How can I fix the day count badges in my Reboot Log posts?

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  1. I have been trying to update the day count badges for each of the posts in my Reboot Log: because they are all wrong - why does updating change the day count for all of the posts?

    I wanted to adjust them to reflect reality but the only way I could think of to do that was to start by resetting the counter so it only showed one day, copying the first post to a word processor, deleting the original post and then reposting it (which I couldn't do because that would have deleted the entire thread!) My original plan was to then follow this pattern with the remaining posts, updating the counter each time so it showed the correct number of days before deleting/reposting... so much for that idea!

    Am I supposed to start a new thread for each day? Would that fix anything? This matter is complicated by the fact that I didn't check in for a couple of days between two of the posts, but in any case, as I said updating changes all of the badges to the latest day count adjustment, so now I have no idea how to fix the problem!

    By the way, I did try clearing my browser cache, and I also used CTRL-F5, SHIFT-F5, CTRL-R and SHIFT-R to bypass the cache as well. Nothing changed. Sorry I'm so dense! I hope someone will have mercy on me as it really bothers me to have inaccurate information in my posts!

    Thanks for any assistance!
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  3. Thanks, that's exactly what I needed... I think I understand how the dynamic badge endpoint is supposed to work now, too - in fact I'm not sure how I misunderstood to begin with!
    Thanks for taking the time to answer my question.

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