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    I've owe a total of 8 homeworks to a few of my subject teachers.
    It's 3 hours from now before school starts.
    I woke up early today because of a wet dream.
    I don't think i will enjoy school today.
    In fact, actually, i've never enjoyed school.
    It has always been stressful for me.
    Just that i'd probably suffer most today because of the lack of sleep.
    Sometimes, as a 16 y/o,
    I just thought to dropout school and become a garbage collector.
    In my country,
    I can get 17$/per hour if i work as that.
    My pay will gradually increase up to 30 dollars.
    I find this shocking honestly.
    But i know this really ain't the job that's appropiate and my parent's won't want to see me work like this..
    I mean, i could just wear a gas mask, gloves, and other protective gears/items as i work. And afterall, the pay is legit.
    And i think that's the most important thing.
    Urghhh, what am i doing,
    I'm suppose to do my homework.
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    Your 40-year-old garbage collector self wouldn't want you to quit now.
  3. lolos

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    just do your homework next time and start getting your sleep in order, its not the end of the world.
  4. Nothing wrong with forgoing higher education. I hated school too but if you have to go through it you may as well do well so you have as many options as possible when you are older. No sense in going to school just to screw around and being a failure.
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  5. One Strong Girl

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    One day you will look back and laugh at yourself for stressing over school.

    Just get things done earlier next time. Giving up now seems like a good idea and that 17 dollars like a lot of money ,but one day you will need to spend money on yourself (home , car , groceries..etc) and on your family if you had one. You’ll suffer. Education is important.
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  7. There's nothing wrong with pursuing a blue-collar job, but I can assure you, your future self would rather make that choice because he wants to, not because he HAS to. You want to give yourself options, so later in life when you start to figure out who you are more and what you want to do with your life that will be fulfilling and bring you joy, you will have the option to choose. If you drop out of school, you lose a ton of those options. I would be willing to bet you would regret that decision very much.

    Who knows, maybe you will be a garbage collector by choice one day. But doing that by choice is highly different than doing it because it's the only option you have. I'm a housekeeper by choice, and I love it! It's definitely not considered a glamorous job, but it's perfect for me. But it's good to know i have a choice in the matter, and I could do something different if I wanted to.
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  8. Bombadil

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    As the great Mohammed Ali once said "Stay in college, get the knowledge. If they can make penecillin out of mouldy bread, they can sure as hell make something out of you... "
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    Dude, don’t worry all your 8 homework can be done easily, you don’t need to wake up early for achieving all your dreams, neither you have to give stress to your brain for doing the things. I know an essay writing service company that can help you in doing all the things within your time deadlines.
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  10. What kind of dreams do you have? School aside what would would you like to do in life?

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