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Discussion in 'NoFap Technical Support and Feedback' started by Deleted Account, Jan 14, 2018.

Would you like a "Hide Thread" function?

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  1. Hey,

    I wanted to ask if it would be possible in the future to add the function to hide threads(?). Sometimes I'm surfing the Offtopic-Forum and see titles or threads that would "trigger" me. I don't want the OP's to change it just for me though.

    It would also be great to filter out threads that are of no interest to the "viewer" or not-viewer in that case. Facebook has that functionality.

    I appreciate any feedback, critique or comment on that.

    Have a good day.
  2. I made a similar thread to this one earlier lol. I didn't notice you had posted this already.

    Yeah the Off-Topic section is particularly bad. I think I'll avoid it from now on.

    I use the function to "ignore" a user, which removes their threads from view but it can be an excessive measure to take at times.
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