Hi everyone, glad that I found a new grip!

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    Hi all,
    I am a 29-yr old professional who got addicted to PMO right from the time I was 15 years old. I had tried several times to reboot on my own, but relapsed every time. Found NoFap through Google and agree with >90% of stuff that's in here. I recently met an andrologist regarding my problems with sex and he was more focused on treating the organic causes (endothelial dysfunction) and also suggested stopping PMO. I have always had the feeling that it was my brain that was the real culprit and my belief has only strengthened after reading all the posts here. Accepting that I have a problem was the biggest bottleneck for me. I used to be convinced by quotes from sex-health experts stating that there is nothing wrong with "masturbation" all these years. However, after being 2 years in a sexless marriage, I have had to completely reconsider my beliefs on PMO. Glad to be a part of this forum and get started on the 90-Day Challenge.
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    3 Days is Very Good !!!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS. Keep up the good work !!!

    Welcome to the community and it is capitol that you found a new grip !

    Here's some Benefits & Tips I've accumulated. Maybe you'll find some that appeal to you?

    Benefits of No PMO:

    1. No social anxiety; 99% of time relaxed, calm, cool; easier to be sociable. If I do start to get nervous I think, "What do I have to be fearful about?" And I get calm in about 1-2 seconds.
    2. More attention from opposite gender -- without trying
    3. No brain fog; can concentrate easily. Can think clearer under pressure.
    4. Increased motivation to get things done.
    5. More Stamina -- can hang in their longer at work (be tough) and complete projects; can work overtime, while others can't
    6. No fears; high levels of testosterone = strength and don't take bs. (No one has messed with me in 52 days +.)
    7. More time for good/productive things. Not wasting time going to phony porn sites; fapping to pixels; lusting, etc.
    8. Women/men increasingly become less of a priority or need.
    9. Improved Confidence -- (online comment) "porn and masturbation lowers your self-esteem and confidence"
    10. More Respectable -- (online comment) "if you resist the urge to masturbate -- a practice that is generally condemned -- you are likely to feel more respect for yourself; and others will respect you more." We all can quickly tell if a man or woman is fapping ... nervous ... weak … fearful … has shame [trying to hide something] …
    10. Improved Creativity and Resourcefulness

    *Not all days are wonderful. Somedays are so-so ...… many are common... some are difficult due to "flat line"... But who wants to go backwards -- to weakness, shame and disrespecting yourself, etc.?
    Y-o-u can change! Y-o-u are 100% in control. Y-o-u call the shots!

    Tips to Successfully handle Urges or Temporary Temptations:

    #1 Secret = Get Off Your Heineken and Go Outside [temptations usually only last 10-20 min] 2- Go on NoFap and make a post; or "like" some posts; or give advice 3- Listen to and Dance to your favorite music (fun and gets rid of excess energy) 4- Exercise, go to gym, go for a walk 5- Go to mall and talk with women (or men for females) 6- Go to store and buy yourself a reward/gift/treat (small daily; medium weekly; large monthly) 7- Do your favorite hobby 8- Call, email or go visit a friend 9- Go walk a wonderful dog "Woof!" 10 - Have a "WHATEVER IT TAKES" attitude or mindset 11- Do a good deed for someone (extra points if they don't know who did it) 12- Take a break; take a nap (remind yourself that you are 100% in control and 100% responsible for your behavior-actions) 13- "All Things Are Possible" 14 - One day at a time 15 - Positive personal hygiene (brush teeth; shower) keeps your self-esteem high.

    A great way to have SUCCESS over urges or temptations is to make a quick LIST OF GOALS and OPTIONS. (Just make a quick list -- you can add to it later.) Then read the GOALS and OPTIONS when you are tempted. (I made a simple list the first week -- now it's a habit -- like a memory.) In a sense, you want to 'hold a knife' to the throat [carotid artery -- side of neck] of your 'feelings.' You are the boss -- you tell them what to do. If your 'feelings' disagree with your goals (No PMO, self respect, power) -- tell your 'feelings' where to go. You can call your list: STUD LIST, SPECIAL FORCES LIST, LIST OF OPTIONS, etc. (whatever works for you.)

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