Hitting the restart button.

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    After a week of going clean, I relapsed. This isn't as easy as first thought and/or I gave in too easily. I read earlier something about how ejaculation brings temporary gratification, but does not permit a great life. If done, we diminish our life force. Risks will not be taken in our personal and professional life. Living in comfort, we will do enough to get by but not live life to the fullest potential. It's time to get back on track; keep moving forward and make better choices. Deal with stress in a more appropriate manner. Go through this process, learn many things, and love the process itself. Day 1 will begin tomorrow. ✌.
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    I mean, super relatable.
    And having a inner soldier that bash on you whenever you relapse kind of helps, and at the same time doesn't.
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    Alright, good luck.

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