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    Hi my future friends ! :)

    Im Michael and I come from one small country from Europe. Im 24 years old. My mothers tongue language is not english so I hope you will understand my mistakes about my writing on english.
    Well, when I was 13 , I started to watch porn and to masturbate. I had sex experience before and Im not virgin. But I find myself in the last 2 years that I used to masturbate every day 4- 5 times per day. Sometimes 2-3 times per night. I became really a jerk addicted person.
    After my sex with one girl last summer, I had problems during sex to stay hard - and then all bad things started for me. Soft erection , low libido and fear that I cant get hard like before.
    Now, I just have soft erections and I watch porn and masturbate - but not from today anymore!

    I want to stop watching porn and to stop masturbating to porn -because I feel like some stupid jerk when Im watching how other guy is with some good looking girl - and when they have sex - I feel like a loser. Also, I see that porn kills my libido and sensations about woman - because when I see porn with good looking girl and when I satisfie myself with masturbation - I dont need to go to a girls and to chat with them,and to fight for their love. I see that porn kills me in every sector of my life. So , from today ! I wont jerk on porn anymore ! I will try to become another person !
    I accept only sex with a female girl and thats the only orgasm that I can get.

    So, hi to all once again! I hope we will win all together ! :)
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  2. Welcome to the community.
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