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Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by redipt, May 26, 2016.

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    Hi Guys,

    I'm a 24 year old male (from the Netherlands originaly) now living and working in Belgium (weird little country by the way) as an aircraft mechanic/engineer. Happy to take this step in the hopes that the support from this community will help me to stop fapping!

    Why do I want to stop?
    Basically because I would like to spend more time on productive things, for example: eat healthy, exercise on a regular base, read books about all kinds of subjects (finance, meditation, health, psychology), also i try to meditate daily. Actually pretty basic stuff in my mind but whenever I start one of these new 'habits' they usually don't last for very long and i have had a hard time figuring out why. -fuck-

    Sometimes I make elaborate spreadsheets with all the things I want to accomplish in the next period. (not masturbate for a week, or read 1 book a week and exercise 2 times a week, you guys know this kind of stuff)
    It normally doesn't take long before I can't find the energy to do this anymore and revert back to my glorious habit of just being bored all the time (outside of work) and i'll be looking at porn, fapping, spending way to much time on youtube and facebook and generally being very unproductive.

    After spending some time looking on the forum here and reading a lot of your stories i realised that all this fapping might actually be a significant factor in my general lack of energy/motivation. I've tried not fapping before but have never lasted longer then 4-5 days. I hope that not fapping will give me the motivation/energy boost that i need. As I said i have read a lot of your stories so i think i know what i'm in for. Starting today i will do the 90 day Hard mode. LETS GO!

    If you have any questions drop them below or message me!
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    Welcome aboard!!

    Have you checked out yourbrainonporn.com yet? If not, it's worth spending some time there. Check out the links in my signature as well, if you're not sure exactly where to start.


  3. Well I'm glad you made that decision. I believe that if you joined nofap and proposed to stop this addiction, then you have to mental power to stop it all together! I hope all goes well.

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