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  1. Hi everyone,

    I am on my Day 4. Days 1-3 went well, but today I got severe urges to relapse with depression and stress. Is it some tricking of the brain? The good thing is that I didn’t fap my stress off. Somehow I managed to get through the situation with thinking in my mind a big ‘X’ meaning ‘NO’ and immediately took my phone and saw “VEGETA’S PRIDE.” But I don’t know what to do the coming days, as my ultimate goal is to reach 90 days. It’s just 4 days and I am getting these kind of urges and it was very high today. I don’t know how to reach 90 days with these things and also at that time I got suicidal ideations. Please help me with tricks or advises that I can make up with.
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    Stay strong bro, a relapse is not worth it (that's what I tell myself too, I know this from experience to be true). Seek distraction when you have urges, cold shower, excersise, working on life goals. If you have suicidal ideas, please talk with someone about it, a family member, a friend or a professional. Try to transmute that energy, instead of focussing on "not fapping/no pmo" try to use this force for some positive goal instead! And of course, check out this forum, for a lot of inspiration!
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    I suggest to you to pray. I don't know if you have a Bible. When you wake up pray don't go wash you teeth or anything else when you wake up first thing pray. After that before sleep pray too. And I suggest to you to get out of FB, Twitter and all those network social. Because it ain't help you mind and body. Stay strong you're not alone.
  4. Thanks bro. Unfortunately I fapped yesterday night. It's my 5th or 6th relapse I think, and I am starting fresh from today. Let's do it.
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  5. Thanks for the post. Usually I check my mobile when I wake up. I relapsed yesterday night, I can't take control of my mind at that time. I deactivated Facebook today. Let's start fresh.:)
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