Hi! I... Really delayed this for way too long, but lets go!

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    Hi NF!
    • I'm a male

    • Age of 24

    • I've been using porn since I can remember my teen self... I guess 13 would be the right age.

    • it ain't pornography as much as Masturbation itself. I find myself actually addicted waiting for the release of an orgasm.

    • I think it affects my mental state and also makes my stomach turn. I need a break or a good reboot.

    • I'll start with a short 7 DAY CHALLENGE (sorry for the all-caps, I just figured all challenges are titled like that)

    • Starting..... NAOW! this is day 0.. the day I stop Ming or Oing... I do need help because I did try doing it by myself and I Relapsed many times

      I'm happy to meet all of you... Wish me luck >.<
  2. Welcome and good luck you can do it
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  3. ThatFunnyGuy

    ThatFunnyGuy Fapstronaut

    Thank you so much! I'll definitely would do my dang best, now that I know I'm not alone
  4. Hi
    Thanks for being here. Welcome!
    Leaving an addictive habit is not an easy job, but .... it will be fully worth it.
    So... get some knowledge, read stories, let yourself encouraged by others.
    You are not alone in this. So connecting to others is a clue as well!
    And don't forget to create a journal.
    Writing about your daily stuff may really help you to process the issues.

    I hope you will make it a great time here!

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