, the man needs to legitimately not feel aroused. Just compassionate love without even the hint of animalistic desire. Most people probably can't grasp this unless they are already familiar with the idea of sexual transmutation.

    For me, it feels spiritually beneficial because it seems that my excess male energy is attracted to my wife and vise versa, its quite balancing. The problem is, for those who aren't very sensitive to this kind of energy flow, it may be hard to stay away from the orgasm or see the value in the practice.

    Currently I've gone 3 weeks without orgasm and my wife 10 days. She had an orgasm during one of these evening prayer sessions. I think she wants to avoid the experience somewhat so she's not tempted by the orgasm. She's a writer and claims that her writing is going noticably better without the orgasms. I'm feeling phenomenal.

    My guess is that just being around women helps the transmutation some because I feel magnetically attracted to women in general now that my energy is flying high.

    Sexual transmutation is now a lifestyle, it takes dedication to keep up with it.

    Also, it seems that anxiety is not possible when you are constantly transmuting. Whatever that energy is, it doesn't survive the yogic breathing or any other exercise for transmutation.

    @Alpinist : Is a disciplined mind a prerequisite for effective transmutation? Could it be that people are trying to learn how to fly a plane before they learn how to drive a car? What seems so easy for me is a deep struggle for others. I'm asking you because you seem to have been successful. Do you have command over your mind? Is it necessary? Can anyone else with an understanding of spiritual teachings comment on this? So many Americans have disturbingly chaotic minds, it seems unlikely that such a mind would be conducive to transmutation. Hopefully outside of this country things are better spiritually.
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    Interesting. This is definately an area i am interested in exploring. I shall do some more reading.
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    Maybe you could give a simple description of this breathing exercise. I do not really understand the explanation in the video, what she means by inhaling into the abdomen, then rib cage, then chest. When I inhale I cannot make this distinction. Is it sufficient to simply inhale for8 seconds, hold & exhale ? Also she talks about your posture, straightening spine, et. You do all that while driving, etc, or just the breathing part ?
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    @wholelife108 : Sure I will try to explain.

    As far as posture goes, just do the best you can in whatever situation you are in.

    Step one:

    When you first breath in, expand your stomach area so that your belly sticks out. Then finish breathing in while expanding the chest.

    Step two:

    Hold your breath for a while but not too long because you will be taking your time breathing out.

    Step Three:

    Breath out slowly and completely. As you do this you will need to override your natural desire to start breathing normally. Eventually your body will learn to trust you and it will not fight you anymore.

    Step four:

    With empty lungs swallow if necessary to clear anything that drained from your sinuses (this tends to happen while breathing this way and it really helps keep those airpaths open)

    Step five:

    Repeat the steps but make sure you don't inhale rapidly even though you probably want to. With practice this will become very comfortable. If you are doing this correctly you will feel increased oxygen levels.

    You can do the male deer excersize at the same time as this breathing excersize.
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    Great, thanks for the better explanation. Will have to try this out.
    Here is also another Gnostic exercise for transmutation:

    Something interesting is that with conservation of semen, one develops spiritually and one's spiritual abilities begin to awaken. Astral travel is a major aspect in the Gnostic practice, and this ability becomes more accessible with the conservation of one's energy. Actually we all do experience astral travel every time when we sleep, though we do it unconsciously, so it is either completely forgotten or remembered merely as a dream, but not seemingly real as waking conscious experiences. As we conserve semen will develop greater ability to consciously astral project and experience the astral dimension in a very real way.

    I have experienced many astral projection experiences and I am interested in it for purposes of self & God realization. Though I have yet to build up a very large amount of seminal energy I do know from a friend who has practiced strict celibacy for many years and has experienced such increases in astral projection with the conservation of semen.

    His name is Yogi Shaktivirya & he has a great website & his own books on spiritual topics & celibacy. He has been very helpful in answering questions regarding, diet, meditation & exercises for transmutation since I came across his website.. He's someone who has been transmuting for many years and is experiencing a very high level of joy and spiritual experiences and is happy to share with others and help others along. Here's his website and link to his book on celibacy which I highly recommend, it is very interesting and full of practical info, available as kindle download for only 2.99. Practically a giveaway for such valuable work.

    Celibacy and Transmutation of Sexual Energy for Deeper Meditation
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  12. Temujin

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    It's interesting reading about how people connect semen retention with astral projection and dream-work. I am also getting seriously into dream-work so if this is another tool to help me with that count me as being even more interested.

    Just need to actually do it.
  13. Kenji

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    I'd like to apologize for criticizing Tantra or Gnosticism in anyway.

    We are all entitled to opinions, however sometimes sharing them is inappropriate and offensive as I have regrettably demonstrated. Sometimes our opinions are in conflict. However I do admire this thread regardless of whether I believe in the practices of Tantric sex or Gnostic "supra sexuality".

    Please do accept my apology, namely @Alpinist and @RyanRVA whom are the long time regulars in this thread.

    It seems I tried to start my own thread on transmutation, that I deleted due to the negativity it drew from a certain user, although I am grateful the user was posting in it because he did point out a bad habit of mine, due to my ego, which is subconsciously trying to elevate myself in threads or posts.

    I would like to join in on the conversation here if I may gentlemen.

    It seems this is the true sanctuary to discuss non-ejaculatory sex, sublimation & transmutation, and spiritual growth on the forum, count me in! :D
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    Hey @RyanRVA your avatar is the dude from Kung Fury right?

    Do you train any martial arts or yoga?
  15. RyanRVA

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    @Kenji no need to apologize, your posts were valuable here.

    Yes Kung Fury! That movie makes me laugh out loud just by thinking about it. I used to do Kung Fu but now almost all of my time goes to work and family. My dream is to be able to work part time and still have enough time and money to do cool stuff like martial arts. I have kept myself in excellent condition thankfully.

    Since I have so little time I must do various forms of training that is compatible with other simultaneous tasks. Such as breathing consciously or going hours without thinking. So if you consider that yoga then I do it all day long.

    When I was in first grade I desperately wanted to stop thinking. People I respected actually told me it couldn't be done. That's the kind of world we live in. That's why I'm here, people need to know about this stuff.

    Yesterday I tried something pretty crazy. Since sexual transmutation has become a lifestyle and is more or less automatic for me I wanted to test my resolve.

    A long time ago I saved some very hot porn that was pretty respectable (in the sense that the women were not being abused or anything weird).

    I decided to watch it for 20 minutes to see what would happen in my body. Since I haven't watched porn in ages it was intense! Amazingly, I didn't feel horny because the energy was being transmuted as fast as it was flooding in. My sex organs were generating the energy full blast and it was going right up the ladder. I did horse stance training and some pull ups so that I didn't waste the extreame energy that was available.

    After about 5 minutes of working out I just stood watching the porn which was the remaining 15 minutes.

    This experiment proved to me that it is possible to transmute the sexual energy so fast that you won't feel horny or frustrated even under extreme conditions. After 20 minutes I was able to turn off the porn and go about my business as ussual.

    Here's the problem. Later that day and into today, the porn flashed through my mind many times. It didn't trigger anything because I'm not letting that energy build up like that, but it reveals psychological damage caused by the porn. On the flip side it seems to have actually served as training to improve my transmutation skills while also slamming a lot of energy into the Chakra system.

    This is playing with fire because the energy surge itself would be quite addictive if I didn't realize that it wouldn't be sustainable.

    This seems to be something new. It's not edging because the experience didn't involve stimulation at all, just pure conscious direction of sexual energy through pre established pathways.

    Could the be what gnostics are talking about?

    I've decided not to try doing this again until I can evaluate the full extent of the psychological effect of this experiment.

    This post is insensitive in some ways and I'm sorry in advance. This isn't about trivializing porn addiction, it's about scientifically analyzing the affect of intense sexual stimulus and the potential to go a differant direction with it.
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  16. Kenji

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    Dude that is definitely crazy and risqué.

    Wow man your past and present sound incredibly interesting. You have been seeking 'no thought' or something like that since 1st grade, wow that is unique man.

    That experiment helps me in that next time I experience a massive libido spike and my mind starts wandering I know that with some quick and vigorous action we can sublimate that building energy right up the spine, squat down in horse stance for a little bit, and then into full lotus to meditate and try to consciously feel and be aware of the raging libido, maybe it won't be so raging, just shine my awareness on it and really pay attention to any energy I may feel rising up the spine into the brain.

    Your experiment is motivating, but I do not encourage you to repeat it nor will I be attempting anything like it, granted I don't feel I have the discipline to attempt something like that!

    I also am incredibly sensitive to energies, and even classy connoisseur porn that may be respectable where the women are treated like queens on and off camera will be enough to stir up certain addictive energies inside me and around my environment.
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    @Kenji : Thanks it seems that you understand what the expiriment was all about.

    The experiment was both a success and a failure because I am still attached to the desire for that energy surge and it will probably take a few more days to be completely free from it. It was actually far better than an orgasm because I felt great afterwards but the images still flash through my mind trying to bait me into the experience again. Eventually the mind realizes that such attempts are futile as is always the case with mental training.

    Training my mind to be silent was like a war, once the smoke cleared that state was firmly established and it was nearly effortless and has remained that way more or less without much need for maintenance for well over a decade. The transition to that state was not noticable I just realized one day that not thinking was now the default state. It seems the same thing has happened with the transmutation. It took about a month of consciously directing and managing the sexual energy and now, it seems my body knows what to do on its own after all of that. Just understand that it took about a full month of relentless conscious work to get here. Before there was a natural tendency for the energy to remain concentrated near the sex organs, now there is a natural tendency for it to rise up like hot air through the body.

    Think about that for a minute. This might be why most people fail, they do not realize there is light at the end of the tunnel of struggle against the mind and body. If they understood this perhaps they would be ten times more willing to put in the work. Prescription drugs seem to have replaced mental discipline in the USA unfortunately.

    All of these transmutation techniques work, but they can be a stepping stone to an eventual state of automatic transmutation. For those who struggle relentlessly, there is peace around the corner.

    You mentioned "maybe it won't be so raging". Consider that the more raging it is, the more energy there will be for that meditation. Once transmutation becomes highly effective, the tables have turned you see. Now I need to figure out how to make my sex organs more active and generator more energy, but this must be done without using porn because that's going to create other problems.

    The gnostics talked about sexual magic, but they didn't describe it in a way that made sense to me. The sex organs were called "the stove" by the Taoists because they power up the whole system. What if sexual magic is the stimulation of the sex organs while transmuting the energy immediately up the spine so that you don't even really get aroused. Working with a woman to do this makes some sense because that may allow you to stimulate the sex organs without the mind damage that porn creates. Unfortunately, women who are effective tantric practitioners seem to be....nonexistent. My wife may be a candidate but she is content with her current sexual status so that's going to take some time.

    Still the problem remains that all of this is likely to create a dependency on some kind of external sexual stimulus. Perhaps if we put our heads together we can figure out a way around this. Welcome to the think tank ladies and gentleman.
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  18. Kenji

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    @RyanRVA if you would like some suggestions on building primordial jing as a Chinese doctor may say or ojas as an Ayurvedic doctor might say, I will PM you some ideas. To talk anymore about this may cause some people to get ideas just for the sake of building energy that would lead to their downfall as they would not know what to do with it (I personally witnessed this happen to a user), essentially their raging libido would be the end of their progress here.

    Dual cultivation (non-ejaculatory sex with an opposite gendered partner, yin and yang essences are required) is actually viewed as an inferior form of energy work by Daoist adepts, as compared to the energy one can harness and sublimate with complete celibacy my friend, as expounded in this text:

    It is said that jing is still lost when one engages in sex at all. Of course the gnostics were onto something, and perhaps karezza and modes of non-attached desireless sex (is that really possible, and if so you are playing with fire for the moment desire arises during that type of sex the demon will take over your mind, it is a very risky practice) can help raise your consciousness, but of course it is not the only way to gain higher consciousness.

    My personal view and goal of enlightenment does not involve sex. But hey, I am still learning about Tantrism and will post back here my final thoughts on it once I do. But in the Mahayana tradition that I practice the monks and nuns practice celibacy on their way to enlightenment.

    So please forgive me if I sit out on discussions regarding Gnostics or Tantric sex, I will certainly still participate in the conversation on transmutation and sublimation of sexy qi into spiritual qi.
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  19. Are you referring to myself, Kenji? Did you see my reply to your other post, as to why I actually went ahead and restarted my counter in the first place? You just cannot seem to stop quoting me in third person can you. It's arrogant of you to assume that my progression here has ended... I pointed out some truths about you and you just cannot seem to take it. You somehow see that as "black energy". It wasn't just your ability to subconsciously elevate yourself above others, but you were also very passive aggressive to me as well. If I've got an issue with someone, I'll just say it. Don't be ignorant and misinterpret that as bad energy.
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  20. I stated that I restarted my counter, NOT due to PMO, but because something else happened, that I don't really feel I need to explain. Long story.
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