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  1. airick

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    I chose to join this community to help overcome an addiction. I am excited to begin.
    I was introduced to PMO at a very young age and have struggled with this addiction for many years. Over the last four, or five years I have started the 90-day challenges many times. I believe the farthest I've gotten was three weeks. More recently I have struggled to make it more than two days. Until very recently I was constantly ashamed and refused to seek out help or write anything down out of fear. Fear that admitting my problem makes it more real and that somehow not talking about it it would go away. Fear that someone I know may find out. I realized that there is nothing shameful about trying to better oneself.
    I hope that by joining this community and gaining the confidence to disclose my addictions I can make progress in my personal journey, and maybe even help out others who suffer from similar afflictions.
  2. John Connor

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    I'm on the same boat. Wish you best of luck.
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  3. Daniel;

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    Welcome man,

    you can instantly delete that fear towards your addiction.

    Nobody judges here, we will only give support and help.

    Face your demons, and change your life.
    You got to three weeks, you can get there again and go even further.

    You can do this man!
    Good luck for your journey.:)
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  4. AndySky180

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    Yep, welcome brother. You can do this!!!

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