Hi guys, Hero Here.

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  1. I started with my addiction since 10 years old.

    (My english is very poor, sorry).

    At this moment, I'm fighting again and again, day by day as all of you.

    I got my first goal: 30 days without PMO.

    Second goal: 60 days.

    See ya October 5.

    I'll be telling you about every details on the road. Hahaha, cheer up!
  2. Welcome to the community.
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  3. Welcome to NoFap mate!
  4. Hello and welcome! :)

    We are glad to have you as a part of our community. Here are some quick links to get you started.

    Getting Started Guide | How to Use the NoFap Forums | Panic Button |Day Counter | Rebooting Resources|Forum Rules | Glossary

    If you wish to keep a journal of your progress you can do so in the appropriate section found here

    There are plenty of wonderful, friendly and knowledgeable people here to help you along on your journey to a life free of PMO. I wish you nothing but the best!
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  5. Heyyy welcome to the NoFap forum : ) It's nice to see you here fighting the good fight alongside us!

    I strongly advise you to be active on your profile; start by choosing an avatar and then make daily posts to show you're active and needing support/encouragement. They've got a neat little feature that shows freshly posted statuses for all users to see. People will find your profile and give you
    You should also highly consider creating a public journal (in the appropriate sectionfor you ) and write about your days in more depth for us members to follow along on your journey!

    ★ People love to communicate in the profiles section and also the journal section. We need more supportive people though, we could always use your help and in return receive some as well!

    Last but not least: Good luck on your journey here, make sure to really give it a try with all your heart!
  6. I feel challenged
  7. Hahaha Of course man, I dare you. 60 days man, it isn't hard for both of us.

  8. It will be hard. It will be the worst. But this won't stop me. I ACCEPT!
  9. One quarter, three quaters to go.
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  10. Not bad, kid, not bad

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