1. NisamSnješko

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    Hello you all! Recently I've been struggling with porn and masturbation more so than I felt like I ever have during my 6 or so year battle with it. This is happening despite the effort, changes I make in my life, and my trust in God to conquer this being at an all time high during this period. I've started to feel extremely hopeless and as if it is impossible to overcome this.

    I'm certain that I'm not the only one who experiences these feelings, so I just want to ask everyone here what gives you all hope, especially when it seems none is warranted?
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  2. Phantom Avalanche

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    We are lucky to have a Church that teaches how much Jesus Christ can give us hope. No matter how often or how much we fail, we can keep trying because of the Atonement. For me, it is knowing that I can keep trying, no matter how often I fail, and that Heavenly Father and Jesus still love me (and all of us).

    For a while, I had the thought "well, if I can't achieve exaltation, I might as well fight for 'second place.'" Not a great way to do things, and not even true (we CAN live with God again, don't give up!) but it kept me fighting. Just fighting for what you CAN do, what you CAN have right now in righteousness, is a great start.

    You can always start again. You can always fight again. Until there exists a time of no tomorrows, you will always have tomorrow to be a little bit better, and you can always start today. You can be sober, even right after a relapse. What gives me hope is knowing (and learning) that God loves me, even when I'm stuck in sin.
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  3. What @Phantom Avalanche said, pretty much word for word! LOL Well said, Phantom!

    I too have grown more appreciative of our Lord, Jesus Christ, in the past few years. He can save us from sin. He can save us from perishing. He can fill us with light. He can love us unconditionally with perfect love.

    We all feel hopeless at times, my friend. Study the word of God for in it we have hope!!!!
  4. This is a really great article, well worth the few minutes it takes to read. It's called "They Ran" by Chris Ogden. Link: They Ran.

    "I believe our love for Him and our focus on Him form a cycle. The more time we spend by His side, the more we love Him. And the more we love Him, the more we’ll want to run to His side despite what is happening around us."​
  5. Another great talk … I just enjoyed hearing this:
    “…if you feel discouraged or wonder if you can ever get out of the spiritual hole that you have dug, please remember who stands “betwixt [us] and justice,” who is “filled with compassion towards the children of men,” and who has taken upon Himself our iniquities and transgressions and “satisfied the demands of justice.” In other words, as Nephi did in his moment of self-doubt, simply remember “in whom [you] have trusted,” even Jesus Christ, and then repent and experience yet again “a perfect brightness of hope.”

    Remembering in Whom We Have Trusted
    By Elder Allen D. Haynie Of the Seventy
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  6. vxlccm

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    The main thing that gives me hope even when I fail is that I know Christ cannot fail, and a lifelong testimony about how Jesus is always ready to forgive, cemented from a life of listening to teachings in every meeting of church and every day of scripture study on my own.

    We know in Whom we trust. Keep trusting our Savior!
  7. Mindy

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    I have definitely felt hopeless and helpless before, so you’re not alone! I think one of the reasons I felt that way was because of my previous understanding of judgment day and the Plan of Salvation. I’m not sure if you have these same thoughts, but I’ll share anyway. I used to think (and sometimes still struggle with this) that judgment day truly was a tally of all the things I’ve done, and if I hadn’t truly changed and stopped sinning and doing things that distanced me from God then I sealed my fate in a lesser kingdom or Hell or whatever we want to call it. And that was that. And since it’s been so hard to stop PMO, I got to a point that there was no hope and I unfortunately just had to accept my fate. But fortunately I realize now that judgment day will be a lot less about the good and bad I did and a lot more about how I treated and served other people and how I built my relationship with God. So with this mindset I feel so much hope for myself! Especially since I feel my relationship with God and love for my Heavenly Parents is soooo strong because of all the praying and pleading I’ve done during this NoFap journey (so maybe we have an advantage ;) ). I also know I have a good heart. And I truly believe now that God wants me and come judgment day will ask me to join Him even then and give me the opportunity to choose Christ and accept the Atonement. Even then! Even if my whole life I never kick it! That gives me hope. All I have to do is get up, shake it off, try again and keep going (repeat for as long as it takes). God will see your effort and your heart. I hope this gives you hope!
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