Hey any Programmers out there!!! Can you help me?

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  1. Hi
    I am a student of 12th grade.
    I just developed an interest to learn coding. Can you tell me how can I learn coding? or can you suggest any website or app for that?
    Well I am not interested to spend money and also I want to begin with level zero.
    Should I start with scratch or learn python?
    should I first learn HTML or python?
    and whatever I don't know much.
    please help
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  2. I haven't tried it myself, but there's a lot of free coding courses available online and here's one:


    It looks like you need to sign in with a google account, facebook, or something...but then should be free after that.

    It's probably more important to put a little thought first into what you would like to do with your programming. Do you want to make websites, make apps, setup databases, etc.? Each option will have a specific set of tools, or programming languages, that are more suitable to learn.
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  3. well I want to develop apps
  4. matt2k12

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    depends on what you want to do .. ?

    programming for programming's sake is useless, pretty much.

    i've never learned programming, but:

    i wanted to make a website, i wanted to make a software,

    so i had to use HTML and PHP in the same way i would use building blocks of lego:

    i didnt understand shit but i just picked it up, built, compiled, saw what worked, and at some point my website and functions were working.

    if you have a project in mind, just pick the tool that can make it work,

    if you just want to learn programming, check out the most sought after & best paid programming languages,


    pick one.

    since you mentioned python, you can do many things with it, its pretty simple (if you can php you pretty much can python), and since OpenAIs modules run on it imho you can do awesome things with it.

    on this website there is a basic python course, if you do it and own it, you pretty much are able to do anything with it:


    since you mentioned you wanted to make apps, theres SWIFT for you (most commonly used ios programming software). however, you can use python with a framework for it aswell..
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  5. thanks bro, well should I learn basic HTML beforehand
  6. 7Tails

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    Start out with the basics of programming with an actual programming language (like python, java, c# or whatever you feel like), html is not one, it's a markup language for defining how a web page or a ui screen must be drawn. You should start with learning basic algorithmic structures writing simple command line programs. And then you can learn whatever is needed in the process, if you want "to develop apps" you'll likely have to learn how to make ui with some kind of html-like language.
  7. thnx bro you helped a lot.Can you suggest any website where I should learn these basics?
  8. 7Tails

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    First choose a language and then you can learn basically anywhere on the internet. People in this thread already posted some good resources. You can go to google and type "<language name> tutorial". Or you can go to youtube and search up the same thing. Just make sure that tutorial is not an introduction to a new language for somebody already familiar with programming but rather something for a complete beginner.
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  9. thnx again bro:)
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  10. SeaChange

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    Like everyone here has said, start with what you want to do and google around and see what language(s) you need to get that done. For instance my interest is Data Science(building statistical models that can do things like predict box office gross or fatality chances in a car accident and eventually even things like chat bots) so I'm learning Python since a lot of Data Science related libraries run on it. I know eventually I'll want to visualize my model's results on a website or deploy my bot so for that I'll learn HTML and JavaScript (when I'm up for the challenge).

    Code Academy seems to have the most flexible and diverse number of classes for a lot of different fields , of course it costs some money ($20 a month) but you could always ask your parents to help cover it if you're really interested in it.

    For free resources I would suggest checking out Khan Academy's computer science resources
    There is also this helpful tutorial which gives a good introduction to building a website with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

    Hope this helps!
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  11. Find any tutorial on how to build your first web/mobile/desktop (pick whatever you're interested in) app and follow it. Don't get discouraged by not understanding what's happening under the hood or what exactly a line of code does. Just get your feet wet and have fun. No need to worry about picking a specific language or technology yet.
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  12. And when you do get to the point when you're looking for a language to commit to then please ignore this bullshit infographic :D
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  13. thinking_differently

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    I see that you want to develop apps.
    Well, Coding in Android would be a popular choice, but it builds up on Java.
    So you could consider doing a similar “Object Oriented” PL like C, C++ or Java Itself.

    I’ve taken help from this Website while learning HTML-CSS-JavaScript.
    Check it out, it’s interactive.

    Just start coding a bit, you’ll start getting the hang of it. Once you do,
    Understand the what’s the concept about!

    Consider buying a book for the basic concepts.

    Good Luck!
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  14. GhostRider@11

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    I actually found sololearn platform a lot useful, It is a very good community where you can also challenge other programmers for a friendly competition, it is lot better than other platforms because you can build social connections with others as you do in facebook or here on nofap. You can upload your own programs, and other people can even comment on them, and help you improve it. Their are 13 main language courses, and many other professional courses, and the best part is that it is completely free.
    It is available in playstore also, which was the reason I downloaded it, because it allows me to run codes directly in my phone and even save them in my profile if I want to show them to others, everyone can visit your profile, and see your experience level, languages that you know, and your posts and programs, you can also keep few programs private if you want to save them but still doesn't want anyone to see them.

    When I was in 10th class I felt like learning python because I wanted to become a software engineer and also because from 11th class onwards we were going to learn it, so I thought why not start early? and I learned complete python in 3 months. When a kid of 10th grade without any prior knowledge about programming(except web development) can learn programming from this app, even you can learn it. If you don't want to use the app, then you can use the website also.
    I would recommend you to first learn html - You cannot call it a programming language but knowledge of html will give you a taste of programming languages, and then learn python which is extremely easy. Instead of learning c++ or java, It would be lot easier to learn a easy and powerful language like python first and then switch to other languages, because first you need to understand the concept and then you can easily switch to any new language within a week. The only difference is syntax and everything else is same in all languages.
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  15. SeaChange

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    Yeah pay for programming languages can be a really tricky thing. First off we don't know how old this infographic is.Second off language pay =/= relevancy: A funny story is that COBOL is actually pretty well paying at the moment. Does that mean you should learn COBOL? Absolutely not, it's a totally dead language that's confusing and not user friendly. Why is it well paying? A lot of systems that run healthcare for American states were made decades ago and now they need senior COBOL users (literally seniors since they're all old) to come in and fix them and help transition them over to newer languages. They're being paid well for this job, but again, this doesn't mean start looking through ancient COBOL guides.

    For a cool overview of how programming language popularity changes overtime I'd say check out this video. Of course it goes up until 2019 so there's likely even more new stuff that's happened since then!

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  16. zen3001

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    Starting with basics of programming is the right thing to do here. Don't focus so much on which languages you need to learn. You'll come to learn at some point in your programming education that a lot of programming languages hold a lot in common.

    I just graduated with my Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and had to learn Swift/Objective-C (programming languages for iOS apps) right away for my new job. All we were taught in college was Java basically, which is an extremely broad language to learn. It's not particularly good at doing anything, so it isn't commonly used in the industry, but learning to code from scratch in Java provided me with all of the necessary fundamentals I needed to truly understand code.

    Anyone can code, but clean and efficient coders are the most valuable ones. If you want to grow into a well-balanced, clean, efficient coder, you need to really run yourself through fundamentals and challenge yourself to understand the theory behind computer science so you can make informed decisions in your future projects.

    Java is a little outdated, maybe Python would be a better starting language for you, but either way, start with small programs first. In every language, the first thing you want to do is make a "Hello world!" output program. I'd suggest searching YouTube for "<Your desired programming language> hello world tutorial" and starting there.

    Good luck! You're young so starting now is a great head start. Hoping you'll turn out be a great programmer someday.
  17. Thanks for the advice bro. I will surely follow it

    decided the same just when I saw it:p
  18. Exactly what I had planned, just the order reversed. Actually I thought of learning Python first and then HTML but as you should be an experienced programmer (or atleast more experienced than me) so I will consider your advice
    And thanks a lot for suggesting Sololearn
  19. GhostRider@11

    [email protected] Fapstronaut

    Don't worry! This is not a hard rule. My advice was based on how I had learnt in past, but if you want to can change this or make your own path, HTML is not at all difficult, if you sit 4 hours daily, then you can complete basic html syntax in 4 to 5 days, and that's enough to give you a taste of programming then you can move to python, and if you still want to learn html you can later on finish your html course. You can even learn two courses together, I learnt python and sql together, it was more efficient because sometimes I got bored studying python so I would shift to web development. If you don't get bored or feel that you need to learn atleast one language before learning two languages together, you can stick to one language. There are no hard rules.

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