Hi guys, ED problems

Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by Candeeiro, Sep 12, 2020.

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    Hi guys :)
    I discovered this forum after recently in my first experience with a girl being unable to get it up (ED).
    I must say I watched porn since I was 10 (and I'm 22) and never thought it as an addiction, it was something I used to do to pass the time and because it was pleasurable.
    So I'm in this situation where I don't know if I have physical problems (because I always stimulate with my hands to get an harder erection, without it, is it kinda soft) or just psichological issues.

    I'm on day 9 nine of this new journey, and I want to tell you guys to be positive!!!

    I'm on the same boat as many of you I believe, we shouldn't be ashamed, we just have to work on solving our problems.

    So to start I'll leave masturbation, specially if it is related to porn.

    Then, I intend to go to a doctor to see if I have some physical issue aswell.

    Good luck guys, each challenge is a new way go improve ;)
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  2. palindromo

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    Please, start studying carefully what's happening in your mind > https://oceanrecoverycentre.com/2016/07/the-ultimate-guide-to-overcoming-internet-porn-addiction/

    First time without porn will be stressful , but if you resist , in some months you will feel reborn.

    If the first times a person relapse easly, it's okay.
    The streaks becomes even longer , day by day.
    Don't porn anymore, it's better to struggle and at the last to relapse than to look at porn.
    No more instagram pictures of models. No more erotic imagines , erotic stories or erotic asmr.
    If you experience ''flatline'' and low libido , resist.
    > https://www.yourbrainonporn.com/por...l-size-and-or-libido-are-decreasing-flatline/
    We should improve in all area of our life, just being dissatisfied or stressed makes us relapse.

    An effective weapon to overcome urges and thoughts : mindfulness.
    The brain will try to win you and to get some triggers for the seek of dopamine. Resist

    Wise decision ,tell him/her about your addiction and Nofap
  3. Candeeiro

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    Thank you so much for your replay!
    I will check the links you sent, and will continue to update my journey.
    Btw, I'm using "iron will" app, which is helping keep track of the days and make sure I don't slip up.

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