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    Hello guys hope you are doing great, im socuzuf just another orgasm or porn carving beast. i had a very wired problematic sexual history before porn i don't know if its because my curiosity or im a born pervert or its just memory that remember all those wired childhood things. im now 23 addict for 4 years; consider myself straight but do anything to get off any experiment you name it, does not involve other people or living things , no girlfriend, never kissed virgin; hardly can manage 2day without porn.
    Viewer discretion im gonna put some hardly sallow truth about my life even i get shock and freeze in shame or guilt. Even as i recall it now im getting chill;
    First my mum; when i was four or five years old i still remember tying feel what she got down there while she slept, after 1-2 minutes she woke up and asked me wtf i was doing; told me to never do it again. i guess it's was just a curiosity

    A guy; at that time i heard a thing about rubbing two genitalia so i tried and happed nothing so we quit; and moved on i was 5

    First Girl; it was a playmate saw her genitalia; play with it a bit happened twice.

    A guy; i was 14 and we would experiment with each other it happened 5-6 times; he actually encouraged me saying that it fell real good; i already watched my first porn; discovered orgasm long ago and the porn was hardcore threesome so i figured out what to do; already seen them getting pleased so i tried same stuff usually mutual masturbation the best he take my dik in his mouth and sucked and i did the same for him. ended with getting him caught to my parents that's end still hunt me and make sure these never happened.

    The older women; i was 15 i asked that older women to watch her genitalia; she agreed to well i kind of forced her it happened 3-4 times one day forcefully tried to have sex with her but thank god didn't happened; after that i really broke down about thinking wtf i just did. thankfully it stopped. for that i hope she forgive me

    after that i was pretty clean about ethics. only masturbation 2-3 times a day happened for 3 years. tried to get a girl but i was too shy for them. Now finally i was 18 had a smartphone with internet so i search the fuck out of internet for porn and porn stories; i usually get em and jack off every single day also quite later i got my first pc and a friend to supply HD porns; i usually watch them in night and delete it later on same day. After 2 years i got my own broadband and unlimited porn; first it was nothing matter only naked female body then soon it became hardcore, gangbang stuff, deep throat stuff and more sick stuff; i realized this problematic porn and stopped it for few days but then i failed at college and it became a full time thing soon i get my hand on these incest porn; then got into transgender porn and fantasized getting fucked by them while i literally fingered my own ass to get a hands free prostrate orgasm which i never really got now i recently got disenchantment from it.

    I tied nofap for couple of times but didn't know it's called nofap had few sucess, 7, 31, 21, day. fuck i finally got rid of these stuffs getting carving again now but that's not gonna happen.
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    Welcome! I'm glad you're here. I hope you keep coming back. Invest the time in THIS site that you otherwise would spend searching for porn. It will pay off.
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    Im planning to do this..

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