HOCD or actually gay ?

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by Risitas67, Jul 24, 2019.

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    So to sum up, I watched a lot of shemale porn (and straight ofc).
    Last year I got HOCD because I suddendly had a fantasy of being the woman in porn. I struggle with HOCD so bad that it makes me question all my life and sexuality.
    Yesterday I was on google searching if watching shemale was gay. A fall on a video from a transwomen that said that watching shemale was not gay and in fact gay men are not attracted at all to transwomen, but to transmen. So I was like cool i'm not gay then.
    But then I imagined a transmen and i got aroused. WHAT THE FUCK ? I mean when I was younger I fell on a porn video where there was a transmen in it and I got so disgusted I almost vomit honestly. But now why do I get slightly aroused by that ? Does that mean I'm gay or it is just another escalation or some shit like this ? Or is it my HOCD ?

    Also I never had a single attraction/crush on men my whole life. It was always women.
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  2. Orpheus12

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    Classic case of porn-induced fetishism. If you’ve never felt attracted to a male outside of a pornographic situation, this is only a few neurons deep. Nofap is the way to go. Break the connection between you and that form of arousal
  3. Yep, I have been there.
    First of all, google is great, but it will not answer your life-questions for you. what did you look for? "Am I gay? "
    did you expect to find a website with "Yes" or "No"?
    Like Orpheus said, stop watching porn, do NoFap. Only then can you say something about it. But it sounds like a typical thing to me. I was like you. I was watching a lot of porn, was not interested, even a disgusted by trans-people. Little by little I manifested interest. I ended up going to shemale specific porn sites because the generic ones did not have "enough choice".
    I was so obsessed, that I went on sex dating sites, hoping to meet a shemale for real, so I can at least try out that sex only once. The main things that stopped me were, that there is no choice in my region (I dreamed about feminized black shemales, only, I wanted to deepthroat them and receive anal, I had my favorite actors and knew their names, I was checking if there were new videos regularly)
    The other thing was that stopped my was ... my wedding and noFap.
    So, if you want to find out, and master your fetish, you're at the right place. Welcome!
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    To be honest I'm not sure if there is any difference between being gay and having hocd. Either way abstain from porn. After some time hopefully your unwanted fantasies will disappear.
  5. Raguis

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    [QUOTE = "TimeToQuitNow, post: 2168620, miembro: 137083"] Para ser honesto, "no estoy seguro de si hay alguna diferencia entre ser gay y tener un hocd". De cualquier manera, absténgase del porno. Después de un tiempo, con suerte, tus fantasías no deseadas desaparecerán. [/ QUOTE]

    La diferencia es que esos pensamientos que generan el HOCD van en contra de lo que realmente eres y quieres ser a futuro, otra que esos pensamiento te generan ANSIEDAD y no placer, Lo que si veo nuevo para mi es que ven porno trans si consideran ser heterosexuales
    Y le excita el cuerpo femenino o el masculino no entiendo.
    Y lucho con un HOCD Y no deseo ver porno trans Ni Gay, Me genera ansiedad ver personas del mismo sexo cerca no imagino ni siquiera la idea de verlo teniendo relaciones seria una tortura.
    Es mi punto de vista tal vez puedo equivocarme. es solo mi experiencia

  6. horsemedic

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    Have you ever actually met a transperson? I was in a similar boat as you and was concerned. I made it a point to meet a person in REAL life and see what happened. Let me know if you want to talk. Thanks.
  7. thelitfit1

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    Haha, you're probably straight. I definitely resonate with your post though. For me sexually, I noticed when I'm stressed, I'll tend to go to sissy/gay porn and even have real life gay interactions and regret it afterwards. When I'm happy, I'm usually talking to chicks and having a good time. I use porn and everything it escalates to as an escape, as a way to de-stress. For me, it's best that I avoid porn and face my real-life problems head on.
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  8. Yep, it's porn induced. Because you never were interested in it, and as you watch porn, you start watching shemale porn because normal porn starts to be boring, and here goes your brain. It's all messed up. A reset will help. Good luck.

    Btw.: Really? You think google will answer your question about your homosexuality. And you listen to the advice of a Shemale? Do you think he would be unbiased?
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    It is HOCD and it is very common for people that PMO. It's more common than people like to admit.

    These are 3 topics i made about it




    I suggest you read them, they will help you understand more.

    This is a topic from nofap subreddit some guy made. He initially was completely repulsed by men. See where PMO led him.

  10. alexg1709

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    Wow that post gave me shivers partly because I can relate to some of it.. Nofap all the way forever!!
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    yes u are gay .. If u think about dicks .. u are
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    Yeah, probably you are gay or bi. I am gay and did watch some straight porn, but I am sure that I wasn't paying attention to the girls.

    Porn doesn't change sexuality, what I was looking for on straight porn was the masculinity from the actors that I miss in gay porn.
  13. Hi, maybe this brings some claritiy into your quest
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  14. This. Also liking shemales doesn't make you gay. Gay guys DO NOT like shemales.
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    ah that’s what it is. Religion. I’m glad we got to the bottom of this. That’s why you are so guilty and ashamed of trans woman. In reality you realize that these are people with a soul who chose to live as female and sometimes look even prettier than normal woman and that might be the reason you are attracted in the first place? The I mean yes, the whole being dominated or being effed by the trans woman might be porn induced for you, but the fact that you might like them is because deep down they look like woman. Wow right? I know I’m good at this. So listen bud here’s what you need to do. Instead of being disgusted by someone who is living their own life happily, sort out your mental stuff. You will be so much happier when you stop hating on people who’s lives don’t effect yours. But if they end effecting your life, then examine if you’re the problem. I’m so glad I met you way back on that other thread. Every time I run into your bad advice, or your good advice that manages to run off to left field I get a little more insight into why you come off the way you do. It been a pleasure really.
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    lol nah I’m gay as fuq and I think about vaginas. I’m not straight. Period.
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  17. Argument from personal disgust is probably the single most common logical fallacy on this forum.
    My dude is spitting some mad truths over here
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