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  1. I never wanted to talk about this stuff to my mom,but i did say it today because I felt i need support for it.However As i had expected,The Decision Backfired.
    She is Very Disappointed about me and Has gone into protective mode .She confiscated my mobiles and told me to not stay at home when nobody is there at home.

    She thinks that I have Become Mad person and Need a Psychologist.She Find me Disgusting.

    That Made me feel Trapped and Lonely because I had expected she would take it calmly
    I didnt Kill Some Person,Nor Did I Rape anyone.I feel I have lost my freedom completely.

    I never felt safe talking my issues to my Mom.But since my Dad Doesnt care,I had to

    I am Very Honest person. I am bad in keeping grudges or even hating someone for long.however I always had trust issues because my mom always judges me.

    I dont have any relatives as such with whom i can discuss this.and One i considered to be helpful,Always goes into panic mode and restricts my freedom.
    I Dont know what shall i do now?

    PS: I am 20 year old guy and attracted to Girls only.I never had GF too.
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    I feel for you man.
    Try and forgive your mom she is trying to help you.
    As somebody who has seen a Psychologist, i would recommend it.

    Hope you fell beter soon.

    Dont feel bad about not having a gf i didn't properly connect with a girl until i was 30.

    Good luck.
  3. but do i need a psychologist?Its Shameful thing
    .I dont feel like it.
    I CAN TALK TO PEOPLE,Function in society properly,Can make friends if i want ,Talk to girls,Talk to elderly,cooperate with classmates if needed and Study .whats wrong then?
  4. Don't worry everything will be cool down ....And u don't need phy but ur mom may be ..so much worried about u that's why ....
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  5. I think I can understand you.

    My parents too would judge me for everything to the point where I stopped wanting anything at all.

    It's only after I started nofap I tried to get out of this mentality.

    What I suggest is, first of all remind yourself that you did nothing wrong. You had a problem, and were man enough to admit your mistake.

    If you're mother can't understand, that's fine. She's a human being. Let her have her opinions on it.

    Focus on fixing your problem. Nothing else matters. Only you can help yourself in the end.

    Lately, I have started adopting this mentality, which might help you:

    Everyone on this planet has an opinion, and they are entitled to it. One person might think you're an asshole, while another person might think you're the coolest person alive. You can't control who thinks what.

    That's why, even if someone says something you don't like, accept the fact that they are a human being, and they have an opinion.

    Because that's the ultimate truth.
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    Ouch, really sorry to hear this :(

    Unfortunately, this is simply going to be the reaction you will get from a lot of women, especially mothers. Feminism has made them think that the reason porn is bad is because it "exploits women", not because it damages men. Thus, when you admit to a porn addiction, to them that isn't you being harmed, its you harming others. I know how painfully unfair this is, as your mother probably never even bothered to warn you about the dangers of porn.
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    Hahaha sorry dude, same thing happened with me. I just wanted support but instead got a ton of extra stuff like “only use ur phone when ur with me” wtf?
  8. She is definitely unaware of how addiction works. She’s probably having trouble getting past the “porn” part of it.
  9. Big mistake man. It makes sense that your parents would jump to maximum protection overdrive mode, because they are much older than you. Your confession might have seemed relatively safe, but your parents know some dark shit about this world that you couldn't even fathom, and all of that rushes to their minds when you said that.

    It is for your own good, but don't expect them to let up anytime soon.
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    Phychologist aren't that bad. If this adiction prejudicates you in your life, you can't control or something like this, why not try at leat one time?
    And physichologists are not for "mad people"... they exist to treat mental issues, and everyone, anytime in life could need one. Even psychiatrists. I do both some years ago, and I wasn't "crazy".

    They're just professionals in health care like any other.
  11. yes you seem to describe exactly
  12. True that
  13. infact everyone in my relations consider me some sort of saint and Best person to talk to and associate with.

    that multiplies my guilt.also,
    My parents never taught anything about sex or even explained me about the dangers of Porn
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    Mom's can be overprotective some times . Parents always think there kids to be ideal.Give her sometime she will understand
    I feel sorry for you. I think she will understand give her sometime be patient and let her do what she thinks is best for you.I faced something like that it takes time but everything will be alright.
  15. okay
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    sounds like your mother is projecting her own problems onto you. She may well be angry at herself and her inability to be "the best mother" and so taking it out on you instead.

    I mean come on - taking mobiles and banning a 20 year old from being alone :) Not realistic. You are an adult.

    I have had therapy for the past year and learnt to realise that alot of my problems stem from my mother. She is God. She can do no wrong in her eyes. But that causes problems. Her inability to see her own part in issues causes a great deal of friction in me and my family. Go get some therapy and perhaps your eyes will be opened ...
  17. You're 20 years old and she's banning you from mobiles and staying at home alone? Okay, if you're living in her home you should respect her and keep to her rules but it seems to me she's treating you like a child.
  18. unofrtunately this is India,Every person has to live with their parents until marriage or in case you got some job outside town.

    well i think i dont have discipline at all.so maybe she did it for forcing me to get disciplined? i am still not clear of the motives
  19. That's why I don't tell that to my family, because they won't react the way I'm expecting, it makes me feel sad, sometimes I want to share and open myself for them, but they don't react well and that make me insecure. In fact this is the only place I can talk about this with peace in my mind.
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    If you do get help from a therapist, make sure their supportive of your aims to not use pmo, they might try to convince you it's ok and i don't think that would be a good idea.
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