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    Hello, I thought I was finally on a path to break out of my cycle but I failed again, for the a hundredth time. So I recently found this forum and set up a tracker to track my days but well it didn’t help at all. So I’m here to ask, I want help to get out of this cycle. I keep trying to fight this habit doing the same thing. Just whenever it comes up I try to ignore the urge. But it’s not helping, I pray for the habit to stop and sometimes it stop for alittle but then I get the urge. So I am here to find out what I can do to stop this, I’m sick of doing and want to begin a new chapter in my life without porn in my last year of school.

    Thank you, Will
  2. My longest streak was 4 months, than I got a laptop and relapsed, for me I find technology is one of my biggest banes, it’s addictive and makes me lazy and mindless. One thing I realized recently is you need to do things you truly love, for me that is read my bible and listen to sermons, go to church, eat healthy, and exercising. Guess what keeps me from doing those things?, myself of course but what has me hooked is technology. When I was in bootcamp I had no technology just my bible and my journal, and I craved those things, I hardly can read my bible because I get bored and in boot camp I managed to read multiple books of the Bible because alll my other distractions and addiction were out of sight out of mind. That is what you need to do, find out what you love and identify what is keeping you from that, whether that be porn, technology, certain people, throw away that which does not suit you.
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    Hello my friend, I am very proud of you that you want to quit porn. That’s the best decision you can make and it’s very important to stop this at a young age. I am 49 years old and I am porn addicted since 35 years. I wish I never looked at porn when I was young. Porn is so destructive. Porn is one of the strongest addictions. I had so many relapses in my life. But I won’t give up. Fall down and get up.When I get an urge it helps me to go out and get connected with real people. It helps me to speak to real person. It helps me also to use my sexual power for something else like working out. The urges will calm down the longer you do this. But the first weeks are the hardest. Try to stay connected to this community. I wish you the best.
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  4. You sound like you are just repeating the pattern of failure. Stop wondering why. Make plans to change your life. What are a couple of things you could do to help yourself? Do small things that will make you a better, busier person. Pray to praise God, not to ask him to do the job you need to do.
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    Put porn blockers on all your devices. Get an accountability partner you check in with everyday. Join a 12 step sex addicton group in your area.. There are several from Sex Addicts anonymous, to Sex & Love addicts anonymous, Sex Aholics anonymous.. Just join any group.. If there are not any sex addicts groups in your area go to open AA meetings and just identify as an addict. In these groups you will find tons of tips of how to beat addiction. Find out what your triggers are that lead to a slip.. Mine are being tired, angry, energy drinks, being out late at clubs and parties, being around my parents.. Whatever triggers you set up healthy boundaries and precautions in that area. Energetically clean all the toxic porn energy out of your living space. Wash your sheets and bedding with salt in the washer. Burn some sage or sandelwood insense over your mattress and chair and computer you fap with. Whipe down all your computer key boards, mouse, phone with some rubbing alcohols to disintegrate the porn energy. Play spiritual music of monks chanting and put images of saints such as jesus or buddhe or whoever on the electronic devices you used for porn to clean out all the toxic porn energy on those devices. Exercise a Lot and get lots of sleep. Do volunteer work and go help others such as feeding the homeless programs and give $ to battered women's homes to counter act the negative karma you generated by contributing to the degridation of women who are all being abused in the porn industry and are messed up drug addict prostitues who ended up ruining their lives and being in porn.. So give back to all the people who you cosinged ruining their lives by helping give back to women living in shelters. Anything you can do to build self esteem helps and volunteer work is the best. Once a week write down all the lust hits you got, that girl in the short skirt across the street, the sexy scene in the R rated film, etc.. Write them all down to get them out of your head and say a prayer to have the thoughts and images removed and replaced with positive healthy thoughts.. Those images and thoughts are not bad on their own, but after a week or so they all smowball together to a big lust ball of Get Some.. Do all this stuff and make beating the addiction the highest prooriry in your life and if you slip get right back in track by telling others asap and then through yourself into helping others asap. The real cure to making your own life better is to help others make their life better.
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    Hello, everyone who commented, thank you for the tips. I’m definitely going to use some of them and have explored parts of site and learnt of other ways to stop aswell. So thank you for all the help and hopefully next time I’m on it’s to celebrate a Milestone with all of you.
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    Hi welcome, I hope you stick around and get the help you need – I honestly think it’s all here but people just have to put it together.

    Counting days is only that and nothing more. We use this idea of rebooting right, well who does anything with a computer except only sit back and watch it boot up? Even if you need to reboot to make it work right, sometimes you gotta fix something so the reboot process can complete, just like with a computer. Also if you have too much startup programs on your computer it’s just going to be baggage and slow the process down, it’s similar with this reboot. Counting days then looks like it’s counting how long it takes for the computer to boot up without ever looking at any of that. Of course no computer technician would only do that, if they do we wouldn’t consider them as knowing enough to be a tech.

    So you gotta look at some details. By the way a big part of why people have a problem with technology is because they don’t understand the details enough, but obviously the people who designed and put it together does. You don’t need to know everything and can just start with a few basic things, but it gradually builds up. And it’s not like you need to know enough to be a tech, you just have to know how it effects you with things like PMO.

    And aside from the technical part, we gotta connect with other people. This just takes time and we need to get to know each other, because this habit is basically antisocial in nature. You’re there with a computer and you’re always by yourself. If all you’ve got is the forum and reading and writing stuff with people on here, then use it. You can talk about this stuff here but socializing in other places where people don’t talk about this will help you with a basic kind of reality check.

    Anyways welcome again, stick around and talk to us. There’s a lot of experience from a lot of people.
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    Hey Everyone,

    Thank you for all the messages its been 32 days, a whole month it seems crazy. I been getting less and less cravings and just been enjoying life alittle more. Now with school back on it be alot easier to do so cause I can distract myself with study. So I thought I'd come back and say thank you for everything and I'll hopefully be messaging back with another milestone.

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  9. Well, so true.
    I did fail myself for so often, so I understand you, but I can not give a 100% advise.
    What helps me to have longer streaks is abstinence from internet (especially news pages) and social media. I figure that for me, I actually have an internet addiction, that eventually culminates in watching porn.
    Your brain is used to be entertained by quickly consuming next and next picture or video and it has learned to expect dopamine as a reward. When you take access to this mechanism away (e.g. no internet use and no phone for some days (if you are able to do this)), you will notice that you quickly heal.

    Problem for me is that I eventually start re-introducing old habits again (mostly reading news online), and at one point, when I am tired or depressed, I cross the border to porn sites. When this happens, it is already too late.
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  10. Well done!
    Keep strong and stay cautious.

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