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    Hi, I joined today, after reading The Porn Myth by Matt Fradd. I've been addicted since my midteens - so, for twenty years, give or take. I've tried to quit several times, but I've never succeeded longer than two or three months. I've been rationalizing and justifying it to myself for years because it has felt like something that I simply don't have the power to change no matter how much I despise it. Hopefully approaching it in a different way will yield better results. I would love to be free of this.
  2. Welcome to NoFap. Well done for joining. You’ll find many others in the same bot as you so please know you are not alone in this journey. Find supportive people here and you’ll make great progress in no time. Relapses are all part of the process towards becoming clean. And I know you do have the power and what if takes to overcome and stay on top of this challenge. I’m keen to see you beat your previous number of clean days! You got this!!
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    Thank you for the encouragement!
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