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    I have recently decided to reboot after realized that I'm addicted to P, I'm 26 and first found P at about 13 years old and it's just gotten steadily worse, doesn't help i was bullied and during school and had to be home schooled when i was 14, i was also diagnosed with high functioning autism around the same time.

    I've never been in any sort of romantic relationship, and i have absolutely watched a lot of P which has as i understand now massively unrealistic views.

    This year has probably been the worst as Ive gone from probably once every day to several times a day, and i found that if i was board i would just go watch some, and have a wank.
    Ive been out of work as well for several years now, which has steadily increased my intake, and honestly the one who brought this too my attention was my mum who shared me a YouTube video on P addiction and the affects on your physiology which made me do some research and i found that i have all the marker and its made me want to change, so here i am.

    My goal with this is reboot is to do something worth while with my time which for me will be making and painting warhammer models.
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  2. Welcome to NoFap, Finalevo! Hope you find the success your looking for!
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    It is really good that you confided in your mum mate. And even better that she found something practical to help you! :)
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    Welcome. You have made the right choice to eliminate P from your life. It's great that you have something that you like that can give you an option to make the right choice.
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  6. Hello there... :)
    Welcome to the community! :)

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