Hi everyone,I am new from hong kong

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    I am 18 and just admitted to my university months ago. My living environment suddenly became very free. Lacking of self control, my life now is really a mess. I became addicted to porn since I was 10. I used to struggle against it for one or two years but gave in years ago. It changed me in many aspects. Recently my life pattern becomes especially disordered. I can't fall asleep until very late night. And of course feel very tired at daytime. At mid night,while lieing on my bed for hours,I usually can't resist relapse. I used to depend on setting limitations on my pc and tablet,but it's very easy to undo them.Today I realize I must face this problem and change myself.Without a strong mind I can't overcome it. hope to meet some friends here.
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    Best of luck for your new effort.

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