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    Hi there,

    I’m here to once again go down the nofap path. I’m two days in and just avoided a reset. Had issues in the past and made it 50ish days (stopped counting tbh) before I had sex with ex. Newly single and scared about life and it’s stressing me out but here to say fuck all that! I’m gonna beat this mother fucker! I’ve been struggling for years and like any addiction, relapses are a part of the recovery. I’ve been to the other side and it’s beautiful! I’m heading back now! If I can give anyone advice, it would be these few things:

    -Progress takes time and you will progress
    -Have an action plan in place when you feel at risk (I have a note I go to that I will post below)
    -Forgive yourself when/if you relapse
    -Talking as openly as possible with someone about this helps a lot
    -Working out/doing something active everyday/almost everyday is essential
    -Meditation is also essential
    -The difference between how you feel now and how you feel on the otherside is amazing. It’s the positive opposite of the negative feeling you have after a relapse. Fight through and you will be in a better place.
    -Pace yourself and incorporate things to help yourself one-by-one to avlid overwelming yourself.

    Here’s my note that i look at when I’m close to relapsing. Feel free to copy and add things that may help yourself.


    -It will go away. Just wait.

    -Way more confidence.

    -Better functionality.

    -You beat this, you can beat anything.

    -Play it through.

    -Remember how bad it was.

    -Next day feels like shit.
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  2. Welcome here again! Sounds like you have already learned a lot in your journey to health. I also use something similar to your note when I'm feeling urges. I also use art that I've done shortly after prior resets/relapses, which help capture the horrible feeling and remind me of what I would be risking.

    I wish you all the best as you continue your journey. Remember, it's not a battle to beat down something inside of you; it's a change of heart to liberate you. Feel free to message me anytime. Cheers! :)

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