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Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by Tonewolf, Jan 4, 2020.

  1. Tonewolf

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    Short Story
    I'm 28, married, with no kids. Wife stopped using porn and is begging me to do the same. I've tried stopping on my own. 2 or 3 weeks was my best. Now I'm here for help.

    Long Story
    I was a socially awkward loner from preschool all the way into college. Naturally, video games and porn filled my empty social life. Oddly enough, my 10 year old self found Hentai first. It was totally on accident too. Who know searching "ocarina" (Zelda fan) would lead to a Japanese hentai website!

    Sense then video games, anime, manga, and hentai have stayed in my life. In college I tried to keep my addiction to porn in check, only using it on a weekly bases. Sometimes I'd go for a month without porn but loneliness brought me back.

    God performed a miracle in finding a wife for me. I was honest with her on my addiction before we even dated. Little did i know that in the moment I confessed, she wanted to date me. She struggled with porn as well. couple years later we were married.

    For the next 5 years porn was the annoying 3rd wheel of the relationship. One of us would give into porn, the other would forgive. It was a never ending cycle until my wife went "cold turkey" on it. She has been changing for the better while I can't shake this 18 year long addiction.

    I'm new to using forums and using nofap website as a whole. Sorry for the long post.
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  2. keepitinmybriefs

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    Welcome, and good luck on your nofap journey!

    I have a couple recommendations: wear briefs instead of boxers - it helps contain urges.

    Try to keep your schedule busy, with no long stretches of downtime where you can be bored and tempted. Instead of watching porn, read a book, go for a walk, work out, learn a language. Keep focused and busy!
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  3. Tonewolf

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    Thanks for the tips and the warm welcome!
    Lucky for me I've always worn briefs.
    With a 64 hour work week, I'm busy until the weekends. That's where i struggle.

    First order of business for me is to define my goals, map steps to do so, then stay busy in doing those steps.
    Thanks again
  4. SoupBoyII

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    welcome brother,

    Tipp: If you are feeling a urge, just do some kind of activity (post a thread, take a walk &&&), i saw that on Nofap one time, it can be very helpful.

    God bless you and help you through this Journey.
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  5. Decided

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  6. Masterquest

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    I'm also new and I also discovered porn by accident haha

    Let's do our best to get rid of this addiction!
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