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    Hi, everyone its great to meet you all and I am happy to get involved with the NoFap Community.

    I am a 27-year-old male and I am an Accounts Professional and a Student. I have been Fapping/masturbating and watching porn & online sexual contents since I was a teen.

    From the last 5 year, I have got addicted to masturbation and porn. The addiction is soo much that I have been fapping daily once & many times more than 3 to 4 times a day.

    Impact of Porn & Masturbation on my life.

    This, in turn, affected my career, my charm, my intellect & my relationships. I am in such a stage where I am not able to earn for my living a much & also not able to clear my examinations which is further a setback. When I analyzed I realized it all because of my masturbation and porn addiction. Because I masturbated daily which made my energy low, I started becoming lazy & that affected my studies + my work.

    How & Why I joined NoFap

    Then one day I got to know about NoFap from a podcast & at that time I realize I really need to change my habit of masturbation and porn. I now want to change myself completely, I want to be more energetic, more charming again, more sexually attractive and want to reach my career goals. That's the reason I have decided to be on NoFap and quit Masturbation and Porn.

    My Rebooting Parameters

    I am going to do the Hard Mode of NoFab - NO PORN, MASTURBATION & ORGASM

    My 1st Target is to complete the 21 days & then continue for the 90 days challenge.
    I have started it on 1st September 2020. So, on the 1st day of the year 2021, I want to be a New Person all together.

    Things I will be doing to stop masturbation & porn

    One of the reasons for porn addition is this porn website, adult web series, Instagram & Facebook. - Action Taken: Deleted all those apps from my phone & on the browser I have locked it with a long password to discourage myself from using the browser to go to a porn website.

    Our mind is very tricky & it always tries to trick us. This trick discourages us or demotivates us. So, to motivate me daily I have created a few commandments which I will read daily & which will remind me of NoFap. This commandments have helped me in the past in my studies and I trust it will help me here too.

    Commandments are as follows:

    • I am aware that Nofap is going to help me quit or reduce porn use, improve my relationship and reach my sexual health goals
    • I should do Nofap because I want to get out of my masturbation addiction or from this compulsive behaviour.
    • I am now aware that, if I don't do Nofab for 90 days I will continue with my compulsive behaviour which will cost me my time & energy which will stop or delay me from reach my career goals.
    • My Future will be great ahead if I follow the hard mode of Nofp. In Future I will be more concentrated & successful in my career, I will be more confident, motivated and sexually more attractive. It is not just for me but also for my future life partner/spouse too.
    • With Nofap I will have all the "Superpowers"

    Other things I am going to do will be the things suggested by the NoFap Communities like - Meditation, Changing my surroundings, workout or 45min walk, identifying my triggers, processing emotions and mindfully being aware of my thoughts and sensations without reacting to it.

    Final Word

    So, here I am! Excited to be part of NoFap Community. This is my 6th day. Wish me, good luck everyone!
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  2. Hello there... :)
    Welcome to the community! :)

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    Thank You, its good to be here.
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