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    Hello everyone, i'm a 21 years old guy and i pmo since i was 13 i think. Since masturbation and pornography are ruining my sociale life and couple life i decided to stop. I'm notte kinda shy or something Luke that but my mind could not stop making fantasies on every girl i saw, dear friends included. With great pain and difficoulty i confessed my status to my girlfriend yesterday. She listened to me and showed me how strong can love me. We decided to walk together, hard mode, in this. To all of you, you can do it. Trust in the people you love, i know i'm lucky with that. But we know, lonlyness is one of the first thing to avoid. I'll glad to help everyone who need that. An hug to everyone!
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    Good luck, work together. Keep your confidence up. Find yourself lots of ways to redirect you urges they will happen at different times. Set short goals at first then look for longer goals. Keep strong with each other you will grow stronger together. Prayers going out to you both.

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