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Discussion in 'Fitness' started by satauara, Apr 23, 2020.

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    12 days to my NoFap Journey, and here are the changes that I feel:
    1) Increased energy
    2) Increased concentration
    3) Mental peace
    4) Improved Social Interactions
    5) Increased Self-Confidence
    Also, I feel low sometimes and but now I know that's purely a "brain-game".

    NoFap doesn't just mean abstaining from PMO, but there are side things that are need to be done in accordance with your new dopamine configuration. Indulge yourself in some sort of productive activities that bring you happiness when done in the right way. Consider the fact that the happiness that you're getting in initial days of abstinence is not at it's full potential.
    Biologically saying, the dopamine in your brain is set for PMO and doing activities other than that won't bring you that much happiness initially, but after some days, your dopamine will "adjust" itself in accordance with the ongoing mental conditions. Serotonin, Endorphin, Dopamine and Oxytocin are the four major hormones that help you stay happy. Among them, It's the dopamine that you're dealing with it by "adjusting" it. Anxiety attacks, Sexual Urges and Depression are common symptoms for this phase.
    What you can do in this condition is, you can elevate the levels of rest of the hormones. Endorphins can be increased by performing physical work. Oxytocin is a love hormone, so try to keep healthy interactions and conversations with your friends and family members. Serotonin is the main happy hormone, Do things that make you happy. There should be hobbies to one's life. Also, there are many serotonin-rich foods that can help you elevate the hormone's levels.

    Here are some tips for my fellow Fapstronauts :
    1) Watch motivational videos
    2) Take cold shower whenever urges strike
    3) Try to fill your brain with something that's related to your work
    4) Fix an AIM for what you want to achieve in your life
    5) Do meditation related stuff
    6) Eat Bananas and Chocolates(rich in Serotonin)

    Remember, Ups and Downs are all part of your journey!
    Best of Luck!
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    I stated my NoFap journey a monthl ago. But after 5 days I masturbate. Then also I tried but failed 3 times. After this I take a paper and wrote why I was failed for 4 times. Then I started again and I successfully completed 1 week. This seems like a small number.but it's huge for me. Also I learning a lot from this journey.
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  3. satauara

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    Doesn't matter How many times you fail. Keep growing with each failure is the key to success. Also, Congratulations to you pal, on achieving this 7 day streak! Keep Growing.
    Best of Luck!
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    Nice dude keep it going, you got this!
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    Regarding eating, yes to bananas. They're a superfood as far as I'm concerned. They have potassium which keeps you from cramping, and another ingredient that helps your testosterone and libido (there's a reason they're shaped like an erect dick.) Plus they're cheap and easy to get (where I live anyway), and you can take them with you to work or whatever. I'm never without in my house and eat one or two a day.

    Chocolate in moderation is OK but needs to have high cacao content and little or no milk or sugar added. Generally with chocolate, the crappier it tastes (bitter) the more it's OK for you to have, in moderation. Milk chocolate and white chocolate, which IMO are the best tasting by far, really aren't that good for you and should only be enjoyed once in a great while.

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