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    Please forgive me. I really am not here to argue or get in conflicts with anyone. I saw your posts yes. I deleted the threads because you were describing you don't necessarily believe in non-ejaculatory sex or energy loss through orgasm, yet you continued to subvert the thread. I am sorry you are intolerant of my presence here and look down upon me. Really I am not trying to hurt anyone or start a war with another user. Also I accept all the character flaws you are pointing out.

    I mentioned the dark energy incorrectly and ignorantly, I am sorry. I made that remark because I sense hostility in your posts towards me and my presence here.

    Your criticisms are accepted, thanks.
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    No dude. I am talking about someone who took Chinese herbs I was discussing months ago.
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  3. Kenji, my words were not that I don't believe in non ejaculatory sex. That's not actually what I quoted. I've actually practised non ejaculatory sex with a couple of girlfriends I've had in the past, so for me that's never been the issue.
    What I said is that it's not "always" necessary to engage in and that we shouldn't be rigid about it. We can all do what we want, however, I was just making a suggestion through the example I gave with a specific girlfriend. I explained that it's all about the other person and their emotional blockages. Energy transmits from the soul, which is where our emotions are. My point was that if you've not got many emotional injuries, and neither does the person you're making love to, then there should be a burst of energy, regardless of ejaculation or not. I don't want to start this whole long winded discussion again and I'm only saying this because I felt like you just misquoted me just now.

    Both can be useful, non ejaculation and ejaculation, if the two souls are coming from a place of emotional wholeness, in the end it makes no difference, because sex is not just physical, but also a soul experience. It's not actually the process of ejaculation to be always be the cause of energy loss.

    I didn't subvert the thread. What pissed me off a little bit was when you then bombarded me with links and endless videos as if I'm going to sit there and watch them all. I shared my experience, and those experiences have proven that my studies concerning emotional blockages and how they effect energy are true. Many people don't know anything about those topics and have done no research on it or have had no experience. I was not knocking non ejaculatory sex. I was just making a point... That we shouldn't be rigid.

    To also make another thing clear, I don't look down on anyone here. I see everyone here as a family. We're all heading towards similar goals. Yes, my character can come across as pretty blunt online, but that has nothing to do with my energy. I just like to get straight to the point, that's all. I'm not one to dance around, and I shouldn't be judged for my straight forward approach.

    I also clearly stated that I wouldn't ejaculate with just anyone. I said that you have to discern every situation. If you feel like someone truly loves you and that they are emotionally healthy, then why not? Because in the end you'd only be absorbing their good energy and no energy would be lost. Sex is a soul exchange, not just that of fluids and ejaculation, and that was what I was trying to express through the example I gave with my ex girlfriend.

    Certain girlfriends I've lost energy through ejaculation, some I've gained energy through ejaculation. For me, it was all dependant on their emotional state and their soul condition.
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    I apologize again and should have listened to you before rather than acting immature. And thank you for pointing that out about my use of the forum. I sometimes get carried away with links and videos and act very young for my age. This is something I need to work on.

    And of course we are free to use our sex energy however we want. No one is forcing these practices or ideas on anyone here. I also value your opinion on the subject.

    Also I will share a video, because 1) I like videos and 2) I feel it is relevant to this thread.

    Please don't think I am intending this video to be watched by you @AlltheRageBackHome, also I do appreciate your insight in many of your posts.

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  5. No worries. Apology accepted.

    I'm subscribed to that guy on youtube. I like his content.
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    I enjoyed reading through the stuff on the other thread. Found most of it quite interesting.
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    I was concerned about this as well and you may very well be right about the danger of this topic but I decided to go ahead anyway and will continue to talk about this if anyone is interested for one main reason, we can all decide not to watch porn voluntarily but the harsh truth is that porn is everywhere. It's on TV, it's in advertisements and it's walking down the street. We need a tool or technique that will allow us to withstand that bombardment, I believe transmutation is such a tool.

    The experiment was intended to test transmutation as a defense against lust and desire. When I discussed the experiment with my wife, she found it strange that the male body has such a profound and automatic response to visual stimulus, but that's how it goes. Women might dress more conservatively if they understood the mechanism as well as we do, but it really should be our responsibility to handle gracefully whatever we are faced with, which happens to be random hot women parading around in skin tight yoga pants.

    Here's the thing. I'm not condoning that people perform this test, the only reason I was willing to do it was because I knew that I could handle it. This is not a valid practice, it was a test. It proved that sexual transmutation not only works, but can make someone who knows how to do it highly resistant if not immune to relapse in the event that relapse is caused by arousal.

    From what I have been able to determine, arousal is caused by the buildup of sexual energy near the sex organs. Transmutation moves the energy away from the sex organs thus preventing arousal and everything that goes along with it. This tool is too powerful not to talk about it. Even if talking about it causes someone to relapse, it might still be worth it if they end up using it later.

    The book you recommended, Vitality, Energy, Spirit: A Taoist Sourcebook looks really cool. I'm going to read it after I finish the Alpinist's recommendation. Speaking of the @Alpinist , I hope he hasn't forgotten about his thread.

    Is anyone out there getting results with transmutation?
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    Shalom and many Greetings dear Faptsronauts! Its exciting to see us engaging about such a fascinating topic. Apologies for going MIA - I had a rough week with a lot of deadlines and some out of office work. Please excuse me if my comments are a little behind:

    Welcome to NoFap WholeLife108! It's always refreshing to see the different age groups that gather here in the quest for freedom! We have a lot to learn from you as a husband and family man. I felt quite moved when I read your first post which I quoted above. And my reflections on it are as follows:

    1. That is a very noble aim. I think different souls are evolved to different levels, and one feels drawn to such a path its probably because you have the capacity to grow to that level. That which is in you calling you to purify your lust is something that I have known as well and its great to know there are others out there going through the same things whose consciences and higher-selves' urge them on higher heights of being though the process is painful and at times feels nearly impossible. You're not alone!

    2. Its important that we grow spiritually according to our capacity. I like your honesty here. There are high ideals, very high ideals but are they attainable for us here and now or is it just our pride trying to convince us we greater than we actually are? This is an error many spiritual seekers make and one I made many times. Beating oneself up for not being able to live according to the highest ideals. Swami Vivekananda gives one of the greatest examples on this in Karma Yoga. So its important to never give up on the highest ideal, but to be pragmatic about getting there - one day, one step at a time - according to your circumstances, strengths and weaknesses.

    3. You make an interesting point here. My subjective and personal view here is this: Consider the two opposing forces - Lust and Chastity and think of yourself as a population of 100 individuals of equal strength. If within your population only 15 people are chaste and on the other hand, 85 are lustful. No matter how much the 15 want to create a population of chastity, the lustful will dominate. You, your sheer will power, faith and your consciousness, is the only unseen force that can tip the scales. No ritual or mere belief will make a difference - only the sheer power of your conscious will can intervene in the matter and empower the 15 to start subduing the other 85 and transforming them one by one. But here's the catch, you only need to get 51% of the way i.e. you only need to help the 15 convert 36 of the other 85 into chastity because you will then have a total of 51 (15 + 36) - that's 51%. Once the scales are tipped to 51 Chaste: 49 Lustful then the natural universal law of critical mass will take over. I'd like to illustrate this with an example in my personal life. It took me 11 years since I smoked my first cigarette to finally gather the strength to quit. I was arrested 3 times, was in rehab twice, was hospitalised more than 5 times and had gone through some really difficult times to finally quit drugs and substances. It was really really hard!!! The cravings would surge through every vein of my body and I just could not resist the desire to get high, drunk, to smoke a ciggi or to PMO. But I never gave up on the highest ideal. Even in the midst of endless failure and hopeless slavery to these cravings, I knew deep in my heart, I had the power to overcome and I never let go of that. Today I am clean 100% and people who knew me who meet me today cannot believe it. It is an absolute miracle. But it's not really a miracle, it is the result of my inward faith which never waned. It is a result of the tears I cried in solitude wondering what it would take to be free, it is the result of years of never giving up on the highest and never letting appearances fool me, by this experience I know that anyone can transform themselves if they truly believe. This is why spirituality is so pertinent - it aligns you with universal laws and higher forces that will aid you to start tipping the scales and bringing the critical mass in your favour until one day what felt almost impossible to do becomes quite easy. I never thought I would ever be able to resist PMO and to conquer it, it felt like an impossible dream, I felt doomed since I started at age 12. But through Faith, 13 years later I am now clean and by the looks of it I'll make a year (365 days). I dont have any wet dreams anymore because I'm transmuting though I had some wet dreams (nocturnal emissions) in the beginning which have stopped now. It can be done, the degree to which it can be done is dependant on your faith, your governance of your thoughts - this I know by experience.

    4. The loss of semen is the loss of vital energy. I am more than happy to discuss Gnostic teachings or wisdom from any spiritual, philosophical or mythical tradition. Ultimately the goal is one,dissolution of the ego, unconditional selflessness, the annihilation of the personality and the second birth of the true Being within. I must agree with you here, any Fapstronaut such as myself are in the process of rebuilding our self-esteem and healing from the shame caused due to various addictions and behaviours - the self-esteem suffers dearly. However, self-esteem itself must be given up along the path because truly, the underlying factor beneath either high or low self-esteem is pride. When your pride is dented and you feel inferior to others it results in low self-esteem, when your pride is exalted and you feel superior to others it results in high self-esteem. Ultimately, to truly progress on the spiritual path, self-esteem as rooted in the ego must be forgotten altogether and you (your little personality) must die in order to make space for that intelligence - the Eternal Christ, the Buddha, the Atman within whose wisdom surpasses all understanding to come forth and manifest. But as we've said before, that is the ideal and we must go towards it wit patience and wisdom and tact. We should not become blind fanatics and extremists, we must walk slowly and surely ensuring that each victory gained on the way is never again lost. Ultimately it can be done whether one can Astral project or not, whether one can enter into higher dimensions or not, what matter is the purity of thoughts and intentions, what matter is the awakening of consciousness. Metaphysical abilities and powers are just bonuses and those who have them should use them, but remember that even black magicians, witchcraft, and very dark and demonic entities have metaphysical powers - it is indeed the purity and state of consciousness that counts.

    5. To this last point of yours which I have quoted above, I would emphatically say all three apply! The counter helped me track my progress and made every second count. Not only that but I know people can see my counter, so my personal integrity is on the line. Also, I have met some really cool Fapstronauts on this site who kept me going as accountability partners and yes indeed - having a place like this where you can vent and say what you really feel without fear of judgement, knowing that you're not alone is a big help. I must also add however that I had been trying to do NoFap by myself before I even knew about NoFap as a website. Already my intuition was guiding me to become celibate and to retain my vital fluids. The problem was however, every time I'd get to about two weeks I would start getting blue balls and I would be gripped by fear. I was scared man, not knowing if I was putting my genitals at medical risk by being strictly celibate. But once I found NoFap, there was no going back. I met brothers and sisters who came from different countries, religions, belief systems, cultures, occupations, jobs, ages, educational background who had one common cause - freedom from the disgusting clutches of PMO. This forum changed my life man!!! I honour the Fapstronauts, these people here are some of the most courageous people in the world. And we owe it to each other to take NoFap seriously - it can be done, regardless of your reasons for doing it in the first place!

    I would like to eave you with some really inspiring quotes by a great unknown mystic - James Allen. In this light James Allen says:

    Resolution: "He whose life is not in harmony with his conscience and who is anxious to remedy his mind and conduct in a particular direction, let him first mature his purpose by earnest thought and self-examination, and having arrived at a final conclusion, let him frame his resolution, and having done so let him not swerve from it, let him remain true to his decision under all circumstances, and he cannot fail to achieve his good purpose; for the Great Law ever shields and protects him who, no matter how deep his sins, or how great and many his failures and mistakes, has, deep in his heart, resolved upon the finding of a better way, and every obstacle must at last give way before a matured and unshaken resolution". (In Above Life's Turmoil)

    Serenity: "Tempest-tossed souls, wherever ye may be, under whatsoever conditions ye may live, know this: In the ocean of life the isles of Blessedness are smiling, and the sunny shore of your ideal awaits your coming. Keep your hand firmly upon the helm of thought. In the bark of your soul reclines the commanding Master; He does but sleep: wake Him. Self-control is strength; Right Thought is mastery; Calmness is power. Say unto your heart, "Peace, be still!" (In As a Man Thinketh)

    Overcoming Difficulties and Perplexities:
    There are ways of conduct which end inevitably in complications and perplexities, and their are ways of conduct which lead, just as inevitably, out of troublesome complexities. Howsoever tightly a man may have bound himself round he can always unbind himself. Into whatsover morasses of trouble and trackless wastes of perplexity he may have ignorantly wandered he can always find his way out again, can always recover the lost highway of uninvolved simplicity which leads, straight and clear, to the sunny city of wise and blessed action. But he will never do this by sitting down and weeping in despair, nor by complaining and worrying and aimlessly wishing he were differently situated. His dilemma calls for alertness, logical thought, and calm calculation. His position requires that he shall strongly command himself; that he shall think and search, and rouse himself to strenuous and unremitting exertion in order to regain himself. Worry and anxiety only serve to heighten the gloom and exaggerate the magnitude of the difficulty. If he will but quietly take himself to task, and retrace, in thought, the more or less intricate way by which he has come to his present position, he will soon perceive where he made mistakes; will discover those places where he took a false turn, and where a little more thoughtfulness, judgement, economy, or self-denial would have saved him. He will see how, step by step, he has involved himself, and how a riper judgement and clearer wisdom would have enabled him to take an altogether different and truer course. Having proceeded thus far, and extracted from his past conduct this priceless grain of golden wisdom, his difficulty will already have assumed less impregnable proportions, and he will then be able to bring to bear upon it the searchlight of dispassionate thought, to thoroughly anatomize it, to comprehend it in all its details, and to perceive the relation which those details bear to the motive source of action and conduct within himself. This being done, the difficulty will have ceased, for the straight way out of it will plainly appear, and the man will thus have learned, for all time, his lesson; will have gained an item of wisdom and a measure of blessedness of which he can never again be deprived.

    Just as there are ways of ignorance, selfishness, folly, and blindness which end in confusion and perplexity, so there are ways of knowledge, self-denial, wisdom, and insight which lead to pleasant and peaceful consummations. He who knows this will meet difficulties in a courageous spirit, and, in overcoming them, will evolve truth out of error, bliss out of pain, and peace out of perturbation.

    No man can be confronted with a difficulty which he has not the strength to meet and subdue. Worry is not merely useless, it is folly, for it defeats that power and intelligence which is otherwise equal to the task. Every difficulty can be overcome if rightly dealt with; anxiety is, therefore, unnecessary. The task which cannot be overcome ceases to be a difficulty, and becomes an impossibility; and anxiety is still unnecessary, for there is only one way of dealing with an impossibility - namely, to submit to it.

    And just as domestic, social, and economic difficulties are born of ignorance and lead to riper knowledge, so every religious doubt, every mental-perplexity, every heart-beclouding shadow, presages greater spiritual gain, is prophetic of a brighter dawn of intelligence for him on whom it falls.

    It is a great day in the life of a man (though at the time he knows it not) when bewildering perplexities concerning the mystery of life take possession of his mind, for it signifies that his era of dead indifference, of animal sloth, of mere vegetative happiness, has come to an end, and that henceforth he is to live as an aspiring, self-evolving being. No longer a mere human animal, he will now begin to live as a man, exerting all his mental energies to the solution of life’s problems, to the answering of those haunting perplexities which are the sentinels of truth, and which stand at the gate and threshold of the Temple of Wisdom.

    Nor will he ever rest again in selfish ease and listless ignorance; nor sleekly sate himself upon the swine’s husks of fleshly pleasures; nor find a hiding-place from the ceaseless whisperings of his heart’s dark and indefinable interrogatories. The divine within him has awakened; a sleeping god is shaking off the incoherent visions of the night, never again to slumber, never again to rest until his eyes rest upon the full, broad day of Truth.

    It is impossible for such a man to hush, for any length of time, the call to higher purposes and achievements which is aroused within him, for the awakened faculties of his being will ceaselessly urge him on to the unravelling of his perplexities; for him there is no more peace in sin, no more rest in error, no final refuge but in Wisdom.

    Great will be the blessedness of such a man when, conscious of the ignorance of which his doubts and perplexities are born, and acknowledging and understanding that ignorance, not striving to hide himself from it, he earnestly applies himself to its removal, seeks unremittingly, day after day, for that pathway of light which shall enable him to dispel all the dark shadows, dissolve his doubts, and find the solution to all his pressing problems. And as a child is glad when it has mastered a lesson long toiled over, just so a man’s heart becomes light and free when he has satisfactorily met some worldly difficulty; even so, but to a far greater degree, is the heart of a man rendered joyous and peaceful when some vital and eternal question which has been long brooded over and grappled with is at last completely answered, and its darkness is for ever dispelled.

    Do not regard your difficulties and perplexities as portentous of ill; by so doing you will make them ill; but regard them as prophetic of good, which, indeed, they are. Do not persuade yourself that you can evade them; you cannot. Do not try to run away from them; this is impossible, for wherever you go they will still be there with you - but meet them calmly and bravely; confront them with all the dispassion and dignity which you can command; weigh up their proportions; analyse them; grasp their details; measure their strength; understand them; attack them, and finally vanquish them. Thus will you develop strength and intelligence; thus will you enter one of those byways of blessedness which are hidden from the superficial gaze. (In Byways to Blessedness)
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    @RyanRVA and @wholelife108

    Those Yogic Breath and Male Deer exercises are quite helpful! I think I should take a look at The Tao of Sexuality: the book of infinite wisdom. It seems quite practical and powerful. Transmutation makes the NoFap journey not only possible, but pleasureable too as one gets to understand what it means to master ones own forces and to gain increased energy. I find that Prayer, Pranayama, Meditation, Salt Water Cleansing, remembering God always and constant Awareness work wonders. @RyanRVA : I love the example you gave about jogging and lusting after a passerby. That is exactly how I do it. It happens all the time, one must stay conscious of oneself always... This morning I was at our cafeteria/canteen getting breakfast and I could not help but have some lustful thoughts - I got an erection and had to immediately control it. Its not easy, but with practice it become easier. Perseverance and faith are key!
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    @Temujin : Welcome dear brother of ours!

    This is the first time I encounter this. I know David Deida write about this in The Way of the Superior Man. Deida's take is that one should either 1. not ejaculate at all and should rather transmute the sexual energy or 2. should ejaculate by choice and not by mere animal desire. On sex he says:

    Part 7: Chapter 44
    Ejaculation Should Be Converted or Consciously Chosen

    "Deep down, your woman only wants love, as do you. Her refusal is a form of her fear. She may have childhood wounds that she is afraid of feeling. She may have been hurt as an adult and is afraid that if she opens she'll be hurt again. But in the present moment, all emotional resistance comes down to the same thing: a refusal to love.
    Your masculine sexual gift is to coax, humor, shock, and caress her love into melting through her layers of fear. Without imposing your own needs on her, let your love penetrate to the deep part of her that is totally open to love, that is love itself, and coax it to the fore. Do this slowly, over time, not through conversation, but through bodily communicated presence, care, consciousness, and the liquid loving of sexual intermingling. When she feels the absolutely trustable nature of your loving—
    that you are truly with her, committed to loving, and you're not going to get lost in the self-enclosed spasm of your own pleasurizing—she will begin to trust you with her most vulnerable core. But not until then. Every time she feels you contorting into your own sensations, she feels you "gone," not present, not trustable. She may enjoy giving you an ejaculation, but a deeper, perhaps unexpressed, part of herself will not trust you. Why should she? Why should she expose her deepest part, her most
    vulnerable heart, only to have you convolute in a paroxysm of self-possessed gratification, followed by your withdrawal into post-ejaculative relational non-interest?

    Every time she sucks you into an uncontrollable need to ejaculate, she has conquered you. She controls you and masters you. She is in charge, sexually, no matter what manly gestures you make before ejaculating. With a simple flick of her tongue, a silky moan, or a slurping tilt of her pelvis, she can drain you of life. And, deep down, she knows the world can do the same to you. A superior man may choose to ejaculate occasionally. But such a choice is made freely, before even engaging in sex, not after it is too late, at the last uncontrollable moment before the physiological roller coaster starts heading down the deep dive into screaming release. A superior man is dedicated to the magnification of love through sexuality. He does not settle for less than the total surrender of his woman's heart, as well as his own, into the fullness of divine union. The pleasures of this dissolution into love so far exceed the typical genital spurt that ejaculation is easily bypassed or postponed once a man and woman have expanded their sexual capacity. Just as your woman tests you emotionally, so she will test you sexually. Even when you are trying not to ejaculate, she may energetically
    begin to "pull" the ejaculation from you. As always, her deepest pleasure is in feeling your fullness, your strength, and your love, even while she is testing you. When you don't ejaculate, but demonstrate that the fullness of loving is more important to you than the quick thrill of genital release, then she can truly trust you. But she will continue to test your capacity for loving, even once you've demonstrated your capacity to bypass ejaculation for the sake of a much more profound bliss.

    The bottom line is this: If ejaculation is not completely a matter of conscious choice for you, your woman knows she controls you sexually. And as long as she knows she's in charge, she won't trust you enough to relax fully in the force of your loving. She will always keep her heart somewhat protected. Rather than surrender so deeply in your embrace that she is splayed into divine brightness, she will go for whatever moist pleasures she can get before you lose interest. Your woman will be sexually, emotionally, and spiritually unfulfilled to the extent that you are addicted to ejaculation. And, in many ways, the world will be just as unfulfilled by your gifts.
    Your addiction to cycles of release will stop you short of full and conscious dissolution in your deepest source, and so your true gifts will not emerge. By strengthening your capacity for the fullest communion sexually, you also strengthen your capacity to dissolve into the source of life and re-emerge soaked in gifts, erect with purpose,
    and full of desire to give your deepest gifts in the face of worldly resistance to you. A superior man dissolves into the mystery and re-emerges full of love to give, again and again, without petering out, in his sexual relationship with his woman, and in his creative relationship with the world"

    @Limeaid : I'd really like a females perspective on this... Is there some truth for you in what Deida is saying here?
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    @RyanRVA - You moved me on this one:

    What power! I really needed to read that! There is universal force - the Christ. This Universal force is referred to in all religions Krishna, Tao, Christ. On this, the Gnostic master Samael Aun Weor states in the Perfect Matrimony that: Christ was worshipped in the mysteries of Mithra, Apollo, Aphrodite, Jupiter, Janus, Vesta, Bacchus, Astarte, Demeter, Quetzalcoatl, etc. The Christic principle has never been absent from any religion. All religions are one. Religion is as inherent to life as humidity is to water. In Egypt, Christ was Osiris and whosoever incarnated him was an Osirified one. In all ages there have been masters who have assimilated the infinite universal Christic principle. In Egypt, Hermes was the Christ. In Mexico, the Christ was Quetzalcoatl. In sacred India, Krishna is Christ. In the Holy Land, the great Gnostic Jesus (who was educated in the land of Egypt) was the one who had the bliss of assimilating the universal Christic principle, and because of this, he was worthy of being rebaptized with the seity of fire and of the cross, Kristos. The Nazarene, Jesus-Iesus-Zeus, is the modern man who totally incarnates the universal Christic principle. Prior to Jesus, many masters incarnated this Christic principle of fire. The Rabbi of Galilee is a God, because he totally incarnated the Cosmic Christ. Hermes, Quetzalcoatl, Krishna are Gods because they also incarnated the Cosmic Christ.

    @RyanRVA : You asked?
    This is a great question. A disciplined mind is essential in spiritual progress. The ego, or legion of egos that some possess are so cunning, so ingrained into the subconscious that without a disciplined mind all your energy will be sucked from you. Many are trying to fly before driving indeed. But can you blame them?Humanity is desperate for Love, Joy and Peace. People don't know who to go to anymore, who to trust and where to get the freedom which deep within they know is their birthright. If you cannot control your appetite, how can you control the orgasm? If you cannot command your body, how will you stick to your spiritual practices when procrastination and laziness assail you? I definitely do not have full command over my mind yet, I'm still struggling a lot with that. But relative to where I come from, I know I'm on my way to that state, how long it will take can only be determined by my Karma. What's important to know, in my view, is that each is born with their own Karma, strengths and weaknesses. I have friends who picked up a cigarette when we were younger and said "Nah, not for me" and that was the end of it. Me on the other hand, one puff and there at once started an 11 year addiction which I could not shake. So we each have different vulnerabilities and strengths. Having read your previous posts, I know that you also have a strong aura and astral sheath as can be seen by the fact that you're able to enter higher dimensions while on LSD and no dark entities attempt to mess with you. Yet they went straight for your friend and came straight for me the moment the LSD kicked in. Why? Why some and not others? This is all Karmic and we choose whether we keep and reinvest that spiritual power or squander it, each moment is a choice. That's probably why you're feeling so great too. You seem to have a good store of energy - use it wisely my dear brother - it is worth more than gold. You also seem to have a wife that's willing to open up to these ideas and practices, that is such a rare gift in the modern world - again, use it to the best of your ability - she is worth more than 1000 royal concubines! It is really rare. I personally have not mastered the art of having a completely governed my mind, but I'm on my way there. I on the other hand, am driven more by suffering than anything else. Its seems as though my being knew that if I was not given all the consequences of my Karma in one bitter shock I probably would have never changed. So what drives me is that I know the taste of spiritual death, I know what it's like to be completely desolate and a slave within your own body and mind, and therefore I know that one can be a Master. If one can be a slave - One can also be a master!!! So I'm driven by the fact that I came face to face with hell... yet, my higher self - my being saved enough consciousness for me not be consumed by the dark path. And every little victory that comes my way, I grab with everything I have because know what it's like to want to stop something but have no power to do it. You on the other hand, seem to be motivated more by positive energy, in this Ryan I believe you have more mind control than me, though I'm right behind you my brother. I right behind you... following in your footsteps!
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    @Alpinist : Wow, welcome back and thanks for all of the time and energy you are offering this discussion. I'm sure that you are very busy outside of this forum and yet you still make the time for us to expound so elequently with profound honesty.

    You must be right about the Karma, sometimes I feel that my life is unrealistically fortunate but when I really look at it, there is some much that makes sense.

    My wife for example grew up with bickering parents and she vowed never to be like them. For that reason she found the Taoist perspective to be most favorable. Ever tried arguing with a Taoist?

    When people watch Star Trek they will often identify with Captain Kirk. He's emotional, wrecklessly adventurous and an all around fun guy. Spock on the other hand is calm and unmovable. On the surface Spock's way of life seems dull and so many stear clear of it in favor of Kirk's lifestyle. What they fail to realize is the value of peace.

    Will you trade excitement for peace and serenity?

    From serenity comes insight. When I was a little boy I was amazed by the insightful speach that came from Spock. He was just so cool. Morpheus from the Matrix is another great example of that mindset. What could you say to Morpheus to upset his balance? That kind of absolute unwavering strength allows people to trust you completely.

    My wife is very sensitive, if she could not trust me to respect that sensitivity by remaining calm no matter what she has to say, it would not be possible for us to be married. A woman like that will simply never put herself in a situation of abuse unless she has no choice. Like a silk shirt she is very comfortable but would be torn to shreds by a person covered in thorns.

    Life with a calm mind isn't exciting. You will not be interested in fun and games but the rewards are beyond your expectations.

    Alpinist, your struggle with drugs and other physical pleasure can be a great advantage because you have been there and done that. You already know that it's a hollow illusion of happiness.

    Verse 20 Tao Te Ching

    Stop thinking, and end your problems.
    What difference between yes and no?
    What difference between success and failure?
    Must you value what others value,
    avoid what others avoid?
    How ridiculous!

    Other people are excited,
    as though they were at a parade.
    I alone don't care,
    I alone am expressionless,
    like an infant before it can smile.

    Other people have what they need;
    I alone possess nothing.
    I alone drift about,
    like someone without a home.
    I am like an idiot, my mind is so empty.

    Other people are bright;
    I alone am dark.
    Other people are sharp;
    I alone am dull.
    Other people have a purpose;
    I alone don't know.
    I drift like a wave on the ocean,
    I blow as aimless as the wind.

    I am different from ordinary people.
    I drink from the Great Mother's breasts.

    The Master has no mind of her own.
    She works with the mind of the people.

    She is good to people who are good.
    She is also good to people who aren't good.
    This is true goodness.

    She trusts people who are trustworthy.
    She also trusts people who aren't trustworthy.
    This is true trust.

    The Master's mind is like space.
    People don't understand her.
    They look to her and wait.
    She treats them like her own children.
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  13. Limeaid

    Limeaid Guest

    @Alpinist i definitely feel there is some truth to this. The lack of presence during sex when your partner is just trying to "get off" instead of connecting deeply in love. My husband and I have recurring discussions about this actually. When he abstains from orgasms sex is much more fulfilling and connected for me.

    Speaking in general terms I think men are very addicted to orgasms, much more than women. Women want connectedness because making a man orgasm is easy. Getting a man to connect is hard.
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  14. Really depends on the guy.

    I'm very sensitive and sometimes more emotionally in touch with my own feelings more than my girlfriends. My ex was a very cold person and she was so disconnected during sex, same with another one of my exes.

    I disagree that it's difficult to get men to connect, as my experiences have proven otherwise. It really just depends on the individual and their emotional sensitivity.

    A man who is at least properly spiritual to some degree and knows his stuff will not be addicted to orgasms. There are plenty of women who are equally as addicted to getting off without any emotional connection. I've met many of them.

    I just think that the generalising needs to stop.
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  15. LookinUp

    LookinUp Fapstronaut

    I thought this was appropriate for this thread and so I decided to share.

    Attached Files:

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  16. Alpinist

    Alpinist Guest

    @Kenji : Thanks for coming back man!!! Like @RyanRVA said no need to apologise. I guess I’ve just seen forums or topics around spirituality degenerate into endless debates without actually trying to extract real value that all can benefit from.

    @Limeaid and @Kenji , I must also admit that I may have overreacted to both of you in a bid to keep the discussions mutually beneficial. But as do I, we all have the right to our opinions and so I’ll take a chill pill and allow all members of NoFap to air their views here as passionately as I air mine.

    Thank you both for your contributions to this thread! What value you have added with your perspectives!

    @Kenji , I posted something enquiring about the ultimate spiritual aim of martial arts here: I’d really appreciate your views on the matter.

    Thank you once more! Let’s learn and grow together… And where necessary, let us feel free to disagree and be honest about our views!

    Warm Regards

  17. Alpinist

    Alpinist Guest

    @RyanRVA thanks for the motivation brother. I’ll continue to transmute my past struggle for the good of mankind!

    @Limeaid thanks for your view - you really add a fresh and mature female perspective to this thread. What you say has merits. Sex with my ex was also very dependent on how we felt towards each other. I can’t believe that the popular media had me fooled into thinking getting laid and reaching orgasm was everything. I did my best to make sure that I only orgasmed after she had, she could not hide it when she was orgasming although I know women are also good faker too – LOL! Connection is very important. After all, it is about two people becoming one. The Gnostic Paul tells us: “For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh.” This is a profound mystery… each one of you also must love his wife as he loves himself, and the wife must love her husband. And this is why marriage is sacred in every religion – it has the power to get male and female to connect and become one, even if for a split second.

    @AlltheRageBackHome I also agree on your views about the nature of the guy. Being a Pisces, I'm quite sensitive myself, more sensitive than I’d like to admit – LOL. We have entered the Aquarian age and in this age things are changing profoundly… The roles of male and female are not so clear cut anymore and there are many females out there who are cold and lack the ability to connect. Spiritual energies are also shifting and so both males and females are able to access their less dominant feminine/masculine sides more easily. In all honesty though, my experience agrees with @Limeaid in that my experience is that females are “less greedy” for orgasms than men are. I find that with women, sex is more about how they feel than getting an orgasm. For example, when a woman feels like you’re using her or I’ll treating her she’s less likely to be in the mood for sex. But when she feels like you genuinely want to spend time with her, get to know her and love here, then she’ll do anything for you in bed – just my experience. Though its changing nowadays though, girls are just as freaky, horny and selfish as dudes and because they are more emotionally intelligent than men are, I see many brothers out there getting their hearts broken. Times are changing man, times are changing…
  18. Alpinist

    Alpinist Guest

    @LookinUp – thanks for that quote! It’s always awesome to get some inspiration going.

    “When you remove the obstacles erected by you and your toxic world, you'll allow true healing power to flow through you”

    Welcome to our conversation! I believe that quote is embodied in your avatar. Just out of interest, what attracted you to this thread and why did you feel like sharing that quote?

    We’re all in need of healing in one form or another. I find that removing the obstacles can be quite a painful journey in and of itself, but it is absolutely necessary. I guess that’s why so few actually do it. In one of my old Poems I once wrote:

    …People walk around wearing shades pretending all is A-grade while their stomachs and souls are famished…”

    Looking forward to hearing your views…
  19. I liked what you said about the zodiac signs and astronomy. I've been interested in such things for a while. I'm a Virgo (and from what I can tell, a typical one at that) maybe you can tell? Perfectionist, emotional, can be stubborn at times (not always necessarily in the negative sense, but we're good at standing our grand and believing in what we say), very sensitive, and very loyal, especially when it comes to relationships etc... VERY passionate about things we enjoy and pride ourselves in. We do not trust people very easily. I've always wondered why I tend to attract Sagittarius women... I've been in a relationship with two. Both of them were very emotionally cold.

    The best relationship I've had was with a beautiful Capricorn girl (which also typically is one of the best matches for a Virgo). Our energies together was absolutely fantastic, literally never argued once. We just communicated extremely well and got along. We just gelled on all fronts. The only thing that separated us was that she was a strong Christian and I wasn't, so in the end decided to part ways.

    Being a Virgo, I feel that there is an emotional repelling between Sagittarius and Virgo? When it comes to male and female energies anyway. Not necessarily a repelling in the sense that it has to mean they cannot get along, but I just think they have very little in common. Something about this is what I think has attracted my soul to Sagittarius women. The thrill of the chase, the thrill of the repel, if you will. The thrill of some sort of roller-coaster ride.

    I've made a vow and a promise to myself that I'll never ever get involved with, have sex or any sort of relationship with any female who isn't my soul mate. I've been through quite a few relationships and many of them have just caused me pain. If the person is not your soul mate, then it's just yet another relationship with an expiry date. I refuse to waste any more time on 'feel good' relationships. If it means I have to stay single for another 10 years, so be it. I'm done. If it's not my soul mate, I'm not interested, no matter how tempting or how beautiful the woman is. I refuse to get involved.
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  20. Alpinist

    Alpinist Guest

    @AlltheRageBackHome : you seem to have had some amazing experiences there brother! What's great is that you've harnessed the lessons by reflecting on each relationship critically. This is essential to true growth - well done!

    The universe is wondrous with a divine wonder!!! Its just one Universe out of an unknown (probably infinite) number of multiverses - good gosh that's mind boggling. We as human beings are connected to everything - everything! The planet's, ecology, seasons, metaphysical forces, spirits - you name it! Not to mention the Eternal Christ through which all was made (I mean Christ the Universal energy present in all traditions and religions, matter and manifestation, not necessarily Yeshua/Jesus the man). We do not exist in a vacuum and so its crazy to ignore the planets impact on us. There are generally distinguishable patterns among people who belong to certain planetary systems. I do think the modern media has had a field day with it and reduced it nonsense in some cases, but if you go to credible and authentic sources, Zodiac signs be a great guide and of benefit to individual.

    You really spoke to me on this one:
    That is exactly the resolution I've made! Unless it's one's Soul mate its just not worth it, not worth it at all. A relationship can be as hellish as it can be heavenly. Thinking rooted in the law of proximity states that anything that one approximates to loses its value in the measure that you approximate to it. i.e. You see a particular car that you love, mine is the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon - I love that beast! Every time you see it in a Showroom or on the road being driven by someone else you get excited about it, you go crazy over it and just wish you could have one. The day you buy it, and for the coming month or two thereafter you want to show it off to everyone but after sometime, it become your plain old Wrangler and nothing special. Tehn you get another desire... And the cycle continues. So too with relationships. We fantasise about our partner, dream about them and lust after them only to get them and discover they're just as human as you are. They're just as irritating, they're just as average when they wake up without makeup or fancy dress codes, they're just as etc. etc.... I've often wondered why celebrities will cheat on partners that the rest of are drooling about. Why do celebs get divorced if they are such great catches?

    It just goes to show that no matter how rich, powerful, beautiful or famous, if you cannot genuinely connect with your partner then its fake and there are bound to be troubles. However, there is always karma in the equation. Sometime we're led by our Karma to be with someone either to finish our Karma with them from a past life, or to learn a particular lesson. Karma aside however, its important to choose wisely where you have a choice. You and I can definitely relate in this sense. People within our respective Zodiacal signs tend to thrive off passion, emotions and inspiration. I quit my last job because I lost passion for it, when I lose passion and inspiration I just can't carry on. Its the same in relationships... Without passion. It becomes to dead and hollow for me, no matter how hot she is. And hey, after some time, her beauty is not the only thing that matters anyway.

    I'm 150% behind you on that one - unless it's love, True love then it's not even worth it. it will just end in mechanical dependency or pain. But one thing I realised is that that must be earned. It is an eternal universal law that each must earn what is theirs, and if the take it by force or deceit or trickery and manipulation, that very thing will at some future point become a source of misery for the one who thinks they can fool the eternal laws of the universe. Therefore brother, make sure that you earn her! If you want her to be honest, be honest now, if you want her to be chaste, be chaste now, if you want here to have equanimity and stable emotions, govern your emotional body now! this is the only way, shortcuts won't do. We must earn the lives we wish to possess in spirit, thought, word and deed - at all levels. But once we get there my friend, once we have paid the price of becoming better more self-reliant and controlled human beings, we will be filled with a peace and joy that the average human being cannot understand. People will look at you and your SoulMate and wonder - "That's strange, they never fight. They're always happy!" "Yeah but that's not normal, I was watching the X Show and they said that all healthy couples fight". "You're so right, they must be going through some serious issues but just hiding it..." LOL! So says the hater when they encounter a phenomenon that they just cannot understand because it out of their range of existence. People will wonder what you did right but they will not have been there when you stood strong amid endless temptations, they will have not been there when you were striving against your own self in order to reboot. They will not have been there when you faced ridicule and misunderstanding for following your heart, when you went to bed lonely all those nights, having faith that you will find your soulmate out there. Your frustrations, your weeping in silence at night, your wondering whether its even worth it to carry on... This they will not know. They will only see the results and wonder how you came to be so fortunate, not seeing the sheer sacrifice you made day and night to make it happen. But that's the nature of things. Emerson says "to be great is to be misunderstood".

    I leave you with these apt words by James Allen:

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