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    Hey all, I'm a 17 year old boy and i have a few concerns...

    1) I have been watching porn since 12
    2) I have porn induced fetishes since 13
    3) I have been facing a lot of problems getting erect and obtaining actual pleasure from masturbation these days
    4) I still fap everyday without pleasure (idk why)
    5) I am never really aroused, but always feel the need to fap/masturbate/cum
    6) When i accepted my fetishes and tried using them to gain erection, even still I failed to obtain pleasure
    7) The only way i'm getting good pleasure is fetish porn
    8) I am very concerned about the size of my penis and how it could affect my real sexual life (it's only 5.5 inches when aroused)
    9) I am not able to focus at anything and always distracted by bad (not normal) sexual thoughts
    10) If it is ok to post, I have all submissive fetishes like feet, cbt, joi, cei and many more :(

    I need an out from this life and need to find new meaning to life
    I will post my email ASAP

    Please reach me personally as well as here, I am not able to control despite knowing the ill effects of pornography...

    I will be able to control i think if there is constant support (daily, hourly) telling me to abstain and promising me a better life without porn

    Please help...
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  2. Hey brother! Welcome to the forum.

    You have indeed developed the tolerance for you have escalated to the extreme genre.

    Our brain is conditioned to watch Porn. It allows us to look at all the varieties of cake ( P ) and eat them too ( M ) without any sorts of complications and responsibilities and risks but if you eat too much of it, you are bound to suffer like all of us did at some point.

    Also, masturbation is highly addictive. Once you pop, you can't stop. So it's okay to feel enslaved.

    The fact that you have posted on the forum means you now consider yourself as addicted, weak and apparently incomplete as a man and it's the first step to start making solid recoveries. Only when we surrender ourselves to the Supreme can the healing process start to happen.

    Those are the results of excessive sexual indulgence.

    Your body can't talk to you. So, it talks to through symptoms and effects. Your body is asking you to give it some rest so that it can heal and begin the process of self-repair.

    And since you are just 17, I am sure your manhood can still gain some length and girth. Give the rest your body deserves.

    There is no doubt that life is infinitely amazing when you don't surrender to momentary pleasures. I don't need to promise/ tell you that life is better without PMO for deep down, you know that too. Else, you won't be posting here and asking for help.

    The way you have described: You seem to be having too much time in hand ( I might be wrong about this). And your subconscious mind has been hacked my evil powers and so you tend to get so many negative thoughts.

    Ask yourself: Why do I do PMO? What weaknesses/ emotions/ wounds am I trying to cover up for? How can I start facing those flaws? How can I meet my desires in the right way? What are the goals and schedule I can set up to keep myself busy and channel my excessive energy?

    Begin by reading. Knowledge is power. Know yourself and your enemy and you need not to fear the results of even a hundred battles.

    I am linking a few books that helped me and might help you too. Do give them a read if possible.

    Divine Desire Behind Sexual Struggle

    Rebooting as the best remedy

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    Hey, thanks for everything, see i do not have time, exams are so close, yet whenever i study, i drop them to go fap... It's definitely addictive and the problems i see is lack of real friendships and real people...
    People around me are so fake and i really cannot depend on anyone for love, trust, friendship, hence... problems
    Also, not being able to find a partner is bugging me coz i really don't have many good girls around me...

    That might change when i go to college(very soon), but till then, i have my final exams...
    I need to focus for them too... Thanks for the positive advice again :)

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