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    I am 15 years old and I think I might have a problem. I don't know exactly what my goal is but I wanna try to see how far I can go. I struggle with social anxiety and awkwardness and I hope that by the time school starts again for me, I will have an easier time with talking and meeting new people.
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    Hi duke welcome.
    only you can decide

    you'll have to figure that out.

    good luck too you
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    Social anxiety and akwarness are issues you need to resolve bro.. Nofap might help, but its in you to get better with it. Now yes real women are not pixels.. So go and talk to them..
  4. Hey @DukesArchives

    I'm seventeen right now, and I'm in the same situation as you. I started my NoFap account right as the school year came to an end. Having social anxiety, and being awkward around people has been something I've struggled with since around the time I started puberty, which interestingly enough...also happens to be when I started masturbating to porn. Well, what I discovered was that while abstaining from porn and masturbating, all that basically vanished. :)

    At the end of the school year, I accomplished my dream of doing a presentation in front of the whole class. And by the way, all that happened because I stopped using porn and masturbating. It really works. I'm glad your here, and that you recognize that it's porn and masturbating that's causing a lot of these issues. I wish I had known that a few years ago. Now all I have left is senior year, but I've missed most of my high school experience all because of porn and masturbating, and trust me, I'm pretty upset about that...

    Congratulations, @DukesArchives on starting your journey to be free from this horrible habit! I'm sure that you can be the person you want to be, but that starts now, and it starts with ending your porn and masturbation habit.

    All I can say is, stick with it! It might not feel like it's really benefiting you at first, but I guarantee you it is. You don't want to fall from the tower of days you've built, trust me it hurts like hell. You'll go from on top of the world, to back were you are now pretty quickly. But if you do, now that it's not the end of the world, and keep on fighting!

    Good luck! Know that we all would like nothing more than to see you succeed. Feel free to ask me questions or message me on here if you would like, I know how that story goes, school and PMO (porn, masturbation, orgasm) certainly don't get along too well. :)
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