How can a person appreciate himself?

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  1. Hello everyone!
    I hope that i haven't wrong the place for this post.

    This is the question that is fixed in my mind!
    I am understanding that my addiction by PMO is that i don't appreciate myself!
    Let's think about it...

    When you have something to be proud of (for your ideas and criteria) you are more confident with people.
    When you do something that you love, you feel useful and highly valuable person.
    When you know something you are able to convince others.
    When you have skills, you are ready to work hard with motivation to reach a good result.

    At least...that what i understand, but maybe i wrong...and you can correct me.

    Now, it seems that the solution at the question is through this words...
    Anyway...i had several opportunity to appreciate myself and i never judged myself good! I never reach to be able to appreciate my self!

    I went to a psycologist and (after several sessions) she finally understand that i have a narcissistic personality disorder... i really think that it is from my sexual (and affection) frustation and high need of sex. (IMHO, obviusly)


    Then it arrives an it the PM addiction that causes that?...
    or this frustation/disorder that makes me do that? Because i really suspect that it is the problem. (or, maybe, is this PM addiction that causes this frustration?)
    I feel very hard this need!
    I have read somewhere on web that it is possible that this need causes (and i think that it is really true) narcissism and this scorn to himself and everything around.
    And then every problem from bad self-esteem. is hard to me writing that...anyway i see in this forum that people don't judge others. On the contrary, there's a huge volition to help each other that i admire! For this reason i have chosen to write this post.

    What do you think? What's your opinion?
    Is there any tip to follow?
    Is, the idea i have written, wrong?
    How can i appreciate my self just as i am?

    Thank you for the reading and for your patience!
    Love you all!
  2. By not critizing yourself and being on your own side
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  3. Yeah, one of the gratest act of love that i can do to myself! I'll work on that! :)
    Thank you so much, mate!
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  4. Honestly that is something only you can find out, for me i look at my life without judging myself, i look at all my actions and than i see how good or bad they are, i appreciate the fact that i have made insane progress from the little demon i used to be as a kid and young teen, i am no longer that person and i appreciate myself and love myself for doing my best, i always try to do what i know is right, and i always strive to better myself, and the fact is i am me, i will never be anyone else, so knowing me and my struggles i went through, i am damn proud of myself, and above all i thank God for guiding me.
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  5. Your welcome, stay strong
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  6. ProtagonistOfMyLife

    ProtagonistOfMyLife Fapstronaut

    We don't really know each other but anyway I will just state that you are a great person and a valuable part of this community.
  7. Why thank you, I appreciate your kind your very kind words I will add I am human I make mistakes from time to time . I try to give back what I can from things I have done over the years
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  8. ProtagonistOfMyLife

    ProtagonistOfMyLife Fapstronaut

    It's exactly knowing that you are imperfect while still loving and accepting yourself and being proud of who you are while keeping such a positive outlook what makes you such a great guy.
    I would like to give you a like but the 50likes/12hours rule can be a pain in the bonk.
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  9. Don't worry about the likes , I haven't always been this positive I used to get down on myself a lot until i found it got me no where but I work daily by getting on my own side and not trying to be perfect just be real and non self critical
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  10. Panthera pardus

    Panthera pardus Fapstronaut

    @ Workingdeep: I menage to apriciate myself by knowing myself. I did a lot of things to work on my Problems , did Therapy 3 Times, did spritual Things and Meditation...I am age 49 now. In the Past, i always wanted to be different. I wanted to be someone else. A better me.

    Lately i try to accept me, how i am. Meditation is something that helps me, to understand, why i react like i do, why i have emotiones, like i have them...why i get addicted easy...I got to know my Self better.
    Most reasons for my problems i find in the Past, how i was brought up. All this History. Since i know myself better it happens, that i tell myself: Yes i understand, why i had this Emotion! Absolute logical for me, to react like this.
    And if i worked allot or made an effort to overcome my difficulties i tell myself: Hey! I did a great Job! I am proud!
    Thats how it works for me to apreciate myself. First , i have to accept myself. Then i can work whit myself...its a process.
    Maybe this helps you a little.
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  11. elevate

    elevate Fapstronaut

    Take risks beyond your comfort zone by doing things that might not work. If you fail, you respect yourself for trying. If you eventually succeed, you'll feel proud of the challenges you had to overcome. You'll collect both positive and negative experiences. You'll become a person that can handle negative experiences and the positive ones will reinforce your desire to take more risks. Both will build your self worth.

    When you go for what you want despite the uncertainty of an outcome, you're not rejecting yourself. You build the belief that you deserve great things in life.

    Repeat this for a while and you'll look back and think that you're an awesome person.
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  12. Toomuchh

    Toomuchh Fapstronaut

    Recognizing no one is perfect. Im sure you you have someone in your life you love despite their flaws. You should love yourself too despite whatever flaws you think you see
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  13. Guys, thank you so much for your words and your great thoughts!
    All this will help me to be in harmony with myself! That's what I wish!
    You are teaching me the courage to be myself! With all my flaws!
    It is very hard, guys...very hard...very tough!
    Love myself anyway, despite all the flaws! I am sure it will help me to live my life at his fullest, exactly as I haven't done before in my whole existence!
    Your words make me feel better, I will work on myself, improve myself (and win the challenge of this community!) to enjoy days, not to be a diverse person!
    Thank you so much guys! God bless you all!
  14. Issah

    Issah Fapstronaut

    If you are truly a narcissist then you might need professional help as well though.

    Aren't narcissistic people manipulative and abusive?

    Maybe you need to work on appreciating and doing good for others as well, shifting your view from self absorbed to helpful could also help you feel better about yourself and those you do good to.
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  15. Yeah, I'm working on that already for some time! I'm trying to appreciate everything I have and people around me... With all their good and bad aspects. This is a mistake that I usually used to do but I'm learning now how to love people and love myself.
    In better words... I'm working to be more mature, to don't expect nothing by nobody and neither to search them.. Just to be independent and be good with myself enjoying all the jobs I have to do to acquire my personal targets.
    I'm feeling everyday like everything is going on well...this is awesome!
    I always repeat to my self: stop being that awful person which is trying to "catch" people...just because you treat yourself bad!

    I wanna grow, man!
    Thank you so much for your contribution!
    God bless ya!
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  16. What a great thread, I have been asking the same questions myself. Its so weird that this addiction can heavily lower your state as a human.
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  17. Panthera pardus

    Panthera pardus Fapstronaut

    Well, we all stand where we stand and we have to go on from there...
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  18. Ra's Al Ghul

    Ra's Al Ghul Fapstronaut

    Don't take yourself too seriously.
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  19. IMHO maybe this can be a bidirectional problem. Because an addiction could come from a low self-esteem and at the same time low self-esteem could come from the addiction. All this like a cycle. So it's important to go out by this addiction watching our self and find a way to vent our energy in something costructive.

    Holy words, man! Work on it every single second of the day!

    Another mistake that I use to make, man! I have to fix it!

    Guys, thank you all for the answers! God bless ya'll too!
  20. Issah

    Issah Fapstronaut

    That's awesome man! Yah we mustn't be awful to other people, we are all so flawed and dealing with something. Looking at ourselves objectively and working towards self improvement, i believe is a truly great thing. All the best to you too.
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