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  1. Hi fellow fapstronauts!

    I am a software engineer by profession. I am struggling with pornography recently, mostly softcore stuff. I started looking from the age of 15 years. I try to masturbate prone style. This usually happens when I am at a low point. I have installed porn blocking extensions on my browser. Hoping to recover soon. I am single and virgin. I think I can do much more productive stuff instead of same time. Best of luck to everyone on NoFap!
  2. I am feeling urges now. But actually I am hungry and sleepy. But I will not PMO today as there are better things to do. I need to get out of this vicious down cycle. I have office work to do; new things to learn
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    This place is clearly marked 'success stories', I guess it's not too complicated for a software engineer to understand what the words mean.
  4. Hey Phantompoint! I am sorry for posting it in the wrong forum. How do I correct it? It is currently in 'New to NoFap' forum. Should it be in nofap journal? Howdo I move it?
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  5. Yesterday I did very badly in an interview. Was feeling very low. I masturbated on a full bladder in prone position. Any suggestions? I think I need to do something else when I am low
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