Hey There Please Help Me. I'm In A Serious Problem

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    Hey There. Not Taking Much Of Your Time. I Just Want To Say That I've Been In A Relationship With A Girl For Over 1.5 Years Now. I Told Her My PMO Problem In The First 2 Months Of Our Relationship. Till Yesterday, I K new She Loves Me, And She Is So Honest And She Knows Nothings About These Shitty Stuff And Hasn't Even Seen A Dick In Her Life . But Yesterday After Forcing She Tells Me Yes I Watch Porn And She Has Been Watching Porn Since 2017. I'm Totally Fucked. And On Forcing Her To Tell The Truth, Swearing Upon Myself, God. She Tells Me That The last Time She Watched Was A Month Ago Because She Was Frustrated Because Of Our Fight. But I Spied First Time On Her Account And Found Out In The History She Just Watched Porn Yesterday And Continously Since 2017 And She Is Lying About It Even After I Swear On Myself For The Sake Of This Relationship. I Don't Know What To Do. I'm Totally Broken. In This 1.5 Year I Regularly Asked Her With Love, Have You Ever Watched Porn Or Something Even A Dick? She Said No I Swear Upon You. And Now I Find Out She Has Been Lying All Along. And She Lies To Me About A Lot Of Things. After She Told Me This, I Advised Her And Warned Her Of 2 Things. 1) Porn Or Me. To Which She Replied Obviously You I'll Never Watch Porn Again. 2) Don't Lie To Me. But Soon After She Said I Promise, I Found Out She Lied Again, Ignoring My Messages Telling Me Her Mom Was Watching But In Reality She Was Texting Her Male Friend About His Relationship.
    I Found Out Her History Only On Chrome Yet, But She Mostly Uses Opera. God Knows How Many Videos Has She Watched And What Categories Has She Watched. I'm Waiting For Another Porn Search Displayed On Her Google History. I'll Leave That Woman Right There Even If I Love Her This Much. I Can't Sleep When I Don't Talk To Her In A Day. I Can't Even Sleep These Days Because Of This Event. Tell Me What To Do And How To Feel Please.. Thankyou
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  2. Raging Bull

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    you just need trust in the relationship. trust comes from honesty. honesty comes from the truth
  3. giraffe boy

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    At this point, you are suffering from this. At this point, there really are only two choices. You tolerate this and keep the relationship or you break up. I hope that this was just a misunderstanding, and like what theprocedure said honesty and communication can calm all your worries. Otherwise, you have to weigh whether all the love and time in this relationship outweighs the pain you are suffering right now. Remember, you have to prioritise yourself before the relationship. After all, how can you take care of this relationship if you aren't able to take care of yourself?

    Good Luck mate
  4. Thomas8

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    If you are watching porn and she is, how can you get mad at her for the same thing. I would suggest you both come clean and work together to over come this addiction. She lies most likely because she is ashamed of what she has done. For women the shame can be even worst then for men. So if you love her talk to her about how you feel and that you know the power of porn and how hard it is to over come. but you two can work this out together. You gave her an option that you know is impossible to do without help. So if you love her help her.

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