How can I filter movies that might be triggering????

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Freebliss, Sep 12, 2015.

  1. Freebliss

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    I like watching movies and last night I was watching one that had very realistic and graphic sex sounds in it which caused me to relapse.

    Is there a website were you can find out details about a movie regarding sexual content?
  2. Phyzik

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    I'm sorry to tell you but most movies contain sexual scenes. Sex is money, unfortunately. This is our society...

    I am a movie lover, but I decided to quit watching TV during my reboot. I was fucking mad every time I had to watch a sex scene, as there were SO many no matter what I would watch. That was my best decision to quit.

    As for your question, I'm not sure... What triggers you may not trigger someone else, which would make it hard for someone to build a website like the one you are looking for.
  3. VeganCannibal

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    I did find this website, which contains information on thousands of movies and whether or not they contain nudity. Unfortunately, movies that contain no nudity may still contain sexual content, but I hope it's a good jumping off point for you!


    EDIT: jfc, NoFap, I'm trying to help someone out, no need to freak out that I'm posting a link.
  4. VeganCannibal

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    Oh, I found another website. This one is even better for finding out what you need.


    This site annoys me a little bit (or rather, the people on it tend to annoy me). But it IS good for finding out whether a movie has sexual content. Just search for the movie before you watch it, click on that movie, scroll down to "What Parents Need to Know" and it will have a rating for sexual content. You can also click "See Full Details" and it will give you a detailed reason for that rating.

    Example: I searched for Thor, and saw that it had a sexual rating of 1/5. I then clicked on "See Full Details" and saw that they gave it this rating for "Some kisses. Characters comment on others' physique."
  5. Sinner

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    "Sadly" the only thing you can do is to endure it. I say "sadly" because there is nothing bad in enduring temptation, but that is something sanctyfying for the soul and a meaning which salvation is brought by.

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