How blind people are?

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Aboodhi, Sep 30, 2019.

  1. It's not their fault. The education system and media has brainwashed them into believing this.
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  2. Thomas Bowden

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    I will. Maybe not to access, but certainly to provide. I don't give a damn about an out of work porn director or digital pimp. People pushing porn in my country, porn that millions of kids are accessing should be punished by the law.
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  3. So with that out of the way I recommend you take an entry level economics course. It will tell you why criminalizing consensual nonviolent activity creates violence and black markets.
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  4. LeHso

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    I had the exact experience you had

    I told some of my friends about how PMO is destroying people's minds and the way they live and they start to tell me that I'm actually lying and everybody is doing it LOL.

    Since nobody is talking about it in public or trying to gear media towards the negative effects of PMO, people will still think it is normal.
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  5. Hank Pym

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    Same here! People literally give advice to fap regularly to stay healthy and avoid illness. That was b4 I started this addiction. Now when I approach to best friend about how I am losing to the addiction, he said "don't be scared and watching porn is very healthy, it also releases harmones to reduce stress, depression and anxiety during exams". Isn't the P the first reason behind depression and anxiety? I was shocked by this response that I cannot share the pain and work together to end it with my best bud. Or anyone else in the real world. It is so lonely when everyone is against it!
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  6. ultrafabber

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    Western nations are no longer Christian sadly, it's mostly atheism. At least in the legislative branches. They came up with a hilarious term for their atheism, they call it "secularism" and parade it as a good thing. That's why you see porn being mainstream. In Eastern Europe, that is still more Christian than the West, porn is still considered wrong. A true Christian nation would never accept pornography.

    Porn is 100% a sin in Christianity. Much more so than it is in buddhism and hindusim.

    This argument is ridiculous, let's decriminalize all drugs and child porn while we're at it, cause they create black markets.

    No, porn should be legally banned. At least sends the message that the country does not accept degenerate behavior. The whole point of a ban is to heavily restrict access and curb behavior. It will never stop all consumption but it will limit it severely.
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  7. Aboodhi

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    Very true.
  8. Aboodhi

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    Not everyone really. We're here for you my friend
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  9. Thomas Bowden

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    I agree. The impact of pornography is overwhelmingly negative, and millions of children are being harmed today; the idea that we shouldn't take a moral stand and legislate against it because of economic theory is an evil one. What about justice? What about resisting evil? What about fighting for our children, even it's a difficult fight, even if we might lose? We've become so morally weak it's tragic.
  10. Address007

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    Agree. Teenagers are inevitably going to get hooked on PMO since it's so common. It's not until people start experiencing major issues ie depression or ED that they look at PMO as the possible culprit. But even then, the majority either don't connect their issues to porn, or scoffs at the possibility of their issues being caused by porn.

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