hi . I am 20.

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    hi i am a 20 years old boy who I got to know porn by my classmate in 13 years old.
    I was very interest to porn at beginning of that and i started m at age 13 and I discovered it myself in internet. I want to be saved from p.m.o from age 17 but i failed .
    but i'm not disappointed and i will defeating this with help of GOD.
    p.m.o has a lot of bad effects on my brain and life (Depression, Physical weakness , Not focusing , Academic failure ,lack of confidence and .....)
  2. Welcome! All the best in your journey. It will have it's up and downs (no pun intended) but you'll learn many things, especially about yourself. Imagine your future grandchildren were to find out about your life from next week on wards, what would you want your grandchildren to think of you when you're dead and gone? This is a thought I keep in my mind, it helps me stay on track.
  3. Yo man @sphtmoon, all the best to you! If you want to join 'The Matrix' challenge click here> 'The Matrix'

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