Hitting day 60 tomorrow, need suggestions on how to celebrate.

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Byris, Oct 20, 2017.

  1. Byris

    Byris Fapstronaut

    Title. I heard one of the best ways to maintain a long term goal is to reward yourself when you hit milestones, so making this thread. I had on my mind to go for a trip over the weekend, but I'd like to hear more suggestions. I don't do the bar thing either, so, probably best not to suggest it.
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  2. Reserve the day to chills,Just you And yourself,no preocupations

    Or do the opposite,Go out and travel,thats a great Idea

    And btw,im in need of advice:
    How do you get up when you feel broke,Like If a relapse is all you need?
    What do you do?
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  3. r8js

    r8js Fapstronaut

    congratulation on completing 60days ..
    u r being very courageous for this 60days.
    this is really encouraging .
  4. houndie

    houndie Fapstronaut

    Pick a novella or a novelette or any short book - anything you could manage in a day or a night - and read it from beginning to end.
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  5. Byris

    Byris Fapstronaut

    Ahah, I reserve the day to chill out every weekend.
    I don't really know. I've been able to push the relapses out of my mind fairly consistently. Cold showers help.
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  6. Mihalala

    Mihalala Fapstronaut

    Well I guess it all depends on what you enjoy. Not a bar guy myself, but I love sports, and recreation, so I would probably treat myself to a sporting event or something of that nature. If your into video games then go buy a new one or something along those lines I think is well deserving after 60 days no doubt about it. Keep up the good work. Maybe even spend some of the day helping newbies to this. Giving back is certainly rewarding, not to say you don't I honestly have no clue just a suggestion. But to new people starting out 60 days might seem like an impossible task, and hearing from someone who did it I'm sure would help out a great deal. Let us know what you did to celebrate and congrats again! Keep up the awesome work. Truly inspiring to say the least.
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  7. im_alive

    im_alive Fapstronaut

    On 30 days I'm going to go a have a nice fat steak somewhere posh.

    Haven't decided on the 60 day yet.
  8. Darkstar 22.84

    Darkstar 22.84 Fapstronaut

  9. I think you should go and do something you've never done before.

    Basically, go on an adventure!
  10. Congratulations man!!
    Go and watch a movie, then go bowling with friends and finally awesome dinner :)
    That's my suggestion but solo trips with some shopping and a nice lunch also works.
  11. SkyFallBack

    SkyFallBack Fapstronaut

    take a full day ride to a remote town and have an ice cream there.
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  12. Byris

    Byris Fapstronaut

    Will consider that, decided I am going on the trip after all, just need to take the benches out of my van and put a mattress and I'll be good to go. Gonna write an entry before leaving and I'll be back in two days.
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  13. Byris

    Byris Fapstronaut

    I'm leaving now, thanks again for all the suggestions guys, trying to incorporate them in my weekend trip, gonna bring a book, stuff like that. See you later!
  14. Have an adventure, man! Good Luck! Happy Journey!
  15. Celebrate with celibate
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  16. After a full month of no PMO I'm buying myself a coffee cake. Lol.
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  17. Rikardo

    Rikardo Fapstronaut

    What a marvellous idea! And good choice too!
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  18. Byris

    Byris Fapstronaut

    Well, I'm back! Didn't end up staying as long as I thought I was going to, but I enjoyed my trip nonetheless. Drove for maybe 8-10 hours, saw all the colors of fall. Enjoyable trip!
  19. LoganTheWolverine

    LoganTheWolverine New Fapstronaut

    Hey, could you even help me achieve the goal as you did?
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  20. Gumnaam841

    Gumnaam841 Fapstronaut

    long drive along with your favorite music might be a good !dea....

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