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    I've just sign up and this is my first post. I've been observing the community for a long time and have tried nofap for several times during these 4 months. I have just failed the latest nofap last week with a record of 23 days. Months ago before i started nofap I was very addicted to masturbating, and porn, like others. I used to masturbate at least 3-4 times a week, well not as much as others though. In these recent years I've observed through myself and just realize that I have a lot of social anxiety, brain fog, several fails in relationship, mild depression, and negative attitude toward myself. To be honest I'm not pretty sure if what i have faced is caused by PMO but let's try. I hope nofap gonna do something to me more or less. My next goal is to reach 23 days again. Thank u for reading:)
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    Welcome to the forums... 23 days is quite impressive! I can relate to a lot of your symptoms-- the brain fog, social anxiety, etc. I can say from experience the fog will lift but it takes awhile. I wish you all the best! :D
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