Hey guys, just asking if anyone who has used fluxoetine (prozac) 20mg and when they stopped using i

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  1. auzzy_mikey

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    Hey guys,

    just asking if anyone who has used fluxoetine (prozac) 20mg and when they stopped using it, did you suffer any withdrawal symptoms? Like anxiety, depression?
  2. Marcelo48

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    Yes, don't take that stuff without medical supervision. Withdrawing from that can be dangerous.
  3. auzzy_mikey

    auzzy_mikey Fapstronaut

    Yup, am only taking it with seeing the psychiatrist every 2 weeks.
  4. wheelgauge

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    I think that these questions should be asked for your psychiatrist, friend.
  5. Bombadil

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    It comes with lots of warnings about coming off it slowly - so 1) you should talk to a doctor before you try to come off it; and 2) you should probably have friends / family on overwatch to check you aren't going off the deep end (I speak from experience).
  6. bken

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    When you quit taking them without tapering you can also experience some sort of 'electroshock' sensation in the head. You really need to taper and when you do come off them too soon symptoms will come back, albeit less severe. They cure to some extent you know, clinical depression caused by addiction will however require long term administration and once you are over the addiction completely, the brain will once more need to adapt to complete sobriety. This can take months. SSRIs are not very addictive, what you really need to look out for are the anti-anxiety meds, particularly the benzodiazepine type. These can cause tolerance super fast and withdrawal is as bad as that from hard drugs. You may want to look into post-acute-withdrawal-syndrome.
    Totally avoid the foods containing inflammatory, serotonin draining sugars and proteins like fructose and gluten. This is probably the single most important thing you could do next to getting enough sleep, exercise and sunlight.

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