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    My intro:
    I’m 23 and I’ve been PMOing since 2007 (age 11).

    Never had sex, Never had a girlfriend, never thought about having ethier till I reached to my 20s.

    Didn’t think much of PMO till last November when I started the “No Nut November” Challenge got though it well with out PMOing but that was the most weirdest month of my life, as of course went back into it as usual after, but the relapse didn’t come out so good (let’s say it’s a pun) and thought it was a major Con of this movement till I looked it up and it was very normal.

    Though I stopped PMOing half way though this month I’ve been having the most extreme exotic wet dreams that even out does porn.
    But I haven’t MOed due to that.

    Though now I have been kind of depressed as my reality kicked in. I have a crush on this girl, practically my friend. We would work and hang out couple days a week but recently she was to busy that I couldn’t spend time with her, then i’d Constantly have dreams about her (not wet just regular dreams).

    It’s crazy right I mean she just a crush I have never had dreams like these with my previous crushes and she my friend.

    I’ve found out about this movement just today and I do love forums ... though this one seems off on the topics.

    Think doing this would improve my relationship with my crush and also help with other stuff like;
    -weight loss: recently I’ve lost 25 pounds and plan to go further with it.
    -religion: I’ve also been baptised recently after my start with the movement. Though should be a big deal I don’t feel closer (or further) to god. Hoping for a change in that.
    -motivation: though I am losing weight I’ve been stuck at home alone. I don’t have a paying job(only part-time volunteer work that doesn’t pay), I go to church though I didn’t go last week, I’ve got a ton of dishes piled up that haven’t been cleaned for a long while, my lawns have grown to much and I find it hard to maintain with broken tools, the wet dreams are way over my head, and yeah the crush is a high point for me.

    So yeah that’s me.
    Gonna try to make 2019 my year.
    Thank you for reading.
    I’ll post weekly when I can.
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    Hey man you should start a journal and write your updates there also I can't stress how important commiting to it is no more "last time".
    Welcome aboard I hope you gain what you seek.

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