Here's Why NoFap is Essential for Spiritual Growth

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    The title of this thread attracted me to the conversation. That quote came to me today on my inspirational calendar by Wayne Dyer. It resonated with me because I consider fapping one of the toxic obstacles in my life. I feel that healing will occur through this NoFap journey I am on. Thanks for sharing your quote as well!
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    It just occurred to me that Belly dancing appears to be designed to awaken the serpent. The movements of the belly dancer just kind of remind me of serpent energy. It's like some kind of hypnosis. I have seen many movies where a belly dancer is in a room full of people that are just watching her dance. My guess is that watching the dance was like beckoning to the serpent within, and that fire would move through the body as long as they could remain free from lustful desire.

    Usually in these movies these situations are really creepy, but in reality there have probably been many wholesome and good scenarios involving the performances of belly dancers. As long as the sexual energy can move up the spine to the brain it is pleasant and invigorating.

    You'll know that you've got transmutation down when women make you feel high instead of horny.
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    That's an interesting angle... I never thought of that, but now that you're raising it it seems spot on.

    I used to hang out at a spot where they'd bring in belly dancers, and though that was more for entertainment than what original belly dancing must have been intended for, there is something in those contortions of the dancer's body that is almost... Transcendent...

    Nice one!
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    I clarified in the post "in general terms". In the first part of my post I said "partner" meaning both man or woman. As I have only had sex with men I can only offer my perspective IN GENERAL TERMS. statistics also show women orgasm infrequently during sex and it is easier for men to orgasm.

    I swear people are looking for reasons to get offended. The amount of ego in this thread is crazy!! Anyway with that in mind I no longer feel as though I can fully express myself so I will bow out of this discussion. My very best to everyone on their journeys :)
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  5. My reply to you was not me having a go at you, sister. Try not to see it that way:)

    I was making a point, and I was not offended at all, was just in disagreement. I know you've only been with men. I'm aware of that. It's just how the comment came across. You said it's difficult to get men to connect, and you said women want connectedness (it makes it sound like men don't). I'm not talking about the orgasm part. I just disagree altogether that more women want an emotional connection more than men. I completely disagree with that. It's nothing to do with ego. I'm talking from experience, and from other men I have spoken with.

    I can't talk for all men, but some men become detached solely because of how badly they've been treated by some women in the first place. I just do not agree with the general consensus that men are less emotional, or are less sensitive than women. Different men and women around the world portray different characteristics altogether even just due to the culture alone. It's about how the man has grown up through childhood and what he's been taught, and sometimes it's also to do with how close he was with his mother. A lot of men who grow up an only child (like myself as well), generally tend to be more sensitive towards women, or men who grew up in single parent households.

    My gripe is not with you. My gripe is with the general consensus that women are more sensitive or more emotional.

    Don't take it personally. I love and appreciate everyone here. If I disagree with you, its not a personal attack to you. It's just conversation, and would like to think I can still get along with you, or anyone I happen to disagree with on the forums ;)
    We're all just throwing our points across, that's all.
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    I was asked to comment on the David Deida passage which I did. How can you disagree with opinion and perspective? After all it is my own and no one else's. Next time try saying something like "my perspective is this" and then telling us about it. I love hearing others perspectives. You flat out told me to stop generalizing which I felt was inappropriate because obviously I am generalizing as I am providing an opinion not facts. I cannot express myself without being general. I don't have all the facts and don't have all the answers, all I have is my own is all anyone has.

    The thing is I assume not all women are emotional and not all men are emotionless. Just like I assume not all dogs like walks and all cats like milk. I cannot offer facts unless I am omniscient which I am not!
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  7. There's no need to be angry. Relax.

    I'm really confused. You just admitted to generalising, which is what I found to be the problem in the first place.
    It would have been more correct to say "It's difficult for 'some' men to connect". I have absolutely no problem with anyone sharing an opinion, but generalising is not the same as sharing an opinion. Generalising is unfairly lumping a certain group all into one category. Most people on this site are guys, so obviously if you generalise something about men, most likely, one of us will say something, especially if the generalisation is inaccurate.

    I disagreed with the generalisation you made. It would make more sense to say that 'some men' are addicted to orgasms, and that it's easy to make 'some' men orgasm.

    It may sound like I'm nitpicking here, which really, I'm not. I just feel that those simple changes would allow your statements to sound more like a perspective and an opinion. To say that men "in general" this and that, is unfair, as are most generalisations. I politely asked you not to generalise, not to attack you, but just for the simple fact that generalising is unfair, as it lumps me and other guys into a particular category which I just do not feel I am apart of.

    I'm not trying to argue here, I just think that we can sometimes word things a little better.
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    These disagreements make no sense. Posts should be worded more carefully so that people are less offended? In a public forum there is no chance that everyone will agree or understand what you have to say. Forget about being politically correct. You are going to offend some people if you speak your mind, it's just the way it is.

    @Alpinist: I finished reading your recommendation "The Perfect Matrimony" and I'm grateful for having read it. The knowledge will serve me well I have no doubt. I didn't truely understand what he was going on about until assimilating the entire work but it makes much more sense now. Thanks again.
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  9. The points I made must have gone over your head. No one is trying to be politically correct. Of course everyone is allowed freedom of speech. That's not the problem. I just think that we should be careful in making generalisations. How is that hard to understand?

    I'm also bowing out of this discussion, as it's just getting stupid.

    Have a nice day.
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    Fill your bowl to the brim
    and it will spill.
    Keep sharpening your knife
    and it will blunt.
    Chase after money and security
    and your heart will never unclench.
    Care about people's approval
    and you will be their prisoner.

    Do your work, then step back.
    The only path to serenity.

    -Verse 9 Tao Te Ching

    Finally I have something to report with regards to sex as described by the video that started this thread. The experience was probably about what you would expect so I will not elaborate on that, what I will say is that the after effects are long lasting. I experienced this last time many weeks about but its better this time because we did a much better job.

    The after effect is very balanced state in the body. My male sexual energy is not dominant at this time which is very nice. Perhaps I gave her my male energy and she gave me her feminine energy. I always assumed this level of relaxation came from the orgasm in sex but apparently not, it is seperate from the orgasm.

    This is the way to go as far as I'm concerned.
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    Another update.

    Last night I dreamed that I was with my wife and we were having a nice time. At some point there was another girl that was very beautiful and there was some sexual activity. My wife was present while this was going on and she was not offended or jealous. The other girl came to an intense orgasm and then asked me to join her and I said no way I don't want to loose all that I've gained. (Plus I wasnt feeling lust). At this point it was not a lucid dream. She was surprised but not offended.

    This is really important because I was really concerned how I would handle myself in a dream. It seems that my subconscious has taken on the mentality that it needs. I feel that I've passed an important test. I think that the test was with another girl because my wife doesn't seem to want orgasms anymore either but that was necessary for the test.

    Then I rode on this very strange bus where I was not allowed to leave the bus without paying the fare. I thought I had no money but then eventually reached in my pocket and there was much more than I needed. The bus driver then completely changed his demeanor and let me off the bus. Soon after that I became lucid in my dream but did not take advantage of the situation by having sex with girls which has been a theme in the past with lucid dreaming. Instead I went around telling everyone that it was a dream which was pretty fun. After that I was swimming in a pool for a while which is the first time I can remember doing that in a dream.

    I'm sighing a big relief here because to me this means I will not likely have a nocturnal emmission that will set me back. As long as I can avoid old school sex in dreams I should be OK because that's always been how I've had them in the past.

    I'm not sure if this has anything to do with the tantric sex the night before but I tend to think so because this whole month of semen retention has been suspiciously free of sexual dreams.

    By the way, my wife is a writer and says that her writing has improved since refraining from orgasms and after the tantric session she went right into writing. There must be something to that.

    This morning I can still feel the balancing effects. Based on how long the effects last, it would probably work better to do this in the morning instead of at night, unfortunately that's probably not going to work well for us because my wife has to go to work super early.

    My wife said that all of this is counter intuitive and paradoxical. She was always taught not to excite men because it causes frustration and now she's learning to do it with the opposite results. Thankfully she is capable of letting go the old programming.

    @Alpinist : Thanks again for leading me down this mystical path. I have gained so much.
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    @Limeaid and @AlltheRageBackHome...

    Your bowing out is much understood. We wish you both well and trust that you'll ultimately become the person you're striving to be.

    Before you go though, just a parting shot from me...

    You know, this statement has been ringing in my head. At first I felt bad, because at some level I knew I contributed to this, but ultimately I decided to really reflect on the context. I realised that you are quite right Limeaid, while I cannot speak for any other member of NoFap, I can definitely speak for myself. I am full of ego and it was very egotistical of me to think that a "peaceful thread" could ever be developed. I mean, this is an open forum where people can come and air their views anonymously after all. "How on earth did you ever think a thread about radical spirituality could not get out of hand Alpinist!?" said the voice in my head. I pondered about my own conduct on this thread, which was at first very protective of this notion of "all -peace/no-disagreement approach" and I realised that it was folly and fanaticism because it's just impossible like what @RyanRVA pointed out; we're all human beings on a journey of self-healing, recovery and rediscovering self-love - there was bound to be differences and various attachments.

    With this in mind I decided to go deeper... "So which of my egos was I starting to get comfortable with?". What caused such self-deception? Which ego in me first filled me with enough pride to think people can become absolutely understanding of each's differences overnight, what was it in me that felt bad that our members were clashing instead of unifying on a so-called 'spiritual thread'. In the Treatise of a Revolutionary Psychology Master Samael Aun Weor speaks about acquiring a permanent centre of gravity. He asserts that instead of one, the average human being has several egos, each with its own idiosyncrasies and agenda. From my personal experience I believe he's right and so I just wanted to thank you for making me remember why this thread was started in the first place. Thank you for being honest about your views good and bad and reminding me of the great work that I still have to do, the ultimate aim of all of this - Self-Realisation.

    To @Limeaid, I must remind you that you're an amazing wife and your husband is one fortunate Fapstronaut to have you by his side. You're even willing to create a profile for yourself and enter the Fapstronauts world just to support him - wow!!! Keep it up. To @AlltheRageBackHome, let's stay in touch buddy - all the best with finding your soul mate!

    Thank you both for making me realise that this is really a journey with challenges along the way, with people of differing views along the way, with potential clashes and negative emotions along the way and thank you for making me realise that such cannot be avoided. Thank you for reminding me to not forget to work on my own egos and that all of this is ultimately about inward freedom. And that Freedom must start with me and no one else.

    Peace be with you... Fare well!

    On Ego's Master Samael Aun Weor says:

    "The sad part of all this is that we do not possess true individuality. If we had a permanent center of gravity we would then truly work... There are so many excuses in these matters, so many evasions, so many fascinating attractions, that it usually becomes almost impossible to comprehend the urgency of the esoteric work. Many people live inside of us; we are never identical. Sometimes, a selfish person manifests through us, other times an irritable person, in any other instant, a generous, benevolent person, later on a scandalous one, a slanderous person, afterwards a saint, then, a liar, etc. Thus, inside of each one of us we have people of all types, “I’s” of all species. Our personality is nothing more than a marionette, a talking doll, something mechanical. Let us start by acting consciously during a small portion of our day. We need to stop being simple machines, even if it is for at least a few brief daily minutes. This will have a decisive influence on our existence. When we observe ourselves and do not do what this or that “I” wants us to do, then it is clear that we begin to stop being machines. A single moment in which one is sufficiently conscious as to stop being a machine, if it is done with will, tends to radically modify many disagreeable circumstances. Unfortunately, we live daily a mechanical, routine and absurd life. We repeat occurrences; our habits are the same; we never want to modify them. They are the mechanical tracks on which circulates the train of our miserable existence...

    We need to observe the “I” which we have captured at a given moment; it is urgent to see it in each of these three centers of our organism. If we are alert and vigilant, like a watchman in time of war, while relating with other people, we can then discover ourselves. Do you recall at what time your vanity was hurt by someone? Your pride? What was it that upset you the most during the day? Why did you have that vexation? What was its secret cause? Study this, observe your head, heart and sexual center... Practical life is a marvelous school. So, through interaction with others we can discover those “I’s” that we carry within our interior. Any annoyance, any incident can lead us through inner Self-observation to the discovery of any “I,” whether it be of self-esteem, envy, jealousy, anger, covetousness, suspicion, calumny, lust, etc. We need to know ourselves before being capable of knowing others. It is urgent to learn to see others’ point of view. If we place ourselves in the place of others, we discover that the psychological defects that we attribute to others exist in abundance within our interior. To love our neighbor is indispensable; however, in the esoteric work, if one does not firstly learn how to place his own self in the position of another person, one cannot love others".

    Source: Treatise of a Revolutionary Psychology
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    Well I didn't see this coming. I was doing this abdominal exercise called the swiss ball pike.

    That's the least sexy video out there to demonstrate this exercise.

    It's a super hard ab workout that will kick your ass, anyway I did about 60 of these and all of a sudden ejaculated. I was hands off so I didn't think that was likely to happen. It wasn't a normal orgasm though, it's like it just kinda opened the gate and released a lot of the materiel without the normal orgasmic contractions. It didn't feel like anything special. I guess that sort of thing can happen when you haven't ejaculated in over a month.

    Before the ejaculation I thought it was cool because that exercise was generating so much sexual energy that it allowed me to smash through my previous record of reps.

    I do feel a big loss of energy but that is combined with the fact that I destroyed my abs by doing that exercise. I'll report later today and let you know what the total impact was of breaking the semen retention.

    I really thought my streak would be ended by nocturnal emissions, never would have guessed it would happen this way.

    Anyone else had Workout Induced Spontaneous Ejaculation (WISE for short)?

    No, doubt I'm getting right back on the retention train, that was a hell of a ride.
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    @RyanRVA : I'm glad you enjoyed The Perfect Matrimony. I was reading The Revolution of a Dialectic and The Treatise of a Revolutionary Psychology and I noticed how direct and unapologetic he can be. What I enjoy is that its underpinned by conviction and he substantiates everything he says with not only knowledge, but also personal experience.

    "Do your work, then step back.
    The only path to serenity".
    -Verse 9 Tao Te Ching

    Lao Tzu's words are so inspiring! I think he really captures the great dichotomy that so few truly comprehend. Artless Art as they call it in Zen, Non-attachment in the Vedic traditions and being "Wise as Serpent yet as innocent as a dove" as Yeshua the Christ put it. Very few reach that state - where one comprehends being and non-being simultaneously. The particular quote I've noted above reminds me of Karma Yoga, an area of my spirituality that I'm really focusing on now - its so easy to get swallowed by "the demands of the day" though.

    Thanks for the feedback Ryan. Its one thing to read Master Samael or Swami Sivananda's work, but its another to hear it from someone who is alive today and living it and sharing their experiences as they go along. Today I met someone I once was intimate with, I was overcame by a rush of sexual desire that frankly scared me. I could just feel the energy, if i had said - lets to go to my place right now and ravish each other, she would have smiled and started talking dirty right there and then.... Fortunately I didn't but the way the encounter disturbed my emotional balance - wooh, its kind of scary. After 255 days clean, rebooting my system and brain and having a balanced sexual desire which I have managed to transmute and keep in my control day in day out and then to be suddenly so overwhelmed by my horniness caught me off guard. It made me realise how far I still have to go bro, I mean I can't imagine what it takes to penetrate someone you love and not do anything, it must be really weird for both of you in the beginning and must take serious will power - the orgasm can be really tempting. Thanks once more that feedback, it just shows us the possibilities brother - keep it up!

    On the Dream...
    What an awesome experience! The power of dreams... The ancients knew it Freud knew it, Jung knew it. There is something that happens in dreams and there are different levels of dreaming. Your dream just spell out victory!!! Somehow your subconscious is with and I think your wife's participation in this all is also adding to the impetus. "Where two or more agree - I am there with them" says the Almighty. Dream Yoga is one of the advanced from of spiritual practice - I think you're describing a taste of it. When is dreaming and becomes conscious that their dreaming and actually brings their will into the dream and fulfills that will, rather by beig blown about by the subconscious, that is a very important yet preliminary state on the path to true dream yoga. The more you can awaken your consciousness in dreams the more you awaken your consciousness overall. Only the body and brain needs to rest during sleep, but your soul, that life force which animates you never sleeps. What you've just demonstrated here is the power of focusing ones will and consciousness during the day and during sleep! You're truly spiritually gifted my man, things that others work for years for are happening to you quite quickly - more fire to that! Just a question here, when you and your wife are transmuting, do you chant a mantra or pray or something or do you just lay there in silence? Is there any interaction, do you visualise anything etc? i think that will be helpful to many of us.

    On WISE (LOL - WISE, you have a sense of humour my brother)
    Please do update us, how to you feel now?

    I've never heard of that happening. The only emission I've seen someone have have while awake was in the first release of American Pie when Nadia is about to do Jim and he releases before they even got started - LOL. It is quite unexpected but it seems like that movement stimulates one's thighs and groin areaquite a bit so it makes sense that something like that could happen. Hey, its only your first month and it was completely involuntary without any visual sexual stimulation as what would happen in a dream so its just part of the transition process.

    Overall your progress is great Ryan, its refreshing to hear such good news and great experiences. Please keep us updated...
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  16. RyanRVA

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    I don't chant any mantras (don't want to scare her off this early) and I do not visualize anything. I keep my mind totally clear as usual and just feel the energy rising. I try to maintain some stimulation by caressing and moving around some but not stroking. For some reason, transmutation is automatic as long as the sexual energy is strong enough and I'm not moving too much. My wife says that for her the energy just dissipates throughout her body. For me it feels like it reaches the heart and dissipates and I can feel a slight sensation in the top of my head. It's almost like, when there's enough sexual energy available (pressure) it reaches the heart chakra and it knows what to do. I only have actively transmute when there's not enough sexual energy. Isn't that weird?

    Also, although penetration is very effective to get that energy balancing to work, we've also tried gently using our hands on each other's genitals and that also works pretty well, so it seems that the important thing is that both people are sexually engaged but keeping it really spiritual. That means you could do this with a condom and it would probably work well enough which might help people to get comfortable with it. I think that it helps to be thankful for the sexual energy as it comes which is counter intuitive. Many people feel burdened by that energy and therefore resist it. If you resist it, it stays in the base chakra and you get really horny.

    It occurred to me the next day that if I had children and they walked in on this spiritual sex, it wouldn't really be embarrassing. On the contrary, the mainstream sex that's much more common is horrifying to children from some of the stories I've heard.

    Keep in mind that I've been practicing keeping my mind clear pretty much nonstop for 14 years. I don't even remember what it was like to think nonstop. That may be crucial to the transmutation because when something is sexy I don't think about how sexy it is. For example, if I see an amazing hot girl, I don't think about how I'd like to get me some of that, I pay attention to the sexual response and I feel the energy. If I did have a thought, it would be hey sexy girl, thanks for invoking that response from my body, I can use that. That's a very different perspective.

    My sister recently gave me a really nice tent for camping because it has a bad zipper that you have to be very careful with. She was so frustrated she never wanted to see that tent again. She said every time she used that zipper it would drive her crazy because she paid $200 for that tent. I told her that when I use the zipper, it will make me happy because I will say hey this zipper saved me $200!

    The point is, perspective is important. Until this year I felt burdened by the sexual energy and wanted to get rid of it. Once I saw what it can really do, my perspective changed and so did my resistance to the flow of that energy.

    Yeah I paid the price for that accidental ejaculation. I feel much weaker today there's no doubt about it. I think it's going to take a few days minimum to get back to the way I was feeling before. I think what happened was that the exercise was messaging my prostate and basically squeezed it out. I could feel the orgasm building but my transmutation guard was down because hey, it wasn't even sex or masturbation. I'm going to keep doing that exercise though because it's not only the best abdominal workout I know of, but it generates a lot of sexual energy somehow. I just need to make sure I don't cross that threshold.

    Thanks so much for your interest. I really hope that this information helps someone.
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    That really helps bro!

    This exactly how Master Samael describes what authentic transmutation is like. The seminal energy is pulled up to the brain from the genitals and then it activates the crown chakra. Thereafter it is drawn towards the heart and activates the heart chakra - with a statement like that, I know you're truly on to something.

    One other thing @RyanRVA , how did you get involved with Taoism? Through your wife or choice? The perspective you offer is fresh and it shows the pragmatic potential that lies within the Taoist teachings beyond the transcendent and divine poetry that lao Tzu offers.
  18. RyanRVA

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    My wife had mentioned it before, but I saw someone on YouTube named Ralph Smart who recommended the "Tao of Sexology". I read that and it resonated strongly with me. Then I read the Tao Te Ching and I was hooked. I use the concept of truth resonance to discern the value of information and the Tao Te Ching was like an earthquake.

    Empty your mind of all thoughts.
    Let your heart be at peace.
    Watch the turmoil of beings,
    but contemplate their return.

    Each separate being in the universe
    returns to the common source.
    Returning to the source is serenity.

    If you don't realize the source,
    you stumble in confusion and sorrow.
    When you realize where you come from,
    you naturally become tolerant,
    disinterested, amused,
    kindhearted as a grandmother,
    dignified as a king.
    Immersed in the wonder of the Tao,
    you can deal with whatever life brings you,
    and when death comes, you are ready.

    -Tao Te Ching

    This is how I feel and it was so comforting to hear about it from somewhere else. I was starting to feel like I was alone with my philosophy but now I know there's a whole group of people that feel this way.

    The best advice I can give to people is to become less scholarly. Your intellect cannot grasp the truth.

    Look, and it can't be seen.
    Listen, and it can't be heard.
    Reach, and it can't be grasped.

    Above, it isn't bright.
    Below, it isn't dark.
    Seamless, unnamable,
    it returns to the realm of nothing.
    Form that includes all forms,
    image without an image,
    subtle, beyond all conception.

    Approach it and there is no beginning;
    follow it and there is no end.
    You can't know it, but you can be it,
    at ease in your own life.
    Just realize where you come from:
    this is the essence of wisdom.

    -Tao Te Ching

    This really is the problem in the United States. This country exhaults intellect as the supreme virtue but its far from it. Want to be a genius? Stop Thinking. Embrace emptiness.

    "Music or the smell of good cooking
    may make people stop and enjoy.
    But words that point to the Tao
    seem monotonous and without flavor.
    When you look for it, there is nothing to see.
    When you listen for it, there is nothing to hear.
    When you use it, it is inexhaustible."

    -Lou Tzu

    For those with a clear mind words are no hindrance. They flow effortlessly from the void. People will listen stunned and say "where did you learn about that?". They can't understand that those words were just for them in the precise context so that they may understand.

    My friend often tells other people what I tell him, this seems bizarre to me. My words were just for him, why does he want to relay them to someone else? If I were talking to that other person, my words would be for them so that they may understand.

    The truth is like water, the more you try to gasp it, the less you can hold. The truth flows like water, just get out of the way.
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    Hmmm... I see Brother.

    I'm with you on the intellectualising the Tao. all great Masters have said the same thing - it is not external to you, it is not complex and scientific, it needs no riches, requires not physical strength - all it requires is Selflessness. Annihilate yourself and then you will see that death (of the little personal me) is actually life, that weaknesses (humility, meekness and selflessness) is the greatest strength, that deep pain and sadness (that comes as a result of the death of ones selfish desires and thoughts) is indeed the greatest joy!

    Anything but this for me is mere child's play and fascination with universal phenomenon.

    "Let the would-be student of “higher things” look to himself and beware of self-delusion.
    If he is given to uttering words that deceive, or to speaking evil of others – if he speaks in
    insincerity, envy, or malice - then he has not yet begun to study higher things. He may be
    studying metaphysics, or miracles, or psychic phenomena, or astral wonders – he may be
    studying how to commune with invisible beings, to travel invisibly during sleep, or to
    produce curious phenomena - he may even study spirituality theoretically and as a mere
    book study, but if he is a deceiver and a backbiter, the higher life is hidden from him. For
    the higher things are these – uprightness, sincerity, innocence, purity, kindness,
    gentleness, faithfulness, humility, patience, pity, sympathy, self-sacrifice, joy, goodwill,
    love – and he who would study them, know them, and make them his own, must practice
    them, there is no other way".
    - James Allen

    Many ignore the basics, seeking to be great masters of energy and metaphysical phenomena while ignoring the striving for righteousness, selflessness, nad purity of thought and being so that the Tao, Non-attachment, The Kingdom of Heaven, The Atman that which is eternal and loving within can be realised.

    This is the power of transmutation! It puts in your hands, the most coveted energy source which can enable human beings to approximate towards the divine... The fire of the Divine Mother Kundalini.

    On what you were saying about having a clear and balanced mind above, and the quote from Lao Tzu tell me if what James Allen says below about Equal Mindedness is not exactly the same thing! Sure it might be in different language and prose, but the essence is the same! That's why any seeker who looks, really looks will find regardless of culture or geography or religion or tradition. Hence the Eternal One - Yeshua the anointed Christ said: "Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened to you". What is this it he is talking about? is it not the Tao, is it note divine state of Zen, is it not the Non-attached state of supremacy that Krishna speaks of to Arjuna, is it not the Kingdom of Heaven? He did ot say if you are my follower and you seek you'll find - he said anyone who seeks will find, to anyone who knocks the door will be opened. He also said "The kingdom of God is not coming with signs to be observed; nor will they say, 'Look, here it is!' or, 'There it is!' For behold, the kingdom of God is within you." This is the eternal song of the Saviours and Sages of mankind - what you seek, oh hungry and thirsty humanity is within you, all you have to do is to really look for it and in order to that you have to become selfless!

    To be equally-minded is to be peacefully-minded, for a man cannot be said to have
    arrived at peace who allows his mind to be disturbed and thrown off the balance by

    The man of wisdom is dispassionate, and meets all things with the calmness of a mind in
    repose and free from prejudice. He is not a partisan, having put away passion, and he is
    always at peace with himself and the world, not taking sides nor defending himself, but
    sympathising with all.

    The partisan is so convinced that his own opinion and his own side is right, and all that
    goes contrary to them is wrong, that he cannot think there is any good in the other
    opinion and the other side. He lives in a continual fever of attack and defence, and has no
    knowledge of the quiet peace of an equal mind.

    The equal-minded man watches himself in order to check and overcome even the
    appearance of passion and prejudice in his mind, and by so doing he develops sympathy
    for others, and comes to understand their position and particular state of mind; and as he
    comes to understand others, he perceives the folly of condemning them and opposing
    himself to them. Thus there grows up in his heart a divine charity which cannot be
    limited, but which is extended to all things that live and strive and suffer.

    When a man is under the sway of passion and prejudice he is spiritually blind. Seeing
    nothing but good in his own side, and nothing but evil in the other, he cannot see
    anything as it really is, not even his own side; and not understanding himself, he cannot
    understand the hearts of others, and thinks it is right that he should condemn them. Thus
    there grows up in his heart a dark hatred for those who refuse to see with him and who
    condemn him in return, he becomes separated from his fellow-men, and confines himself
    to a narrow torture chamber of his own making.

    Sweet and peaceful are the days of the equal-minded man, fruitful in good, and rich in
    manifold blessings. Guided by wisdom, he avoids those pathways which lead down to
    hatred and sorrow and pain, and takes those which lead up to love and peace and bliss.
    The occurrences of life do not trouble him, nor does he grieve over those things which
    are regarded by mankind as grievous, but which must befall all men in the ordinary
    course of nature. He is neither elated by success nor cast down by failure. He sees the
    events of his life arrayed in their proper proportions, and can find no room for selfish
    wishes or vain regrets, for vain anticipations and childish disappointments.

    And how is this equal-mindedness - this blessed state of mind and life - acquired? Only
    by overcoming one’s self, only by purifying one’s own heart, for the purification of the
    heart leads to unbiased comprehension, unbiased comprehension leads to equal
    mindedness, and equal-mindedness leads to peace. The impure man is swept helplessly
    away on the waves of passion; the pure man guides himself into the harbour of rest. The
    fool says, “I have an opinion;” the wise man goes about his business."
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