High Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Insomnia

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by kopykat, Feb 2, 2022.

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    I've been really stressed recently, more so than usual. To provide some context, an elderly family member has been unwell with the flu (feeling better now, thankfully), another family member has been dealing with a bad ear infection, I've had an almost complete falling out with a third immediate family member, I'm making 80% less money than I was about 6 months ago, I continue to be unhappy with the place where I live and am continuing to try to get myself to be proactive with moving away.

    As someone who doesn't drink, smoke or use drugs, I think I have a tendency to turn to porn for escapism and "relief." I've really binged over the course of about a week or so. I've gone back and forth between tube sites and cam sites for my fix. This has entailed me viewing content and edging for hours at a time.

    For as disappointed as I am with myself, I can hardly think about that as I struggle with anxiety and panic attacks along with worsened insomnia. I got 4 or 5 very interrupted hours of sleep last night which started just an hour or two after my most recent session.

    This makes me think that no matter the good intentions, will power or discipline, this can't and won't get better for me until I make some drastic changes in my life including the move that I have essentially been longing for and dreaming about for some years.

    Any thoughts? I truly am open to any input. I'm in a bad place right now.
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    Insomnia and stress is what I go through the most at the beginning of stretch marks.

    every time you decide to hold on and not relapse, it strengthens your resilience, you become stronger and stronger, so don't relapse, hold on.

    after a few weeks the insomnia will go away and you will thank yourself for holding on.
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    @lilpeep Thanks for your input. Like many here, I experience some really shitty withdrawal symptoms so it's hard for me to even abstain a week. But I'm trying... yet again.
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    You have to be in peace with yourself and your surroundings and only then you can start think about nofap, otherwise it's gonna be so much harder to go through nofap. I think nofap is not the first thing you should fix, just focus on more important things now and when you gonna feel strong enough then you can try nofap challange.
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    You're probably right, man. I think I know and realize this in the back of my head but I keep telling myself things to believe otherwise. It's not working. I really need to do some other things before I can be successful with abstinence from PMO. Otherwise, I'll continue to fail and let myself down as I have been.

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