High glans sensitivity please help me.

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    Iam new to nofap and I have high glans sensitivity. The top of my penis is very sensitive so if it get touched to my leg it gives a tingling sensation
    So i wanted to ask will it ruin my streak? Will it be counted as orgasm?
    Cause its been around three weeks and i have seen no benefits.

    Any help appreciated
    Sorry for my bad english
    Thank you.
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  2. I wouldn't focus too much on the semantics of NoFap. As long as your not consciously P, M, and/or O'ing, then I think it's fair to keep your counter going.

    Not sure what is causing your case, but it sounds like your body is probably repairing nerves that were once overused. Nerves will most certainly be more sensitive if they are not used (abused) as much and are in the process of recovering.

    As for the benefits, the biggest benefit is the ability to transmute the buildup of energy. Without transmuting it (to studies, work, physical exercise, etc) it will just accumulate, exhausting you. I'm sure you had a good reason to start this journey and that might be benefit enough. I know that a lot of people who were heavily addicted don't see benefits for a really long time because their brain/body takes so long to recover.

    Kudos on 3 weeks. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help.
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