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Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by Bascoal, Apr 20, 2019.

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    Hello, it's a great pleasure to met everyone here. Hope I can discuss a lot of stuff with this community.

    So I am 25 years old male, and I don't watch PORN. To be honest in the last 2 years didn't watch 30 days+ :) :) :) I like to see just photos of real people and have fantasies with them.

    I just want cut everything from my life, all PORN, all PHOTOS, all MASTURBATION. I had a lot of ED lately and start making KEGEL but I also want go for a NOFAP 90days. And probably cut it 4ever.

    Since I don't have GF but I like to go out and approach a lot of womans I think the best option is allow sex.

    I will start my journey today and I want make a journal.

    This is not my first time on NOFAP, since I get a lot of sexual tension I use periods of NOFAP to achieve that with womans.

    ps: 90 days of NOFAP isn't a bigger challenge to me but anyways I will start with this number and than I re-evaluat ;)
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