Hi! I'm new to the Forum and will do a Monk Mode challenge

Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by BarefootWalkabout, Jul 24, 2019.

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    I'm a 26 year old man.

    It takes at least 30 days to form a new habit. Also I will see my GF again in around 21-30days.
    I am going to make use of this time by myself to do an extreme reset. Time to become a Monk for a short while. After these 21days I will go back to a Abstaining from Porn Challenge.

    I am new to this forum and I know what some of you will say, so I want to let you know this is not a first for me, and I have done extreme resets like these in the past, like abstaining from Porn, Masturbation and Orgasm altogether. Recently I have been masturbating, but as little as possible to porn (I would say about 5times a month, but with a history of a whole lot more). These last days I have been slacking and went back to watching Orgasming to porn two days in a row.
    But I just heard about NoFap and signed up. I am looking for like minded men, who can keep me motivated and to whom I can be accountable.

    So the parameters: I want to combine Hard-mode with some of my own personal goals, like:
    - This time, I also want to observe the more subtler ways my mind will think of porn, sex and ways of objectifying women.
    - Crossfit at least 3 days a week
    - do Ashtanga yoga 3-5days a week
    - add a 3-5day fast some time in these 30 days.
    - doing a recovery-targeted workout 5days a week (I have struggled with IT-band syndrome which keeps me from running and doing other kinds of fun activies, and I have now finally figured out how to get rid of this debilitating injury by a combination of stretching and targeting weak muscles).

    I have done similar lengths of fasts in the past and am currently doing my recovery workout 3days a week, CrossFit 3days a week and the Ashtanga yoga 3 days a week.
    In the past month I would say I watched Porn about 5 times, with two times in the last days. I feel like I'm sliding down a slope and thought I needed some accountability. So here I am :)

    As I am a new user, can anyone explain if this is the way to log that challenge? And all tips or advice is welcome!
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    We can help each other I am at the same stage
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  3. Hello and welcome! :)

    We are glad to have you as a part of our community. Here are some quick links to get you started.

    Getting Started Guide | How to Use the NoFap Forums | Panic Button |Day Counter | Rebooting Resources|Forum Rules | Glossary

    If you wish to keep a journal of your progress you can do so in the appropriate section found here

    There are plenty of wonderful, friendly and knowledgeable people here to help you along on your journey to a life free of PMO. I wish you nothing but the best!

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